To See without Eyes: Chapter One

Written by Elen-Di

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This first chapter is dedicated to Kris Black, author of "Silver Millennium Forever?", "Remember Princess", and "Beautiful Beast." She also wrote 2 hilarious Harry Potter stories about Lily and James. To anyone who's reading this and hasn't read Kris's stories, I recommend reading them. They are romantic, funny, and (especially "Remember Princess") full of kick-butt action! (By the way, Kris did not pay me to advertise her stories!) And now, on with the story!


All stories have a setting of some sort. This one is no exception. The day had at first been brilliantly sunny, without a cloud in sight. That changed later in the afternoon when dark storm clouds rolled in, blocking the sun. Within a half hour, it began to rain. Lightly at first the rain came, and then harder. After a while, though, the clouds had opened up in a virtual downpour. Lightning flashed often, followed quickly by huge booms of thunder. Hardly anyone was left outdoors. That is to say, someone had been left outdoors; a petite, slender someone with long hair the color of gold, tied in two buns. The girl, who was not dressed for the weather, was soaked. She was running as fast as possible along the wet sidewalk without slipping and breaking her neck. After about five minutes, she reached a corner building with a sign proclaiming it to be the "Crown Arcade/Parlor."

The girl dashed inside, and removed her light, but dripping jacket and placed it on a hook by the door where numerous other rain apparatus had been placed. Then she moved to the counter on the Parlor side and sat on a stool beside it. Lifting a slender white hand that was currently curled into a fist, she rapped hard on the counter three times. A few seconds later a handsome darker blonde guy with stunning green eyes appeared behind the counter. He grinned broadly when he saw the girl.

"Usagi! It's been ages since you've been here? What's with the sudden avoiding of me?" He added, with a small puppy dog expression on his face.

Usagi laughed. "I haven't been avoiding you, Motoki. I've just been really busy lately…"

Motoki glanced at her face, noting the bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. "I can see that. Has it been school?"

"You're kidding me. Odango atama, busy because of school? I think hell must have frozen over." A mocking voice came from behind Usagi.

Usagi closed her eyes as the smile transformed into a grimaced, and summoned all her patience so she wouldn't start shouting her head off. Slowly she turned around to face the smirk of an extremely tall and handsome person. His hair, midnight black, accentuated his sapphire eyes. "I see you're also here, Mamoru-baka," Usagi said in an icy voice.

Mamoru smirked, never taking his eyes off her cerulean ones. "So tell me truly, Odango. You've been busy because of homework? I mean, come on…"

"For your information, baka, I have been busy because of schoolwork and nothing else. And if your insignificant mind cannot grasp that fact, then-"

"Guys! Please!" Would you stop fighting for once!" An exasperated Motoki tried to stop his two best friends from killing each other. Although, if looks could kill, Mamoru would have been dead long ago.

Still glaring at Mamoru, Usagi shrugged. "I'll stop. But only for your sake, Motoki. He doesn't deserve it."

Mamoru glared back at her but didn't say anything. Suddenly, he turned round and walked out of the building and into the downpour. There was a moment of silence as Usagi stared at the spot Mamoru had been standing in seconds before. Motoki turned sadly away and went to get Usagi her usual drink- a milkshake.

When he returned, however, Usagi was gone.

Mamoru ran blindly as rain streamed down his face and into his hair and clothing, soaking him. But the cold water was nothing compared to the chill that had seeped into his heart. He ran, barely noticing the rain and, at first, the tears that had crept from his eyes to mingle with the rain on his cheeks. Before long, however, it became apparent to him that he was crying. This made him oddly furious- he never cried. Why the hell should he start now, just because some stupid Odango had glared at him as if she… hated him? He wanted to scream, break something, hit someone, run away… far away, away from those cruel, beautiful, cerulean eyes that peered into his soul… and hated him…

Why should he cry now? He had never, ever cried- not even when his parents died. And yet now, here he was, crying because Usagi hated him. He didn't even love her! At least, that's what he told himself. But deep, deep down inside of him, a part of his heart knew. Knew what it meant that Mamoru's heart lifted whenever Usagi was near him. Unfortunately, the only way he could speak to her was through teasing. If he tried any other way, he became shy. And that was really odd for him. He usually became Mr. Smooth whenever girls from school or wherever flocked around him. But not with Usagi. That's another thing his secret heart knew the meaning of but his consciousness did not.

Mamoru ran and ran until the sharp, knifelike pain in his chest caused him to stop. As he looked around, he realized he was in the park. Mamoru began slowly walking towards a secret spot he had. Concealed behind large bushes was a small lookout of the Tokyo bay. Mamoru usually went here when he was confused, or troubled. He had never, however, been there in the rain.

But he would not do that just yet. A sudden snapping of twigs behind him announced the presence of another. Mamoru spun around to find Usagi standing about 3 yards away. Her presence shocked him so much he became speechless and stood, frozen in place. After about a minute of staring at each other, he found his tongue.

"Odang- Usagi? W-what are you doing here…?" His voice faded. He had never seen Usagi looking at him like that- a combination of anger, pity, and- could it be? tenderness. But why was she looking at him like that? Mamoru ducked his head so he wouldn't have to look at her stunning blue eyes.

"I came- I mean, I thought… well… um… I just thought… I should…" Without warning, Usagi suddenly yelled in frustration. "Argh! What I mean is, I'm sorry for being really rude back there… it was wrong of me, I've just been really stressed out lately…"

Mamoru stared in shock and disbelief. Usagi was apologizing! To him! "You- you don't need to apologize to me," he said quickly. He had no idea why he wasn't accepting her apology, but he felt… odd… at the moment. "I mean, I've always been a jerk to you and… I really deserved it, like you said… and…"

"No." Usagi's voice rang out from the pitter-patter of the rain. "I need to apologize." Her voice softened. "Please."

Mamoru stared at her for a couple seconds contemplatively. Finally, he nodded. Then, not quite meeting her eyes, he said, "I accept your apology, but only if you will accept mine… for everything I've done to you in the past."

Usagi nodded. Then, as if only just coming to her senses, she jumped and said in a startled voice, "I should go. Mama will kill me if I get sick from being soaked." Then she turned and ran in the opposite direction.

Mamoru remained rooted where he was for a few seconds, wondering furtively if he had just hallucinated everything that had just happened. But I don't think I did… oh well. I'd better get out of the rain too… Within seconds, he also had disappeared from beneath the trees.


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