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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE?" Lily Evans bellowed after Sirius, Remus, and James searched the house for Harry James Potter, brother of the boy-who-lived, Tyler Clayton Potter.

"HOW THE HELL DID AN 8 YEAR OLD BOY ESCAPE FROM THOSE WARDS?" Lily screamed again, pulling on her hair in frustration.

"Lily dear, please…..please calm down, we'll find him." James said as he led Lily over to the couch, and then gave her a glass of liquor.

While all of this was going on, Tyler, who was playing with his latest toy, a mini, flying broomstick, began to cry, it had taken him long enough to figure out he wasn't the center of attention any more.

Lily dropped her glass on the floor, where it shattered on impact, spilling amber liquid all over the floor. She rushed over to her son and scooped him up off the floor.

"Tyler baby, where does it hurt, tell mommy where it hurts so she can make it all better." Lily crooned trying to quiet the rather overweight boy she was struggling to hold in her arms.

"Right here." Tyler whined, "I hurt my kneeee."

"It's all right mommy's here, she'll make everything all right." Lily lugged her son off into the other room after shooting the three men standing in the den a look that said, 'find him or else.'

Sirius audibly gulped at her glare, and then turned to James and Remus. "Where should we start first?"

James ran a hand through his slightly graying raven locks hair, and then said quietly, "Depends was he kidnapped or did the little brat run away?"

"Remus, who didn't realize what James called Harry in that sentence replied, "He might have run away, but I could never imagine why a sweet boy like Harry would do such a thing."

James snorted at that, "That ungrateful freak. Always trying to show up my little Tyler, he's a show-off and a liar. He would run away just to get attention, I know it Mooney."

Remus's mouth was hanging open. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Remus sputtered. "He's your son, your flesh and blood, and you…..you call him those things, James this is too much. I see now how I ignored the signs. I should have realized what you have been doing to that poor boy….you animal. He's your personal whipping boy isn't he, that's all he is to you, right? Now I know why he ran away, he deserves the right to live, he's a child not some sort of possession."

"Wh….what Mooney, did you just say that I'm a bad father? I treated that boy like he deserved, he was always a liar and a thief, he blamed Tyler, a hero, for everything. He is a rotten egg, he'll become evil. He's jealous of Tyler, and all the special attention he receives. Well you know what, I'm finished with that little shit anyways." James said, his eyes blazing. "When I find him, I'll give him the worst beating of his life, he'll beg for mercy."

"You'll never lay a hand on him again, Potter, this friendship is over, I don't know about you Siri, but I'm sickened by this cruelty, Harry will be removed from your care after I report you to the ministry." Remus growled.

James laughed, "Who will they believe, James potter, father of the boy-who-lived, savior of the wizarding world, or a werewolf, an abomination, like you Lupin. I always knew you were evil, just like the freak."

Sirius cried out in outrage, "What the fuck did you just say Potter?" A dog-like growl erupted from Sirius's throat, as he pounced on his ex-friend, hitting whatever part of James he came in contact with."

When Lily heard the commotion, after putting her 'precious angel' upstairs, she used a spell to separate the two men. "Sirius, what has gotten into you?"

"E's anding up or th freak, bot of e'm re." James said, holding a hand to his nose which was clearly broken, streaming blood down his face and cloths.

"You let this bastard do that to your son, I'm ashamed of you Lily." Remus said, shaking his head.

"That boy deserved everything he got. You'll see, someday you'll regret this." Lily was red with anger. "LEAVE MY HOUSE, NOW!"

"GLADLY." Both of the men yelled in unison and stormed out the front door, Sirius knocking over a vase on the way out.


"So kid, what's your name?" The man asked.

"H….Harry, sir."

"Hello Harry, I'm Gavin, the answer to your problems….."

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