It's been a week since Jesse and Rebecca found out they were gonna have twins. Becky wants the twins being boys or girls to be a surprise. But Jesse is eager to find out.

"Danny!" Becky called Danny in the kitchen.

"What's wrong, Beck?" he asked sounding very concerned.

"Nothing's wrong, it's just that Jesse's always trying to find out weather the babies will be boys or girls and if he does it sorta ruins the surprise you know." Danny nodded.

"I know how it is." Danny took a seat next to Becky "Everytime Pam was pregnant I always feel the urge to ask the docter what gender is the baby. But Pam wants it to be a surprise."

"I'm guessing it's a guy thing."


Becky stood up heading for the attic "Alright Danny, just make sure Jesse doesn't do anything."

"Sure thing." Danny went back in the living room to dust while Becky waddled upstairs. Jesse was playing with Michelle in her room.

"Hey, honey." Jesse greeted turning his attention to his wife.

Becky sat beside Jesse "Hey Jesse, hi Michelle."

"Hi aunt Becky! Can you feel the babies kick?" Michelle sounded eager.

"Not yet but soon." Michelle nodded and went back to playing.

Becky turned her attention to Jesse now "I gotta ask you something." Jesse helped Becky get up and went into the hallway.

"What's wrong, Beck?"

'Not that question again.' she thought. Even though she knew they just care about her safety. "Nothing's the matter. I just don't want you trying to figure out the twins' gender anymore. I want it to be a surprise. It really ruins it for me when you're always up and about trying to solve this little mystery."

Jesse looked a little hurt but quickly recovered "What if I found out and didn't tell you? Will that be okay?"

"No," Becky said firmly "I want it to be a surprise fo the both of us. Understood?"

"Yea I guess."

"Good." She pecked Jesse's cheek and went upstairs to rest.

'Gotta find out!' he thought. DJ and Stephanie have been easvdropping the whole time.

"Ya hear that, Steph? Aunt Becky doesn't want anyone to try to find out what the babies are gonna be." DJ whispered.

"So I've heard." Stephanie said sarcastically. "I heard it too ya know I'm not deaf!"

"Don't get so touchy." DJ muttered.

Later That Evening

The Tanners were especially quiet at dinner. Even Joey hadn't said a single joke. Becky couldn't take the silence.

"Come on guys! Why don't we talk? It's really weird eating without even a word to each other." Everyone looked up at her. Because they didn't wanna make Becky mad with her mood swings and all they hadn't said a word. Then turned back to their dinner.

Becky got up and walked upstairs. "I'm full." she said flatly.

"You really think we should have kept quiet the whole dinner? Aunt Becky looks upset that we treat her differently." said DJ. Danny pat her shoulder.

"It's alright, Deej. I'm sure Becky will be fine."

Jesse also stopped eating to go comfort Becky.

"Are you gonna finish that?" asked Joey pointing to Jesse's half eatten pizza.

"You can have it." he answered quickly. Joey ate Jesse's pizza. Everyone else didn't have much of an appetite.

DJ pushed her chair in "I think I'll study for my test tomorrow."

"I'll go help her." Stephanie followed DJ.

"Gotta go brush, it's almost my bedtime." Michelle ran after them.

Joey stopped eating to question Danny "What about you?"

"I'll polish the whole house! It'll be awesome!" Danny grabbed the mop.

"Guess I'll clean the dishes." sighed Joey.


Becky was perched on the bed reading and flipping through the paged angrily.

"Becky what's wrong?" asked Jesse. Becky slammed the book shut.

"Nothing's wrong!"

"Are you still upset about that whole gender thing? I said I wouldn't try to find out."

Becky looked Jesse in the eye "You're lying, Jesse I know you! You wouldn't give just like that you never do."

Jesse was shocked at Becky "How do you know if I mean it this time?" Becky started pacing.

"You know what? It's not even about the babies' gender anymore." Becky said calmly.

Jesse sat down "Then what's it about?"

"It's about trust." Becky said and stopped pacing "It's like we don't trust each other."

For a second story I sucked. Sorta rushed through this cause I wanna go to bed already.