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Chapter 10 - 3rd Person POV

They threw him forward, a green and blue ogre with two horns each and not half a brain between them. They had practically dragged him down by his arms after his talk with the fire demon. It seemed even after his death his life was taking its toll on him. In short terms, he'd passed out. Now, conscious though he was, he was still weak.

He lied in the muck on the floor of the cell he was thrown into, face turned to the side, silver hair splayed across his face and down his back. The fox refused to move from this spot on the floor, be it because of weakness of embarrassment.

"Get up, stupid fox," a gruff voice ordered.

He didn't move. A second passed and a growl emerged from that same throat. "Kurama…"

The youko's eyes opened as he began to transform. Silver strings became red, amber eyes green, white silk tunic changed into a purple fighting tunic with red design. His claws drew back and he shrunk about a foot before standing from the muck. He walked slowly towards the table set up in the room and sat in the awaiting chair with his head downcast and clumped hair shading his eyes.

He never glanced up to see his former companion sitting before him, but he knew he was there. Just like he knew everything he told his companion would be recorded and used for his trial. Just like he knew he would not face condemnation until Koenma received this little piece of evidence. Just like he knew Hiei's fate also hung in the balance.

"Talk, Fox," the other demon said.

Kurama raised his head. Emerald orbs partly hidden by red strands met garnet ones blazing with barely controlled anger. A smirk formed on thin lips and spread to an almost predatory amount, "What is it you want to know, Jaganshi?" he asked in a voice not fit for that 16-year-old body, but more for the thousand year Youko.

A quick blink was the only indication that Hiei was surprised by the deep voice. And even that was made into a glare in the fraction of a second. "You know, Kurama. You don't need me to spell it out for you," he spoke lowly. "Talk."

Kurama, either choosing to ignore Hiei's implication or really missing it, just continued to smirk. His eyes were no longer crazed but neither did they hold the spark they had before this whole incident began. Instead, they were the eyes of the youko when he was being devious and enjoying it, riling his captor's temperature.

"Fox…" Hiei warned standing from his own chair, palms flat on the table top between then.

"Koorime…" Kurama mocked placing his palms on the table and standing as well.

Before Hiei could do anything - though what he would have done was anyone's guess - a shudder wracked Kurama's now less-than-slender frame. His eyes widened a fraction as it happened again. This time, his screams accompanied it. Pain shot through his body in electrical waves. His screams didn't stop and for the first time, Hiei noticed the shackles on Kurama's wrist.

They weren't normal shackles, more like silver wristlets not connected to each other in any way, which would have caused Hiei to miss them. But they were shackles. Warded shackles. These were used to no only diminish the wearer's powers but also allowed whichever oni controlled them to attack him at any given moment. They were specially created in Reikai to work on souls.

Hiei took his eyes from Kurama and moved his gaze to the video camera sending its feed to Koenma. "Stop them," he growled.

In his office, Koenma gave the signal for the attack to cease. In the cell, simultaneous to this, Kurama's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell sideways to the ground. He didn't move.

Hiei almost made to check to fox's pulse when he realized what he was doing. They were both already dead. Instead, he decided to use this to his advantage. He moved so that he was crouched in front of Kurama, mouth to the boy's ear.

He whispered, "Do you see now, Kurama? That brat doesn't care what happens to you. Not now that you've killed one of his humans," he spat the word as if it left a bad taste in his mouth. "He wants your story and will do anything to get it. He does not mind hurting you. Not anymore." His voice dropped to a low whisper when he spoke the last sentence, but he knew Kurama could hear him, "Tell the story, Kitsune, so we can both move on with our eternities."

Somewhere, in a deep corner of his mind, Kurama heard Hiei's words. Heard and believed. Somewhere inside, Hiei's logic made sense. This part of his brain began to push to the surface, little though it was.

He opened his eyes and noticed Hiei was no longer in front of him but seated in his chair. Kurama blinked slowly and again pushed himself up and out of the fungal resting place that was the cell floor. He sat in his chair, looked at Hiei waiting patiently, and sighed. "Fine, I'll tell." The unspoken 'But I'm going to enjoy it' hung in the air between him and his former partner bringing a small smirk to both of their lips. He would tell and he would tell the truth, but spicing up the actual process was not out of the question.

He would enjoy it. He had to, for the both of them.

:To Be Continued:

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