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Summary: Racer and Florists by day, assassin by night. What if a raven-haired assassin met his customer who is an annoying pink-haired maiden? Will his customer and he will made war out of them? Or it's the other way around? SasuSaku

Chapter 1: His customer…

...I'll wait for you…

I'll get revenge…

No matter what… I'll still be here…waiting…

I'll kill anyone for sake of revenge…

Show me your smile…

Give me power…

Lend me your hand…

I need to be stronger…

I'll help you get your revenge…







'How annoying.' A man with raven hair and onyx eyes thought. The girls screamed loudly as they could calling his attention.

"When are they going to leave me alone?" Sasuke said while putting his helmet on. Then, a blonde boy came up with a wide grin on his face.

"What now? Dobe."

"FOR YOUR INFORMATION I HAD A NAME!" Naruto proclaimed as his fingers pointing at Sasuke. Sasuke smirked.

"Hey. Sasuke, bet your pesky piggy girlfriend will come." Naruto teased. Sasuke glared at him.

"She's not my girl. She's only a mere pig." Sasuke said warily.

"Yeah right. Play-boy assassin." Naruto said.

"You're also an assassin, dobe." Sasuke smirked. Naruto looked at him and laughed.

"SASUKE-KUN!" A girl with a long blonde hair ran towards Sasuke and cling on his neck. Naruto snickered.

"Great…The pig is here." Naruto teased.

"BAKA! You're the pig. Sasuke-kun! HE'S TEASING ME!" Ino pointed at Naruto who glared at her.

"BAKA! YOU'RE THE PIG! PIGGY!" Naruto shot back. Sasuke sighed.

You're different from them…

You're special…





"SHUT UP!" the pink-haired girl shouted as she throws her alarm clock at the wall.

"NANI! MY ALARM!" The pink-haired shouted while putting back her broken alarm.

Come with me…

"What the heck-"Sakura turned to her window only to see nothing. Sakura's eyebrow arched up and continues her work.

"Sasuke-kun! Let's watch a movie." Ino suggested as she cling into his arm. Sasuke glared at her which causes her back away a little.


"Then give me a ride." Ino insisted. Sasuke looked at her in digust and rode away. Ino narrowed her eyes and growled.

Come with me…

Ino's eyes widened and look for the voice but there was none. Ino turned back her heels and ran off.

"Hmm… What should I do now? "Sakura asked herself while looking up at the blue sky and sighed.

"Oh. I know!" Sakura beamed at the flower shop which is two blocks away from her place. Sakura ran towards the flower shop when suddenly.


"OI! Watch were you're going woman!" A man shouted at her. 'HOW DARE HE!' She thought as she looked up to see the bastard who nearly killed heard.

"HOW DARE YOU! Do you want me to die young? Bastard!" Sakura shouted. The man took his helmet of to reveal his handsome face. Sakura looked stunned at his raven hair, onyx eyes. Sakura felt heat in her face. '

Wow! He's cute!' She thought.

"What are you looking at blind woman?" Sakura wide in shock. Sakura growled. That handsome looking guy has NO –She mean- NO HEART!

"Are you calling me blind?" Sakura asked fuming. Sasuke look at her and smirked.

"Yeah. First you didn't see the red light." Sasuke explained while pointing at the street light. "And also, you're deaf." Sasuke finished. Sasuke fumed.

"You jerk!" Sakura shouted and punch him in his handsome face. Sasuke fell of at his motorbike and covered his right cheek.

"You bitch!" Sasuke shouted and get up. Sakura crossed her arms across her chest and smiled proudly.

"Want more? Jack-ass." Sakura narrowed her eyes. Sasuke glared at her and spit his blood.

"I'll hunt you down. Pinky." Sasuke said and rode off. Sakura growled and point at his retreating figure.

"I'll kill you! Whore!" Sakura shouted and went to the flower shop.

"Oi! Sasuke-teme you're-" Naruto didn't finished his instead a laugh came to his mouth. Sasuke grunted at him and put his blue apron around his waist.

"HAHAHA! Whou did the hell punch you?" Naurto asked between his laughs. Sasuke look away to find some gloves.

"A girl."

"A girl?" A white-haired with a patch on his right-eye and a mask came out of the other door.

"Not you too. Hatake Kakashi." Sasuke said sarcastically.

"I bet this girl is one heck of hotty." Kakashi said while grinning in his mask. Naruto snickered.

"She's not hotty. She's a bitch." Sasuke said while rubbing his cheek. Naruto leaned at the counter.

"Bet. She'll be your competition. I wish I could see her." Naurto said. Sasuke snorted and walked back to the employee's room. Naruto sighed and went back t the counter. Then, Sakura walk up to the store. Naruto looked at her began to blush.

"Ohayo! May I help you Ms.-?" Sakura looked at him and smiled.


" . what do you lovely Cherry Blossom want?" Naruto asked sweetly. Sakura looked at the cosmos flower and point at it.

"Three bouquets please." Sakura said.

"Okay. I'll get it for you. Please go to the cashier." Naruto said while picking up some bouquets. Sakura walked up to the cashier and ring the bell. Then suddenly, Sakura seems to recognize the man who went out from the door.

"Can I help—" Sasuke look at his customer and his eyes went shock. Sakura's eyes went wide like Sasuke's and her mouth gaped.

"YOU!" They shouted in unison and pointed at each other which caused the others to look at them.

'This can't be happening.'

End Of Chapter…

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