Ron pulled nervously on his sleeve. He felt like he was waiting to get sorted, the small child in him that wanted to prove he was Gryffindor growled.

Hermione stood at the other side of the fence and tried to compose herself, her hair had started to fall from her bun in the crazy rush that she had induced when trying to get to Hagrid. She was full of an unknown buzz that she hadn't felt in a very long time.

Ron looked across at Harry who gave him a reassuring nod. Behind him in the front row, Fred and Angelina joined Bill and Flure. Mrs Weasley scanned the slightly visible bump that had passed in front of her as Fred's date had taken their seats. Mrs Weasley turned to George and Katie with an accusing look. Ron couldn't help but try and hide the laugh that was growing.

Hermione looked up in to the grinning face of Hagrid.

"Never thought I would see the day!" said Hagrid as they waited for the other three to catch up.

Tonks linked arms with Charlie as they approached.

"We have to leave you now." Said Tonks smiling at her.

"Yeah I know, don't worry I don't think I could run away if I wanted to, my legs seam to have forgotten how to work." Hermione said as Tonks leant in and hugged her. Tonks laughed and headed Charlie towards the gap in the trees.

A small bundle of pink and purple ran towards them. As it grew closer it turned out to be Taylor her arms full of flowers that had obviously been pinched from the Burrow's Garden.

"Ah, your flower girl I believe." Said Ginny as they approached her. Hermione hanging on to Hagrid's elbow for dear life.

Ron swallowed hard as he watched Tonks and Charlie slide in to the chair behind his mother. She cast an accusing glance over her shoulder at Tonks and then along the row to Angelina who had her head buried in Fred's neck. Ron could feel a pain in his chest as he looked at his family, he couldn't help missing the part that was missing, the ache seemed to fill him, but it didn't hurt. Right now he knew that nothing from his past and nothing in his future could hurt him. His father was there today in more than one way. As he looked around at his family and friends the orchard where his father had taught him how to ride a broom, the place that held so many sweet memories never looked more inviting.

"If the congregation could now stand."

Hermione held her breath as she walked in to the clearing, pausing as the sight before her registered. The trees hung with white bunting. Live fairies hung and fluttered between trees making the beckoning night look already star flecked. She was glad that Hagrid was there, she was finding it hard remembering how to put one foot in front of the other.

Ginny and the sinfully short dress passed in front of her holding on to Taylor's hand.

"Come on then it's now or never." She said as the back row of the ceremony came in to view.

Hermione saw Dean and her other Gryffindor's in the white spindly chairs. Susan Bones grinned at her, her arm linked in with Justin's his face hidden by unnaturally long hair for him, as Hermione drew closer she saw it hid a burn. She clung harder to Hagrid. These were faces that she knew so well, faces she had seen every day of her life almost for the last seven years, but they looked so old so aged. The members of the D.A who had been there in their moment of need would always have a place deep in her heart. She knew that if it hadn't been for them that the war would have been so different.

Ron was right; not that she would ever let him know that. These people here were her family, they were the ones that she could trust to be there when she needed them, they were the ones that had come when the call had gone out, you're family were who you chose them to be.

Then she saw him. He had never looked so handsome, his feature's lit in the fading sun that gapped through the trees. His scar running down his face, his battle wounds his physical reminders that he was the hero she had always needed, they called her to him. He was her hero and he was her fool and she wished nothing more than for others to accept that. He was her Ron, and right now her inner urge was to get to him, to belong to him in every last way, because every hero no matter how small needs a damsel in distress to tame him of his childish ways and to love him for him.

Ron saw Harry smile out of the corner of his eye; Ron had been looking everywhere but behind him. He couldn't face the fact that she may walk away, he knew she would never do it but still even after all that they had been through there was that nagging doubt that he would never be good enough for her.

Ron tried his best to take his eyes from the dress robes that the ministry official in front of him wore. It wasn't until Harry dug him hard in the side that he turned.

If he hadn't been standing in front of almost everyone he knew he would have cried, she looked stunning.

The simple white summer dress she wore skimmed the grass as she walked all eyes on her.

Her hair fell loosely around her face as it fell from the creation that no doubt Ginny had created, but she didn't need anything fancy, like the ring on her finger she didn't need all the trappings of grandeur.

In her hands she held a bunch of bright white flowers, Daisies from the garden in the burrow.

He couldn't help but smile; had they known as they picked the flowers for the bunch how much that flower had influenced their relationship? As she drew closer Hermione smiled at her weeping mother who blew her nose on a handkerchief. Then her eyes found his for the first time.

"Hi." She mouthed silently. He mouthed the same back as she walked up to his side. Ginny stepped forward to take Hermione's flowers but Ron stopped her.

