Harry lead a shaking Ron from the house, the sun was low in the sky now shining a soft golden glow across the grounds of the Burrow. Charlie and Bill met them at the gate, they had dressed themselves in smart dress robes, Bills hair hung loose around his face hiding a vast majority of his scars, his dragon fang earring visible through the long ginger hair.

Charlie turned to greet them as they approached, Ron stopped in his tracks, and in this light Ron had momentarily mistaken Charlie for his father. The resemblance as he had turned had been so striking, how had he not noticed that before? Charlie looked at him and as his gaze caught Ron's own and the momentary vision was broken.

Maybe it had just been the fact that he had thought of no one more today than his father. The man that he wished was here to oversee everything; the man that would have words of advice or maybe words of complete nonsense, but at least they would comfort him reassure him as his stomach turned in impossible knots.

There was no turning back.

He would take this on. Every single thing. As he looked back at the Burrow, sun drenched in the late evening sun, he knew that with Hermione by his side the world wouldn't be that scary place that it had been in the past, everything always seamed so clear and in focus when she was around. His father had known that all along, his father had known that as he lay on his deathbed and Ron would carry that until he lay on his own.

"Mum says that I have to tell you, that you're to young to be doing this." Said Bill as they approached.

"And Mr Granger said I had to tell you it was over his dead body." Said Charlie. "Which, all things considered, I think is a stupid thing to say in front of certain members of our family."

"So he won't be giving Hermione away." Said Bill apologetically.

Ron looked at them, he knew this had been a bad idea.

"Don't worry he's up there. He just doesn't approve." Said Charlie.

"Then who's going to give Hermione away?" Ron asked a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Well there was some discussion on this, Fred and George both wanted the job." Ron tried not to let the look of horror reach his face. "But well once Hagrid heard what was going on he kind of volunteered for the job…"

"And no one wanted to argue with him?" asked Harry.

"Something like that." said Bill apologetically.

Ron shook his head; this is why he wanted to do it in quite. It would have made life so much easier! The three men surrounding him looked at him as he lent on his crutch.

"How you feeling?" asked Charlie.

"I haven't been sick in the last three minutes so I'm going to say I'm all good."

His oldest brothers both gripped his shoulders before separating, Charlie headed for the house, and Bill led the way to the Orchard.

"Just who's up there?" asked Ron looking at the shadows dancing through the trees. He wanted this to stay small they didn't need to shout it out loud, it was still to close to the end of the war there were to many open wounds that would possibly never heal. Suddenly the scale of everything fell in to place.

How much loss there had been how much empty space there was where there should have been hope.

Family's ripped apart; Friends turned against each other, enemies now so close that the lines blurred.

In some ways the hope that had drawn them close also threw so many of them apart.

"Its just family, or at least it's the riff raff that we call a family." Said Bill as they made there way in to the clearing, Ron had just enough time to make out Neville, Luna and Flure before his mother threw her arms around him.

"Oh Ronnie are you sure you want to be-"

"Mum don't start we went through all this last year-"

"But your just a child." His mothers' eyes scanned his own. Ron tried his best to look brave but the wave of nausea that had followed him up from the house waved across him again.

But somewhere in the depths of him he found the courage to address her.

"I'm not a child anymore…and this is what I want. This is what dad wanted for me mum, I just want you to be happy for me, for you at least to give your blessing." Mrs Weasley took a step back and looked at her youngest son.

"You look every bit as handsome as your father did on our wedding day." Her eyes swelled with tears.

It wasn't the words that Ron had been looking for but he took her answer as a yes.

"I think I may be sick."

"That's my girl!" said Tonks grinning as Ginny tugged aimlessly at the loose strands of hair that fell around Hermione's face.

"Now hold still I need to put some more make up on you!"

Hermione caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror beside Ginny's bed. It sniggered at her; sometimes she wished that magic didn't exist.

"Tonks enough already you've turned me orange."

" Oh sorry!" Tonks went to grab her wand.

" No! Don't even think of pointing that thing at my face." Hermione grabbed a bit of tissue and began blotting the slightly over the top makeup from her visage.

"You don't like it?" Tonks asked.

"I look like a clown, really Tonks have you ever seen me in anything that even remotely resembles (she looked at the bottom of the lipstick) Passion pink?"

"I've seen your face that colour." Said Ginny pulling at Hermione's hair.

"Give it up it's not going to up. Face it, you would have had to start a month ago."

There was a knock on the door and Tonks jumped her face went momentarily red as she emerged back around the door.

"It's Charlie he wants to know if your ready." Tonks asked her.

Hermione's stomach did a dive, this was it, and this was really it. There would be no more Hermione Jane Granger she would be Hermione Jane Weasley. She had to admit it had a nice ring to it.

"Is my dad out there?" Hermione asked Tonks stuck her head back around the door Charlie's voice dropped to a whisper. It was hard to tell what he was saying, Hermione turned to Ginny for support but her closest friend was staring out the window.

"Charlie says he's here, but you have to hurry up." Said Tonks coming back in to the room, she grabbed Hermione by the hand and pulled her towards the door. Hermione grabbed another handkerchief on the way past the bureau and blotted at the passion pink. Ginny followed closely behind. Charlie beamed at them as they walked out on to the landing. Hermione almost stopped in her tracks, for a moment she had been sure that it was Mr Weasley but as the sun hid behind the cloud again Charlie turned to them.

"You look amazing." He said leading her down the stairs.

"I don't feel it."

"Well at least you haven't been sick yet."


"Ron's a little nervous." Said his older brother a little apologetically.

"Did he know about all this?" Hermione asked Charlie as he opened the kitchen door for her.

"He found out this morning when he was over at the shop." Charlie broke in to a smile. "Fred was on the receiving end of the fall out."

Hermione smiled to herself, she could almost see Ron's reaction to the news that his entire family knew his secrets.

Hermione scanned the kitchen.

"Where's dad?" she asked Charlie and then Tonks. Both her friends looked at each other.

Tonks was the one that was brave enough to tell her the truth.

Hermione was seething, had her father not seen that Ron was willing to live and die for her, that he was willing to do absolute anything protect her? She turned and headed to the door.

"Hermione?" Ginny said as she caught her up.

"I don't care anymore Ginny he can be as pathetic as he likes, I'm marrying Ron today, and as far as I'm concerned I can think of no one better than Hagrid to do the job of giving me away." She marched towards the waiting form of Hagrid, a dark blot in the bright hillside. Ginny trailed behind her followed by the waddling figure of Tonks and the ever-loyal Charlie.