"Daddy tell us a story," a little girl demanded, her big blue eyes wide and innocent, she pouted a bit to emphasize her command. She flung her long blond hair over her shoulder in irritation, and climbed onto the couch next to her father, folding her little white wings behind her. He smiled kindly at her, his green eyes twinkling with love as he gazed at his daughter.

"Yeah, please daddy," another little voice begged. Angel looked away from his daughter to his other daughter. She climbed up onto the couch, folding her white wings behind her as well and snuggling into her father's side. "A good story."

"Yeah," the little girl on Angel's right chimed in, "one with princesses and unicorns."

"No," the other little girl interjected from Angel's left side, "one with dragons and elves."

"Hopeā€¦" Whined the little girl on the right, flinging a nasty look at her identical sister.

Angel sighed as the two broke down into an argument. He didn't even attempt to intervene. He glanced around his surroundings, smiling as he looked out the window of their living room and only seeing sky. The house he and Luna had bought and began raising a family in, far away from the Wizarding World of England. They had ironically bought a large amount of land in the mountains in America; the pinpointed location will always remain anonymous. They had actually built the house into the side of the mountain. It was beautiful; a waterfall cut over top of a part of the moderate sized house, when you looked out the window in some of the rooms, all you saw was gushing water.

The warmth of love and safety seemed to radiate from the home; it was their little nest, hidden high up in the mountains, away from the rest of the world. Accessible only by those with the gift of flight, or those who were brought to the home by those who could enter the household.

"Come on guys," another little voice chimed in, yet another little girl climbed onto Angel's lap.

"I agree with Charity," Angel laughed. "How about she picks it."

"Okay," Both Faith and Hope agreed. Being identical triplets might have made them look almost exactly alike, but their personalities varied as much as the elements.

All three little girls had Luna's thick, straight white blonde hair, pale, flawless skin, and huge, innocent blue eyes. All three of them sported identical sets of little white wings, strong enough to keep up with their parents when they took trips to go visit Uncle Paddy and Uncle Moony who lived a few hours away. They refused to be called Pappy or Grandpa because they still thought they were too young to retain such titles.

Harry Potter officially died the day that Voldemort died. He died for the last and final time hopefully. Angel had never really recovered from the final battle, suffering from numerous nightmares, and some other physical problems. He had overtaxed his magic too much in a short period of time, his injuries hadn't healed right, and they never would. He walked with a rather noticeable limp; he used a cane of the bad days. His arm still ached, and many scars still littered his body from the brutal beating he had received on that fateful day. It had been enough to kill a normal wizard. A human. But not an angel.

"How about one about elven princesses who kill dragons?" Charity giggled, "and handsome princes. They can ride off into the sunset on the back of a unicorn."

The other two girls quickly agreed, snuggling in closer to their father. Angel had never believed he would have a family, he had never believed he would fall in love either, so I guess miracles can happen. He loved his family, all of them. Even his extended family, as if they were actually blood. His children referred to Gavin as Pappy and Carla as Grammy. Kaylee as Auntie Kay, Jenna as Aunt Jen, Glen as Uncle Glen, Ian as Uncle Ian, Mariah as Auntie Ma, Noah as Uncle Noah, and Tonks and Auntie Tonkey.

Jenna had married Noah at the age of twenty three, their two children, Chloe, who was seven, and Riley who was five were born soon after, Jenna was twenty five when Chloe was born, all of the family was present at both of her children's births.

Glen had gone on to marry a muggleborn witch named Paige Ashford who he met when traveling in France on a mission. As he told it, it was love at first sight. As she said it, it was love at first quip. The two held the most hilarious conversational banter anyone had ever heard before. They were a match made in heaven. Paige was currently pregnant with their first child.

Ian married a muggle woman Adriana Moore, whose temper matched her hair. Their young daughter, named Jessica, was already showing signs of magic at the age of three.

Kaylee had married a Ravenclaw boy named Terry Boot the past year, after they met at a Weird Sisters concert in London. Terry had recognized Kaylee from school, and soon the couple was wed. Angel had made sure Terry's intentions towards his sister were nothing but pure. He was pleased to find that the two had developed a bond a lot like he and Luna had, they were completely and madly in love with each other.

Mariah dated a few men, but never found one who could put up wit her frosty personality, until she met Viktor Krum, whose mood swings, and lack of social mannerisms matched her own to a freakish degree. They are to married in five months, in January. Outside. In the snow. Figure that.

Angel sighed contentedly, pulling himself out of his reverie, "once there were three beautiful elven princesses who lived in a castle high in the mountainsā€¦"

Angel paused in his story about the princesses, to find that his three little angel princesses had fallen asleep, each with a small smile on their faces as they dreamed of elven princesses, unicorns, dragons, heroes, villains, handsome princes, and happily ever afters. Kind of like Angel, he and his happily ever after.

At that moment, light footsteps encode down the hall as Luna padded almost silently over the thick carpeting in her socks, holding their three month old son, Logan. His striking green eyes peered out at the world, brimming with intelligence and power. As Faith, Hope, and Charity looked like their mother, Logan took after his father in every aspect, including his tiny, still budding, black, green tinged wings. He bubbled happily as his mother held his safely in her arms. She smiled at the sight of her three daughters using her husband as a pillow.

"I guess suggesting our three big girls might be ready for a nap may be coming a bit too late," she whispered with an almost silent laugh.

Angel nodded, "They look so young when they sleep," he noted softly.

Luna nodded as well, "They're quiet too." She commented with a grin.

Angel repressed a laugh in case it would wake his three daughters. "How's Logan dong?"

"Sleepy," Luna said more to Logan than to Angel. She was a great mother, she rocked her youngest child gently in her arms, humming softly, "my little angel is sleepy, isn't he?"

Angel grinned, "you mean me? I'm ready to catch a few z's with the munchkins as well." He motioned to the three sleeping forms around him. Luna smiled knowingly.

"All my angels, even the big headed, macho ones with the ego that can't be contained," she chided.

"Why Sweet, you wound me," he joked with a yawn. "That nap sounds better and better." He admitted. "It's not like I'm going anywhere for a while anyways."

Luna shook her head, "I'm going to go put him down for his nap. Do try and get some rest."

Angel nodded happily, closing his eyes and feeling three tiny heartbeats pounding against him, he could hear the soft thuds of their hearts in the silence. He had never expected to be so lucky as to have a family like he had. He had never imagined falling in love with the woman he knew he was destined to save the world with. He never imagined that his one solitary black rose would have so many red ones to join it in its bouquet. He never dreamed that he could ever feel as loved as he did now.

All stories come to an end, but heroes never die, they just fade away. Harry Potter died, but Angel faded. He faded out of history, and into the life he had always longed to live. One where he was loved and where he could freely love. One where he never felt alone, and had a meaning to life rather than a vendetta.

So ends the story of The Black Rose, alls well that ends well. Heroes always win in the end, and rights are always wronged. Life continues and we abide, for we know, that someday, we too will find our meaning for life, because, at this very moment, we are writing our own story. A story that will span from the moment of our births to the moment of our deaths. There are many blank pages ahead of us, and we must fill them up with actions, emotions, and memories. Fill them with hope, love, and kindness. Have faith in yourself, and someday, as all heroes do, you will vanquish evil and save the day.

Angels fly upon wings so soft

Silently into the night

Brandishing their swords of strength and light

With every ounce of might

They fight the good fight

Love triumphs over evil

Darkness falls to light

And in the end the heroes always win

To fight another fight

Love to live

Live to love

So ends the story of an angel

And his gifts from above

For every moment spent from now on

He will spend with those he loves

The End