Chapter 1: What just Happened?


Danny, Sam and Tucker were walking home in the rain after school on Friday afternoon. After a few minutes, it began to rain harder, and lightning/ thunder started up.

"It's not safe to be outside in a storm like this, let's run to Sam's place" Tucker said.

"Good idea" Sam said. "My place is only 2 blocks away"

They got to the door of Sam's place. Her parents were not going to be home for an hour, so she had to stop for a moment to open the door. Tucker ran in first. Danny was about to walk in when a bolt of lightning came down and stuck the key in Sam's hand. She was close enough to Danny that the lighting jumped and hit him as well.

"Ahh!" Sam screamed in pain. They both winced and closed their eyes, as they held the other's hand and went inside.

They both walked in, and fell to the floor.

"Are you guys okay?" Tucker yelled with concern

"Yeah, we should be fine" Said Danny.

"Your okay, right Sam?" Tucker glanced over at her, as she rubbed her burned hand.

"Yeah, I should be fine, but my hand really hurts."

"Well, I really should get going" Said Danny. "My parents will want me home"

"But you ARE home" Said Tucker, confused slightly.

Before Danny could say anything, he ran out the door to Sam's place. "Bye, Tucker!" he said loudly before running out the door.

Once outside, Danny ran to a nearby tree to transform into his Ghost Form. Then he jumped into the air to fly home, but he fell to the ground.

"Did the bolt of lightning mess up my powers? I'll go back to Sam's place to wait out the storm then."