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" Mr. Hiwatari?"

Kai was daydreaming but the sound of Kevin's voice brought him back.

"Yeah what do you want?"

"To find out more about the S.S. Dizzara…"

"No, what you want is to find the Beast-Necklaces am I right?"

"Right you caught me, yeah so can you tell me anything? Where they could be, or who theses boys are?"

"Yeah I can tell you who they are this one (points to boy being hugged) is Max Tate, the guy hugging him is Ray Kon, who did these paintings of Tyson Granger (points to boy with blue hair) and me."

"Um, you sir?"

"Yeah that's what I said, it's been 72 years since I scene them, the guys and necklaces I mean..."

"So what happen to them?"

"Well if you shut up for a moment I could tell you! It happened in 1928, on September 15th in America the Dizzara was, a great ship; big, and safe there was, nothing could have competed with it well nothing except the Titanic."

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