OK here is the deal, I absolutely LOATHE this story to the point where I almost deleted it. But what the hell, I'll just wrap it up with one last chapter as to not leave yet another one incomplete. Then hopefully I'll get around to writing what I originally intended on doing. Enjoy as much as you possibly can!

Virgil Tracy wandered the corridors of the home he currently resided in, which was located on a Tropical Island. He had been assigned a mission, a rather surprising one too, wake Scott. It was already nearing 9:00am and every member of International Rescue was supposed to be awake at least 2 hours previous. There was no time for laziness when saving lives were concerned.

Idly running his hands along the numerous obstacles along the way to his destination Virgil began to reflect on the past few days. Everything had happened in such a short period of time that it really was difficult to comprehend.

From Scott's passing out to the events with Oliver things seemed to have gotten out of hand. Hoping things would soon revert back to their old ways Virgil activated the keypad to unlock Scott's door and was greeted by an unpleasant sight.

Before him Scott lay tangled amidst his covers which were not performing their actual job, as the body itself was balanced unsteadily on the edge of the large comfortable looking bed. If it were any other day Virgil would have laughed at his brothers seemingly innocent state. Yet he couldn't help taking in the sickly figure of the Scott, who slept unaware of the deep brown eyes assessing his unhealthy appearance.

Shaking his head after his momentary pause Virgil proceeded towards where the older man awkwardly lay. Moving onto his knees as to become level with him Virgil took hold of Scott by his left shoulder and began to shake him roughly.

Receiving nothing but a mere moan from the other man Virgil rolled his eyes and tugged the cover from his brother before tossing it over to the other end of the room, this was followed by a repetition of kicks to the bed until he got the reaction he desired.

"Scotty, wake up... Scott! SCOTT!" Virgil finally yelled when he received no reply from the other man.

"Shh.." Scott whispered quietly whilst burying his head safely underneath his pillow as to block out Virgil's loud annoying voice.

"What? You have to get up, it's nine o'clock already... Scott?" Virgil stopped his talking when he realized there was a soft snoring sound coming from the bed in front of him. "Scott wake up now! Listen to me, you have to get up."

"Tired... Be quiet... Headache" The exhausted man once mumbled barely coherent as he once again tried to return to his sleep.

"What the hell? Your tired, it's not even early Scott! Dad isn't gonna' like this, now stop being such a bum and get out of bed" Virgil commanded slapping his brother playfully across the head.

Shaking his head Scott defiantly remained in place. "I'm not moving, I don't feel too good."

On hearing his brother's words Virgil let out a great sigh of disapproval. "So you've been drinking then?"

His suspicions confirmed when he received no reply he continued, "What the hell do you think you're playing at? You lecture us about maturity and then go and do something as irresponsible as this?" Virgil scalded with disappointment as he continued to wait for an explanation, an answer, anything to fill the lingering silence.

"Hello, Scott? I'm waiting."

"It's not the alcohol Virg..."

Rolling his eyes once again, a habit he had become accustomed to when dealing with Scott, Virgil placed his hands on his hips and took on a patronizing form. "That's what you said the last time remember?"

"Head... Hurts Virg, get me some water?"

Losing all of his previous sarcasm Virgil submitted to his brother's vulnerable state. "Fine, but don't even bother trying to tell me your not hungover, 'cos we all know you'd be lying" Raising an eyebrow to prove his point Virgil stood and made his way over to the adjoined bathroom.

Filling the empty glass resting on the side, that was reserved for occasions such as now, Virgil replenished it with cold water from the tap. "Once you've drank this, you are going to get up, somehow manage to get dressed and try to act as though the whole room doesn't feel like it is constantly spinning around you, deal?" Virgil called Scott from the Bathroom in an attempt to compromise.

On hearing the low mumbling from the other room he chuckled to himself and turned around with the now full glass to quench the other's thirst.

Handing it over Virgil began questioning. "Why were you drinking Scotty? And don't say you felt like a drink, I want to know why. You know full well that a mission may have been assigned anytime throughout the night, so consuming alcohol was a very foolish thing to do" Virgil mimicked in the voice Scott had reprimanded Gordon and him with many times before. Even the one occasion where they let Alan drink a little too much, which wasn't to pretty once the amusement had worn out and the after effects surfaced.

