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The pain of loving you.

Dragons and flowers.

The shouts of pain could be heard everywhere. The smell of dead and blood was all that could be smelled. Nothing but fire and smoke

could be seen. Fear, desperation, confusion… A little girl stood alone in the middle of the once beautiful village. Her blue eyes open

wide, taking in everything.

"Mommy", the little girl cried. She started to run to her house when she suddenly froze in fear. Right there, coming out of the flames a

figure could be seen. It was him. Her eyes got bigger as he came nearer. Tall, strong, and beautiful, she could not understand how he

could have done all this.

"Angels are supposed to be good", she told him. "They are supposed to take care of us". The little girl's vision blurry as tears came to

her eyes. "Why?" she asked as she fell to her knees. "Why?" she repeated. He looked at her, and she trembled. He drew his sword high

above his head and brought it down. The girl fell, her eyes still open and full of fear, her life gone. He turned back and started walking

away. No regrets filled him. No guilt overtook him. Just as he was about leave, he turned back where the girl laid in a pool of blood.

"Because I'm no angel", he whispered to her.

He extended his wings and took flight.

'Stupid girl' he thought, 'to confuse me with an angel'. He hated everything and everyone. He knew no pity or compassion. Hatred was

all he could feel. Hope was something he didn't even think about. His past was full of blood and pain, and he did not expect anything

different for his future. Pain was all he knew. Love was something that didn't exist. All of Gaia looked for him, for the one man that could

kill and destroy complete villages and cities. The one man that made the bravest tremble with just a look, the only one that did not fought

for peace or wanted it…

If only they knew he was half the key they needed to keep it.

Kingdom og Asturia.

"Lady Hitomi, you shouldn't be here all alone. The Dragon has attacked again, and with Zaibach getting stronger no place is safe". The

maid grabbed her lady's hand and kept talking. "If Lord Allen found out, he would be very mad at me. You know how he is. He

wouldn't want his fiancé to get hurt. He loves you very much, oh, here we are. Goodnight milady, and please stay in your room this time."

She turned around and disappeared. Hitomi sighed and went inside her room. She knew Allen and Merle were right. She shouldn't put

herself and everyone else in danger. She really should start behaving herself. After all, she was going to become queen of Asturia right

after she married Allen, and that was but two months from now. Allen. The name made her smile. He truly did love her. He always told

her so, and she did love him too, or at least that was what she told herself every day. He was everything any woman would want.

Handsome, gentle, and powerful, he was a dream come true.

'I should be happy to marry him' she thought as she undressed herself and put her pajamas on, 'but I'm not'.

Been the only child of one of the most powerful families in Gaia, Hitomi had always thought her life was perfect. She had always been

surrounded by servants and luxuries. Nothing she wanted had ever been denied to her. She had had the best of education, and been a

seer, had have the best of teachers helped her with her gift. Every girl in the Kansaki kingdom wanted to be her.

She was the representation of all pure things. She was perfection. Her honey colored hair went down her waist. Her skin was smooth and

pale. Her cheeks were the color of peach. Her lips were rosy and inviting. Every curve she had was in the right place, and she was filled

in all the right spots. She walked with all the grace in the world, and when she looked at anyone… Of all the beauties she owned, it was

her eyes that made her stand above everyone. They were the most beautiful green ever, and they had this shine in them that made anyone

want to lose themselves in them. She was always laughing and smiling. She showed kindness to everyone and helped whoever needed

her. She was the treasure of the magic part of Gaia. The only bad thing that had ever happened to her was her mother's dead, and she

had dealt with that. The pain wasn't even recognizable anymore.

Hitomi went to her bed and turned off the light. It was only logical that she had been chosen as the peacemaker between the magical and

unmagical parts of Gaia.

'Peace is a very fragile thing' she thought 'I know the only way to bring it between my people and Asturia's is by my marriage to Allen. It

is the only way, and it was what my mother always dreamed of, what my father wants. He is old and about to die. I only want to see him

happy before he goes.' With Zaibach about to declare war on all the rest of Gaia, it only seemed right to make this unit. With her

marriage, Asturia and Kansaki would unit and become stronger. They had a better chance of defeating it, or even preventing the war

from happening. The way she saw it, she had no other choice but to marry. She was a princess, and she had a duty, a responsibility to

her people. And Allen wasn't that bad. It would work out in the end. Besides, Hitomi was pretty sure that with time she would forget her

dreams of great adventures and an exciting life. It didn't matter that she didn't love him. He was a fine gentleman, and she would surely

end up falling in love with him. It wouldn't be the kind of love that brought such passion it would leave one breadless. It wouldn't be the

kind of love that defied death and time. It would be a love that made her pass every day in a state of normal happiness, and that was fine

with her. After all, the kind of love she wanted just didn't exist. It was even stupid to think that something like that could happen to her.

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