Joey arrived with the girls and rushed into the delivery room.

"Did aunt Becky have her babies yet?" asked DJ.

Becky was covered in sweat and panting pretty hard "Not yet. You know. They make it seem so easy in the movies."

"Uh, that's cause it's not graphic."

Becky nodded "I understand that,"

The docter sat back in place "Alright, Becky I'm gonna need you to really push on this one."

Again she nodded and straighten her pillow a bit with Danny's help. The girls decided to go outside and wait.

"I sure hope it's a girl!" exclaimed Michelle. Her mood apparently approved at the sight of her aunt.

"Don't you mean girls?" asked DJ, remembering that Becky was carrying twins.

"That too."

Stephanie shrugged. To her, anything was better than dressing like a cartoon. The only time Steph ever knew someone expecting a baby was her mother. But DJ and her stayed home through the whole thing. So it's nice to be here.

Joey opened and closed the door giving a quick "Hey girls," and speed-walked to another room.

Michelle looked up at her eldest sister "Where's he going?"

"I think he might be trying to find uncle Jesse. Since I didn't see him in there with aunt Becky."

Delivery Room

"Aaaaaahh!" Becky pushed. Danny tried keeping his cool and coach Becky through this.

"I can't do this Danny! I need Jesse here!" screamed Becky, grabbing Danny's sleeve (A/N: I just realized something, I forgot to tell you that he changed into a hospital gown).

Danny removed Becky's iron grip from his arm and said "Don't worry, Beck, I've been through three births I can coach a fourth one."

A nurse pushed Jesse, on a bed, into the room. Joey following close.

"Hello!" looks around "This is a pretty room. Haha!"

"Jesse, you should be really proud of Becky." Danny said walking over to his side.

His brother-in-law pointed to him "I know you!"


"No, that's not it!"

Danny patted Jesse's shoulder "I'm gonna go outside with the girls."

"Bye Donny!" waved Jess.

"Close enough." then he left.

Joey pushed Jesse to Becky's bedside.

Rebecca put her hand out "Jesse, please take my hand."

Jess looked at her "Wouldn't your husband Danny get jealous?"

"No! You're-" but she got cut off.

"So it's Joey?"

Becky rolled her eyes even though she's exhausted "No! You're my husband!"

Jesse came back to reality for a second "That's right, you're having my babies."

His wife smiled and nodded.

"This is great! I get a wife and kids on the same day!" Then he broke into a chorus of "She's Having My Baby".

Becky shook her head ' This is gonna be a long day'

Becky felt the contraction again and start pushing. Everytime Becky screamed, Jesse copied her. Then sang that same song again. Same thing happened for a while.

A Couple Hous Later

The new parents cradled the two babies in their arms. Jesse now back to normal from those drugs. Playing and cooing the babies.

Danny peaked his head through the door "Feel like having visitors?"

Becky looked away from the newborn "Sure come on in."

The Tanners filed in quietly and gave a couple of "aw" and "cute!"

Michelle layed her chin on the blanket "Your babies are very cute I give you two thumbs up! Good job aunt Becky!"

"Thank you, Michelle." laughed Becky.

DJ took a closer look "They look so much alike how are you gonna tell them apart?"

"Well, this little gal," Jesse pointed to the daughter he was holding "Seems to love music."

"And this little darling is queen of hiccups!" The baby hiccuped. So adorable!

"So who's who?" asked Stephanie.

"We each got to pick a name of course." answered Becky.

Jesse went first "I picked Nicole, after the guy who gave me great hair! Since she is a she I'll go with Nicole not Nick."

"And for me, I like the name Alexandra after my professor who imspired me into journalism! But like Jesse, my professor isn't a woman so closest name is Alexandra."

"Nicole and Alexandra. Sounds awesome!" said Joey.

"Or Nikki and Ali or Alex." Danny pointed out.

"Let's not get into so many nicknames yet." The two best friends kept on babbling about names and nicknames. The girls marveling their new cousins.

Becky leaned towards Jesse's forehead. They both closed their eyes for a moment before Becky whispered "Do you think Nichole and Alexandra will like their names?"

"Trust me."

Jesse gave Rebecca a kiss. A new part of their life begins.

The End

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