KiraraCutie: am not

Kai: are too

KiraraCutie: am not

Kai: are too

KiraraCutie: am not

Kai: are too! Look you had Ray type up this whole chapter!

KiraraCutie: Ray did you type this up?

Ray: yeah I had to you said you where going to post it up right after chapter 2 so I did it for you.

KiraraCutie: O thank you Ray here have a cookie!

Ray: yum!

Kai: Hey why don't I get one?

KiraraCutie: you were mean!

Tyson: KiraraCutie dose not own Beyblade!

KiraraCutie: Hey Ty thank you for doing the disclaimer you get a cookie!

"Come on Maxie where goanna miss the boat!"

"I'm coming Ty, I can't still believe we won that battle!"


"So where on the last round?" Tyson asked


"Ok then let it rip!"

Tyson and Max were up against Michael and Eddie.

"I'm winning those tickets Michael!" Ty said

"Yeah right you can't beat me!"

On the bet was 50 bucks and two tickets for the voyage to Russia.

"There's no way I'm going to lose those tickets, come on Eddie lets double team him!"

"Right!" growled Eddie

"Oh no you don't Ed your fights with me!" Max slams this beyblade into Eddie's

"So you want to play to with the big boys? Bring it!"

"Ladies first!" Max beyblade goes off followed by Eddie's.

"NO! Eddie it's a trap!"

"What oh no!"

Max had lead Eddie's beyblade straight into Tyson's who tossed it into the air and it feel onto Michael's.


"So now where heading to Russia!"

"That's right Max that'll be an adventure, imagine all the beybattles well get into!"

"OH CRAP THE SHIP IS GOING TO LEAVE!" They scream in union.

>>> With Kai

"So this is the Dizzara… doesn't look so great, I mean look at it! Don't you think I'm right Kai?"

"Hn whatever Tala…"

>>> With Max and Ty

"Tyson we have to go"

"Just one sandwich"

"Tyson the Ship is leaving we have to go now" Max grabbed Tyson's hand and they ran.

"Mowe mrax mrew mum rast, reave mew ren maettign muger?" (Translation: Wow Max you ran fast, have you be eating sugar?)

"Ty I didn't get a word of that only except sugar." They shared a smile.

Max and Tyson made it to the ship with sometime to spare (thanks to Max's sugar rush run) so they looked around and were mostly buying snacks. Tyson and Max lost track of time again and ended up running down the platform looking for there loading deck, asking for people to move out of the way (well they where really screaming it), and such.

As Kai was about to go to his loading deck he turned his gaze to someone screaming but just as he did the same person collided with him and they both ended up on the floor Kai on the bottom….

…. Looking at midnight blue eyes…

KiraraCutie: yay! It's done! Review and you to can have a cookie!

Ray: they are really good…

Tyson: yup, too bad Kai you don't get one. Ha-ha!

Kai: stupid story…