Chapter 2: If I'm not there…who is?


Danny walked through the doorway into Sam's place, to get out of the rain.

He glanced over at Tucker, who was staring at him.

"Tucker….why are you staring at me?" Danny asked. "It's….creepy…"

"Sam, why did you leave your own house in the storm? You can't go out in weather like this! You might get hit by lightning again!"

"Um, Tuck, Sam's unconscious on the floor, and I was about to go home. Speaking of going home, I don't think I can; not in this weather anyways. My powers seem messed up."

"You're not unconscious, Sam, Danny is!"

"I can't be unconscious, I'm standing here talking to you!" Danny was not getting what Tucker was trying to say- until he saw who was lying unconscious on the floor next to him.

"Could you come help me, Sam? We should call someone and let them know Danny is out-cold"

"Um, Tucker, I'M DANNY, but I'll help anyways"

Tucker freaks out

"So…if Sam is Danny, then who is Danny?" Says Tucker, who is now panicking.

"Sam, I think…We'll know when she comes to"

Sam wakes up

"Sam!" Danny and Tucker at once, and they dive to the floor to help her stand up.

"Huh? Oh, hi, Tucker" She said. after groaning slightly. "Hi, um...What's with the mirror?"

"I'm not a mirror", Danny said, annoyed. "Apparently, we switched bodies when the lightning hit us."

"What!" Sam screamed, as she ran to a near-by mirror. Danny was right, she did have his dark, black hair, and his blue eyes.

And his powers.