She didn't sleep much. She didn't want to sleep. Sleeping meant dreaming

and dreaming meant nightmares. And in her fucked up world, nightmares

was the last thing she needed.

It had been two months since Vaughn had saved her life and shot Lauren.

Two months since she had been able to sleep a whole night without taking

sleeping pills. Two months since she had felt safe in his arms.

And two months ago since she stopped caring. Stopped feeling.

When she had found those documents in Wittenburg she had wanted

her father dead. Wanted the person who had murdered her mother to die.


When she saw him standing in the doorway she had wanted to kill him

so badly that she been scared of herself. Sure, she had killed before.

Shot people and watched them die infront of her. But she had never

felt that rage that she had felt when she saw her father standing there.

Never felt the urge to kill someone with her bare hands. Not until now.

She knew that Vaughn was worried about her, but she didn't have

the energy to do anything about it. Didn't have the energy to deal

with the feelings she knew he still had for her. The feelings she knew

that was in her heart if she would let herself look.

She was cold. Pushed him away. Refused to let herself feel. Convinsed

herself that she didn't love him, that she never loved him. Convinsed

herself that the only thing she felt towards him was friendship, if

even that.

She tried and she tried hard. Tried to let the hate she felt towards her father

grow until it was the only feeling she felt. She tried to hate Vaughn.

But her heart betrayed her.

Get you hand of me.

She tried to be angry at him. Tried to not feel the wave of love that washed

over her every time he touched her.

And if I don't?

Oh Vaughn. He wouldn't give up this time. Wouldn't back away like he

had done before. He could be stubborn if he wanted to and now he

was obviously fed up with her behavior.

Take your hand of me or I'll make you. And that could hurt.

She didn't mean that. She hadn't meant any of the harsh things she

had said to him in the last two months. But the wall around her

heart was there for a reason and she wouldn't give in that easily.

Don't make promises you can't keep.

She had underestimated him. She hadn't thought that he would go

so far. That he would challenge her into a fight. That he would force

her into feeling something, anything, other then hate.

She should have known better. He was Vaughn. The only person that

could get through to her.

And she surprised both of them by bursting into tears. She cried for

first time in months. He pulled her into his arms and she felt safe.

Safe for the first time in two months.


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