This is my first ever Thunderbirds story so I apologize if its a bit sucky. You can imagine this written as the TV show or Movie any you want I don't mind. This story has been rated for 13+ as it will have unsuitable language in the later chapters and slight slash. Thanks, Enjoy.

I can see his shuttle plummeting towards the Atlantic Ocean, why isn't he stopping? I ask myself over whilst screaming down the radio at him to pull his Bird up. He is going far to fast to stop now, its too late. I have to help! I hit my boosters as hard as a can with my fist but nothing, my rocket stays immobilized and nothing happens. I'm not going to reach him in time, God, he's going to go crashing in to the Ocean, and he'll die, VIRGIL NO!

Scott awoke in a cold sweat as his body jerked upwards so that he was sitting upright. With his breathing heavy his eyes quickly darted across the room scanning every corner. Why wasn't the light on? With his body still trembling from the horrific nightmare he stumbled over towards the light switch and hit it.

He sighed in relief as the room flooded with light making everything visible to his eyes again. He'd had that dream again, that reoccurring nightmare, he had it every night for weeks. And tonight was no different. Each night Virgil would get closer and closer to plunging into that depth of deep, freezing cold water, and Scott could never save him… he just didn't understand.

He glanced over to the clock on the wall that showed you everything from the temperature of the room you were in to the date. He saw that the time was 3:52 am and that the temperature was 17.5'C. 6.5'C cooler than the rest of the house, guess that's what happens when you leave the balcony doors open all night…

Scott sighed in defeat knowing that he had absolutely no intention of going back to sleep after tonight's dream.

He stood up and pulled on a plain black T-shirt with the initials IR imprinted on the left side over his bare chest. Hastily stepping over to the balcony he pulled the doors closed and securely locked them. Running his hand through his soft brown locks once in the mirror he quietly stepped out of his bedroom careful not to wake Virgil who slept in the next room.

He'd learnt over the years from his late night or early morning wanderings, whatever you want to call them, that Virgil was a light sleeper. But none the less to console himself that Virgil truly was safe he quietly pushed open his brothers door and peered inside to see that his brother seemed to be sleeping soundly. He cursed his nightmare for making him think such terrible thoughts and slowly closed the door over once again.

Thinking about the day ahead Scott made his way to the kitchen to make himself some coffee, a few cups and he will look and feel a lot less exhausted than he is now. After preparing the hot drink he walked outside into the chilling morning breeze as he always did and began calculating his schedule for today mentally.

He still had that mission debrief to report to his father, but other than that unless they got a rescue call from somewhere he had the rest of the day free. Just as Scott was thinking about all the things he could be doing in his spare time he heard the door opening behind him. Startled Scott turned around to see his brother Virgil walking towards him with a glass of milk held steady in his hand. Realization hit Scott.

"Hey, I'm sorry Virg, did I wake you?"

"Yeah, but don't worry about it you did me a favor anyway I was planning on getting up at 4:00am today anyway," answered Virgil sitting down beside his older brother.

Scott turned to face his brother astonished, Virgil and morning? "You NEVER EVER, and I mean EVER, get up early unless you absolutely have to, what the hell?"

Virgil chuckled, "I knew you'd be up, I thought maybe we could spend the day together?" To say Scott was surprised was an understatement; Virgil never failed to shock him. "But if you'd rather do something else and don't want to then I'd understand… its just that we don't spend as much time together as we used to and…"

"No that'd be great Virg! But, how'd you know I'd be awake this early?"

"Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. You walk into my room every single morning and figured I wouldn't have caught on as to what time you usually wake up? Why'd you do that anyway, come to make sure the hood hasn't stole your baby brother Virgil in the midst of the night?"

Scott's head snapped up at the mention of the Hood's name as he glared at Virgil. "That was not funny Virgil! And as to why I come into your room every single morning… you're half right. But I guess it's just a habit of mine. I'll stop if you want me to." Replied Scott; well he'd TRY to stop Scott thought to himself.

"No it's okay, I really don't mind. It'd fell strange without you shoving you big ugly head through my door daily, oh and sorry about what I said before. I won't joke like that again" Said Virgil regretfully.

Scott nodded and smiled warmly at his younger brother, "what the joke about my ugly head or the Hood? And don't dwell on it too much Virg, now how about some breakfast?"

Virgil nodded excitedly as both him and Scott stood up and began to walk back towards the house.

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