Scott sighed a few tense moments later after debating mentally how much he was to admit to Virgil.

Lifting his back from the bed and shifting his weight so he was propped up on his elbows, Scott started to explain about the nightmares he had been experiencing over the previous weeks. Of course being sure to leave out the most gruesome details, Virgil didn't need to hear about those.

"Why didn't you tell me!" Virgil almost exclaimed in sadness once Scott had finished retelling what had been taking place in his dreams.

"I... I guess I didn't want to worry you" Scott shrugged his shoulders before continuing, "It's not as bad as it sounds, honestly Virg"

"Then why did you feel the need to go and grab a bottle of whiskey in the middle of the night, which I'm presuming is exactly what you did, correct?"

Scott nodded regretfully.

"Aw come 'ere Scotty" Virgil moved towards the bed so he was sat beside his brother and placed his right arm around his shoulders. "I'm sorry for getting angry with you, I'm just worried thats all. There is no use in solving problems with alcohol, you know that right?"

"I know, I just wanted something to help me sleep, that's all." Scott replied quietly.

Suddenly realization made impact in Virgil's mind as everything began to make sense. "You haven't been sleeping?"

Scott shook his head, "not much, and when I do I always wake up anyway".

Picturing the rescue mission where he had witnessed Scott losing his balance for just a brief moment, and also the happenings on the way to the beach the other day Virgil began to piece together the whole puzzle that had been bothering him recently.

"Have you been eating as frequently as usual?"

"Almost, it's hard not to, you know how large my appetite is" Scott smiled in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"Well Scotty, I think we can say this, your lack of sleep, slight change in diet and added stress all contributed to your little sleep in the jungle the other day. Of course you knew that," Virgil rolled his eyes playfully before raising his hand to silence Scott who had begun to interrupt. "But, you didn't tell me, I respect your judgment yet I can't say I agree with it. You are going to have to learn to except help some day, which leads to our current situation. Your going to have to tell Dad."

Rather than the outburst Virgil was anticipating Scott nodded in reply, "I know... Though I don't see how it will help".

"Well for a start Brains can probably give you something to keep the nightmares at bay, once you have regained some of that lost sleep and taken things easy, you'll be back to your normal cheery self" Virgil added sarcastically.

"You honestly believe it will be that easy?" Scott asked, his eyebrow raised in question.

"Not at all... Nothing you can't handle though." Virgil smiled reassuringly. "What you should be worrying about, is getting up before Dad comes in here and I leave you to face his wrath" Virgil giggled slightly at his own words.

"But I have a headache" Scott whined clutching his head to emphasize his point.

"Wanna go and explain to Dad exactly WHY you have a headache?"

Immediately shaking his head Scott signaled no.

"Yeah didn't think so, come on get up. You'll get over it".

Groaning, Scott shakily stood from his bed and stretched his arms above his head yawning loudly. "You mind stepping outside for a moment whilst I change my attire Virg?"

"Of course not. Don't you dare get back in that bed Scott!"

"I won't, Christ what do you take me for?" Scott smirked mischievously.

"You don't even want to know, know make it hasty, and I'll be waiting outside." With that said Virgil true by his word left the room, only to stop once he had closed the door to Scott's room behind him.

A few prolonged seconds after he had heard the satisfying 'click' of his door Scott collapsed onto his bed, which was still warm from the two bodies that had recently dwelt there.

"Serenity" Scott sighed to himself as he rolled onto his side so he was facing the wall. Just as he was about to peacefully close his eyes they snapped open from their half lidded state.

Turning towards the ungraceful sound of footsteps Scott glanced upwards to be met by steely brown eyes.

"Sorry" Scott shrugged innocently as Virgil allowed a small laugh to escape his lips, destroying his attempt at a mock angry exterior.

"Right that's it, I'm leaving Alan to deal with you!" Giving Scott one last humourous glance Virgil turned around and once again exited his brother's room.

Taking a moment for the words to sink in Scott gasped, "No!" Rapidly lunging to his feet and forgetting any previous illness, or at least most of it, Scott scampered on after Virgil.

Upon reaching him he placed his arm around his shoulders. "Right I'm up OK? No more threatening me with the terror." Scott ordered as the two brothers casually walked towards their Father's office.

"What ever you say Scotty... Anything for you".

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