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Chapter 1: Kurama's POV

We were running - calmly, swiftly - through the lush green Makain forest, contented with having almost no chosen destination. My own little flame even had a hint of a smile on his childlike visage. It seemed most of our nights ended this way now, running through the many forests of Makai and Ningenkai.

Why, you ask?

Because we are once again wanted demons. We are constantly chased, hunted, sought, on the run from Reikai, and we love every moment of it.

Seeing our posters up in every town we past, being followed non-stop by hopeful bounty hunters (many of which meet a gruesome and somewhat untimely end), and being revered by other demons who wished they could bask in our spotlight; it was all worth it. We did what no demon has ever done: we were captured by Reikai, made out as traitors to our own kind, and returned at the height of our game.

We left the humans to once again become the thieves we are. We once again became two of Reikai's, and I quote, "pretty little poster boys".

Heh! The humans are probably are probably going crazy over our escape. We didn't leave at the most opportune time to avoid suspicion. But there was no suspicion that needed to be avoided. So it didn't make a difference if we left or when we did. They would come to whatever conclusions they wanted to no matter had we remained or not. Our hotheaded ex-leader is probably searching for us right now.

Ch. Idiot.

What makes him think he could defeat the both of us together? No matter how strong he becomes, we will still have the advantage. We are older, wiser, and understand each other. Plus, I have been in this business since before his great-GREAT-grandmother was in diapers, and only one has ever managed to stop me. And even then, I escaped punishment.

That is exactly why I know I will escape punishment for my latest string of crimes as well. And with Hiei by my side, I don't doubt that statement in the least. It was he who got this started, you know.

He awakened my inner demon; the real me. He reminded me of all I had missed during my visit to Ningenkai. He reminded me of the stealth, the fame, the blood… Of course, he did not realize this at the time, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the outcome. And he does in…many ways. It was that night when it all began, a night I'll never forget as long as I live…

We slowed our pace to a jog. Smirking at each other through our peripheral visions, we took off in opposite directions in the forest

We had company

It was time to play

Last time one of these hunters dared get this close, Hiei had incinerated them with just a glare. Now it is my turn, and I am going to have a little fun before killing them.

The idiot of a hunter decided to chase after me, likely because my capture would guarantee more glory than that of my partner. He never stopped to think maybe my bounty was higher for a reason. I smirked at the thought, revealing a fang.

I remained solidly on the ground, hoping to at least give him a chance at providing some entertainment, but the fool dared use the trees! He dared run through my element using the flora I myself had coaxed into growth! So, I decided to humor him.

I slowed to a walk and gave a false stretch that revealed my toned stomach. (I hope my little pyro is watching.) Then, calmly, I sat beneath the very tree my foe was hiding in. (It was a large tree overrun with leaves, beautiful in its strength having survived as long as it did.) I knew it wouldn't be long before he decided to "taste the forbidden fruit", as humans say, and I was not disappointed. In mere moments, the hunter was sneaking, or trying to at least, upon me. I waited until he was directly above me before having a branch swing into him.

The move was so swift - so unexpected - that my opponent didn't even have time to scream before being neatly cut in half. The trees shielded me from the majority of the blood, but I still heard the delicious sound of cracking bone. Such a beautiful sound it was.

I smirked to myself and stood, gazing up. My black clad partner landed before me also smirking. "Showy fox."

I merely grinned and we took off again. Briefly, I wondered how far Yusuke had come already. It was obvious he would blame us for Kuwabara's death. I'm not admitting to it and I'm not denying it. If he ever manages to catch us, he'll know.

Until then, I can say this much, Kuwabara wasn't the first, and he definitely would not be the last.

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