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Kai: Tyson would be with me and we'd exchange blow-jobs every show

Rei: Max and I would come out of the closet

Max: But I like the closet...

Rei: I meant we'd say we're gay and together, we'd still have sex in the closet dear.

Riku: And Sora and I would have sex on every world! (as many times as we want hehe)

Dark: And I would have my own body so I can molest my

Dai-chan and beat the crap out of Risa and Riku for even coming close to my koi!

Warnings: BoyxBoy, Kawaii overdose, Hentainess, and the usual craziness.

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Chapter 4

Stormy eyes blinked as four people watched his Kai. A whimper emerged from his throat as the eyes stared at him now. 'The people seem very familiar but what if they aren't?'

A blur of blonde and brown glomped the poor distressed stormy eyed boy who squeaked and a soft pink hue dusted over his tan cheeks. "You must be my bestest friend Tyson!" Max (A.K.A. Blonde blur) huggled the helpless stormy eyed boy as Rei sweat dropped.

"Max, don't glomp Tyson." Rei lightly scolded as he softly yanked Max off of Tyson.

(KMN: is that possible? Rin: Who really cares? Noel: People with too much time on their hands)

Max pouted and buried his face into Rei's hair and breathed deeply while Rei blushed a deep red. "Rei smells good, like," Max searched for the right word, "Like strawberries!" (KMN: Sorry, I have a strawberry fetish XD)

"Tyson? Why is Rei red like a beet? Is he a beet?" Sora whispered in Tyson's ear while he still huggled the poor boy (much to a twitching Kai and growling Riku's annoyance)

"Maybe you should do that to the silver haired boy and see if he turns into a beet like kitty man, er, I mean Rei." Tyson whispered back as Sora giggled at Rei's new nickname.

Jumping off of Tyson's back, Sora sprinted off.


Riku fell onto the grass with a thud, getting the wind knocked out of him.

(RN: wow, it's like Kyo and Selphie's glomps XD)


A curious Sora poked Riku's closed eyes until he opens them. Riku blinked and quickly realized Sora was straddling him. Blood slightly ran down Riku's nose as Sora squirms slightly.

"Sora. Quit. Squirming." Riku grinds out until loud laughter suddenly is heard. Riku and Sora turn their heads to see a laughing purple haired doctor and a red head blushing furiously.

"Dark! Stop it! Your knee is bleeding! Besides, it wasn't that funny! One of them could have been hurt!" The red head desperately tried to get the purple haired doctor to stop rolling on the ground laughing. The doctor suddenly stopped and glomped the poor tomato red head. (RN: I'm starting to doubt Dark's quack license, he is a way better phantom thief)

"Aw! But they are so cute and funny like you! Dai-chan?" Dark (RN: aka: the quack who doesn't deserve a license) purred into the red head's ear, who apparently is Dai-chan (KMN: Noooooooo really dip-shit!)

"Dark! My name is Daisuke! How many times have I told you not to call me Dai-chan!" Daisuke tried to yank Dark off of him, but Dark just kept smirking and grabbed Daisuke's butt.

A cough made Daisuke and Dark stop and turn to look at the surprised group of teens. Embarrassed, Daisuke shoved Dark off of him, causing Dark to pout. Sheepishly, Daisuke grinned at the teens. "Er, is there anything we, eh, can assist you with?" Daisuke scratched the back of his neck sheepishly while trying to fight down his tomato red blush (KMN: Wonder if it compliments his hair and eyes….XD)

Lounging on the ground Dark smirked, "Why yes, there is, Koi. You can come with me and make sure you can't walk straight for weeks!" Dark's smirk became even larger when Daisuke blushed a deep red again.

Dark turned back to the "brats."

-blink blink-

"YOU'RE THE GOD DAMN KIDS WHO FUCKING RAN ME OVER!" Dark shouted and grabbed Max and Sora by the collar of their shirts.

Now, if there is one thing that pisses Rei and Riku off, it's when somebody grabs Max and Sora.

"Who the fuck do you think you are!" Riku yells back at a glaring Dark and grabs Sora into his arms protectively.

(KMN: coughjustasaposessivebastardasingamescough Darn you valentine's day cookies XD)

Rei had already huggled his Max away from a distracted Dark and hissed at the whacko doctor.

-blink blink smirk-

"So, what were you kids doing in the hospital anyways?" Daisuke glanced at the teens while worrying about Dark's sudden smirk.

"Who cares koi? As long as they don't do it again." Dark waves his hand dismissively, "Come on, Koi, we have different problems to take care of." Grabbing Daisuke by the collar Dark dragged away his confused koi while the teens exchanged looks.

"What the fuck was..." Riku paused as he felt a lock of his hair being twirled.

"Koi, your hair is so soft and pretty." Gulping Riku stared at the perky Sora.

"K- K- KOI!" Riku exclaimed once he realized what Sora had called him.

"Yeah, Dark called his bestest friend Koi and your my bestest friend!" Sora happily grinned and huggled a blushing Riku.

"Yep, Daisuke definitely is Dark's 'bestest friend'" Rei snickered quietly while he continued huggling Max.


Everybody stared at a confused Tyson. "My tummy is talking." Tyson pouted in confusion.

"Duh, you're hungry you -" Kai quickly stopped himself and sighed, "Come on, I'll go buy you something to eat." Riku and Rei exchange glances since it was unheard, wait, no, it wasn't even thought of, that Kai would pay for anybody else's food, especially Tyson's. "Are you two going to come or gape like fish all day?"

Kyo: Yay! Now to go eat sugar! -walks off-

Rin: -ponders- Hm...

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