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Authors note: This story takes place after Resurrection.

- Get you hand of me.

Her eyes were cold and her voice dangerously low.

He didn't let go of her shoulder. He just stood there and looked at her,

a small smile playing on his lips.

- And if I don't?

- Take your hand of me or I'll make you. And that could hurt.

This was killing him. He yearned to touch her, to feel her soft skin

under his fingers. To hold her in his arms. To kiss her. Make love to her.

It had been two months since he had saved her life. Two months since he

had killed Lauren for her sake. Two agonizing months since he had been

able to hold her. Kiss her.

He didn't sleep well, if he sleept at all. Dreams that he had come to late and

she was dead, that Lauren had killed her plagued his mind. Dreams that

made him wake up screaming her name, tears streaming down his face.

Or he dreamt that he was making love to her. He didnt know which dream

that was worse.

In both dreams he lost her. In both dreams it was Lauren who shot her.

Sydney had pulled away from him. Acted as were just co workers. As if

there wasn't any feelings between them. As if they didn't love each other.

But he loved her. God knew how much he loved her. And he wasn't

going to loose her again. He had let her go once, he wasn't about to

do it again. If he had to fight her, then so be it.

- Don't make promises you can't keep.

His voice was deliberately careless and he knew it would piss her off.

He wanted it to piss her off. To make her show some feelings.

Even anger would be a welcome change from the coldness that was

constant in her eyes these days.


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