"Just a second." He said taking the bunch and pulling one of the larger daisies from it. Ginny looked at him with some confusion on her face but took the remaining flowers and stepped back to Harry side.

"Come here." Ron said quietly taking Hermione's elbow and pulling her slightly closer.

"What you doing?" she asked him curiously.

"Just hold still will you, god I forgot how much you fidget, I can't believe you're still nervous." He said reaching up to her hair and placing the Daisy in it.

"We are gathered here today to join two people together in the act of marriage." The official said as he addressed the congregation.

Hermione reached up and felt the flower, he had remembered. It was her first thought when the little girl currently spinning in circles around their feet had handed her the bouquet. Right now she was as nervous as she had been that day, scared that she was entering in to something new and unknown, but then Ron reached out and held her hand wrapping his fingers in with hers, and she knew that she would no longer do anything alone.

"The act of this union is not something to be taken in to lightly, the bonding of two soles, two people who are so in love that they have quite literally in this case faced down death to defend each other, is the ultimate act."

Ron saw it in her face, as the official had spoke, the fleeting fear that one day one of them would be alone, one of them would go on without the other. He wrapped his other hand in with hers and determinedly stared her in the eye, she would never have to worry about that, and she would never be alone. They had defied death, each of them, and they would keep on doing it as long as they could.

"Many people think that young Ronald here, and Miss Granger are far to young to enter in to this union, some people think they are not ready to show such commitment to each other, And we will all in our own way call our own judgements over this union." The old face smiled at the couple in front of him. "But I have talked to the people that they call family, I have witnessed myself the acts of selflessness that the two young people that stand before me have made. I have come to the conclusion that for two people to show such commitment to a task that was not theirs, to show loyalty to each other and to their cause shows a couple that have a maturity considerably greater to that of many there age."

Hermione traced the scars on his hand with her thumb as she listened; he was committed to her. He had never given up hope; he had never left her side. He had stood by her when no other would and faced down the darkness that was despair and pain to be with her; he was matured more than even she would like to admit. Of the love she had met she had no regrets.

"So all that it is left for me to do now is to make this long ago decided bond official, some may frown, but I say let them." He smiled at Ron.

Then turned to Harry. "The rings?"

Harry looked at Ginny who in turn looked at Hermione and Ron.

"Hey don't look at us! We were going to get them tomorrow." Said Hermione accusingly. Before reducing herself to laughter and shaking her head at Ron.

"I dunno, fancy planning a surprise wedding and not thinking of the rings!"

Ron looked out at his other brothers; Fred and George both shook their heads, as quietly at first but gathering speed the laughter from Hermione infected the crowed.

Ron ran his hand carefully through the bottom of Hermione's hair scanning her laughing smiling face. She looked so happy, she wasn't bothered, 'this is us' thought Ron, nothing ever works the way it's supposed to.

"Ron." He looked up and in to the face of his mother. She pressed something in to his hand.

He looked down and saw two familiar gold bands.

"Mum, we can't…"

"Take them…" she fingered the empty space on her finger. "Now let's get on with this wedding before I change my mind!"

Hermione threw her arms around Mrs Weasley hugging her closely, Ron swore later he heard her whisper 'Thank you mum'.

"Now if we can compose ourselves for a few more moments!" said the official.

The crowed hushed.

"Ronald do you take Hermione to be your wife?" he asked as Ron slipped the band on to her finger.

"Yeah, you bet I do." He said receiving a playful punch from Hermione.

"And you Hermione do you take Ronald to be your husband?" Hermione looked down at the gold ring in her hand and for one awful moment Ron thought that she might have been having second thoughts.

"Yeah, you bet I do." She said slipping the ring on to his finger, she skimmed her soft skinned fingers over the ring and in between his own scared and aged digits. He caught her gaze, this was it, the last moment of them being two separates, only they had never been two separates just two halves of a very complicated whole.

"Then it is my very happy job to announce you man and wife." The old man smiled at him.

Hermione threw herself around her neck, at first he thought she was crying but then he realised that it was the fit of the giggles returned. He hugged her close and traced the stem of the daisy through her hair. He was aware of no one else but her as the dark that had crept upon them dawned on him for the first time. This was a place of first, the first time that they had kissed the first time that he had realised that he loved her so deeply that the thought of her not being their killed him inside.

"I love you Mrs Weasley," he whispered in her ear, "But your embarrassing us!" he kissed her lightly on the lips as she pulled her head up to his. "Plus I think your mother is going to explode if she doesn't hug you soon." He added as a whisper. Hermione didn't say it back but he knew by the look an the kiss that followed that she felt the same, someone wolf whistled, then the normal chatter resumed.

He watched her walking over to her mother as the lights from the fairies danced on her now completely ruined hair, and he couldn't think of any moment that's he had loved her more, or when she looked more perfect then when she had flowers in her hair.

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