Title: Loving you

Disclaimer: I don't own "Felicity" or any of the characters in the show.

Authors note: Was bored. Liked Felicity. Wrote fanfiction.

This story happens in the middle of the episode called "The Declaration"

when Ben returns from EMT training. It starts there and then it takes a

life of it's own...

They lay naked in bed, bodys tightly intervened with each other,

glistening of sweat.

His hand was lazily caressing her back. She had put her head on his

chest and closed her eyes, one hand tucked under her chin and the

other caressing his stomac.

He gave her a featherly kiss on the top of her head and she opened

her eyes and smiled sweetly at him.

-Happy? he asked and pulled a strand of hair from her face.

She snuggled even closer to him and he continued to caress her back.

- Yeah. You?

He smiled slightly.

- Happy. It's nice to be able to hold you again.

- Mmm... It's been awhile.

They lay there in silence, content on just beeing togheter.

Felicity was just about to go to sleep when she heard a nock on her door.

She groned and burried her face in Ben's chest.

- What time is it?

Ben looked over her shoulder at the clock radio standing on her bedside


- Almost two.

- Go away! It's in the middle of the night.

The nocking continued.

-Who is here this late? If this is Meghan I swear I will...

The nocking got more intense.

- You better go and open the door.

- Why do I have to do it? You're closer.

- It's your room.

- Fine she grunted. But you're going to owe me.

Ben looked at her with a amused axpression as she tumbled out

of bed and pulled on his shirt and a pair of pants.

- I'm coming! She shook her head. Nocking on my door at two in

the morning. They gotta be insane. Who are awake at this hour?

Ben put his arms behind his head and looked at her, a smile on his face.

- We are.

She shoot him an annoyed look.

That made him smile even more. She looked cute when she was angry.

- Yeah, but we're in bed. Not of nocking at somebodys door.

She went to open the door and stared at the person the other side,

a chocked expression on her face.

- What are you doing here?


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