Disclaimer: Pokemon and related are properties of Nintendo, but some characters in this story are mine.

Doctor Swanton came in front of the Rocket guard and checked the monitor. He was one of the five scientists who worked in the mansion in Cinnabar Island. No-one knew who really owned this old mansion, except the Rockets, because it was their. In this place, they had installed a genetic lab, and their best scientists have been working for fifteen years at creating a super-pokemon.

The main lab was in the basement, it was a big circular room with control panels and monitors everywhere. We could find here the best scientific tools ever. And in the middle laid their genetic freak. The fifteen years old monster was in a large Plexiglas tube full of plasmic substance. He had cables with electrodes on his head and chest that transmitted his vital signals to monitors. He had never woke up.

But today, things were a bit different: his heartbeats were regular, but his encephalogram had a breathtaking activity.

« He's gonna wake up ! Cut the cables ! Open the tube ! »

In a second, the pokemon was set free and his cylinder began to open. The yellow substance flew off, and the creature fell on the ground. Immediately, guards wrapped him in a blanket and stood him up. Doc Swanton watched his white face and began to talk to him.

Mewtwo opened one eye, stared at the man in white smock, and vanished.