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When I woke up there were seven people and one robot watching me. Mara was up and staring at me, along with Urd and Belldandy. Mara, Urd, and Belldandy I recognized. There was a girl with long black hair and blue marks on her face, a tall, (over six feet) gaijin (non-japancse) man also sporting facial marks, a teenage japanese girl, and a short japanese boy. The robot was a strange collection of spheres.
"Hi." I said weakly. "What happened?'' I felt drained of energy.
"You FULLY healed me.'' Mara was the first to speak. ''And 'recharged' me too, I have not felt this good for months'
"George, you were wise to ask me to supervise you. Your life-force level was very low. If I had not cast a healing spell you would have been unconscious for several days." added Belldandy.
''Drink this." Urd handed me a teacup with some crimson liquid in it. I was raising to my mouth when both the japanese boy and the youngest goddess asked "Urd, is that safe?" at the same time. They scowled at each other.
''It better be safe!'' chorused Mara and Belldandy. Looks were exchanged, then one grinned and the other smiled.
''Urd, what is this?'' I held her eyes with mine as I asked.
''It is a restorative.'' was her answer.
''The whole truth with all the details." said the tall guy.
"Well... I made it for Mara, but because George can cast spells it should work for him. Um... Ah... I... added a truth potion to it." a nervous Urd admitted.
''Thank you big sister." Belldandy said in approval.
I had been listening, a restorative sounded good. It was exhausting to be this tired. The idea of a truth potion hardly slowed me down, what could I hide from mind reading goddesses anyway?
I drank the stuff in one long swallow. Gah! It tasted horrible!
"Urd! You forgot the spoonful of sugar!'' I gasped. Then the stuff started to work. I WOKE UP, TOTALLY WIRED is the best description I can think of to give how I felt. Full of get up and go, restless and unable to sit still. I stood up and started asking people who they were.
The tall guy was an aussie named Brett. He had wished for a job like Urd's, the idea of granting wishes and helping people appealed to him. Only gods and goddesses can grant wishes so Brett was now a god.
Skuld was the name of the youngest goddess. Urd turned out to be the eldest of the three sisters. I learned the differences between god(dess) marks and demon(ess) marks.
I found out that although Keiichi was shorter than his sister Megumi he was actually her older brother. Both were students at NIT, a technical college.
The robot turned out to be built by Skuld an was named Ban-pei.
Keiichi muttered something about a race and left, Megumi trailed after him.
Then it was my turn to be quizzed. Urd took the lead.
"How did you learn the healing spell?" was the first question she asked.
"I watched Belldandy when she cast it on Mara.'' I answered.
"When did you start seeing peoples auras?'' Belldandy wanted to know.
"It was just after Urd called Peorth. We were talking and I saw her aura, I had never seen anyones aura before and was surprised. Then I looked closer and noticed her wings. Belldandy, why don't you have wings?" I slipped in a question with my answer.
''But I do." then she manifested them. Folded, because the room wasn't large and her wings were. I estimated the span of Belldandy's wings to be three or four times her height. But the first thing anybody would see is was light, the wings of a goddess are a radiant white. A white so pure that it shines, giving off light so bright it should hurt the eyes but does no harm. At least it did not harm me, Mara cringed, I immediately stepped between the two, trying to shield the demoness.
"Sorry Mara.'' then Belldandy made her wings vanish.
Skuld just asked me for my full name, birth-date, and social security number. Then she left the room.
I really looked at Mara for the first time since waking up, her aura was much brighter, and she too had wings. I wondered what they looked like.
"Can you teleport?" was Brett's question.
''No, can you teach me?" was my flip reply.
The god and goddesses exchanged looks.
"It is getting late.'' observed Brett.
By now it was early evening, Belldandy invited us all to stay for dinner, even Mara, who was startled, but quickly accepted. The meal was the best I have ever eaten. Belldandy and Keiichi sat side by side and fed each other. Skuld was on Belldandy's other side, between bites she glared at Keiichi, Brett, and me. Urd was between Skuld and Brett, ignoring her youngest sister while flirting with Brett. He was on my left with Mara right beside me. Megumi, although seated next to Keiichi, he paid his sister no attention. Megumi grinned while watching everyone.
Urd and Brett finished first, complimented the cook, and left the temple hand in hand.
"Don't wait up. We'll see you in the morning." Brett called back as they went out the door.
Skuld glared at the departing couple. Megumi noticed this and tried to explain.
"Skuld, if you had just discovered a revolutionary new mecha, something using totally unknown but powerful principles of physics, you would act like Urd. You would spend more time with the mecha than anyone else. Urd has discovered Brett, he is unlike any god or man she has ever met before. Your eldest sister has not forgotten you, she still loves you"
The youngest norn, still frowning and unconvinced turned on Megumi "What makes you all knowing, mortal"
Hearing the pain and frustration in Skuld's voice the young japanese girl replied softly "Look at my brother, he has forgotten I exist. I know how you feel, but I'm happy to see that Keiichi and Belldandy love each other like they do"
Pausing in thought for a moment Megumi then changed the subject.
"Want to go out for ice-cream Skuld"
That got a smile followed by a cheery "Of course." The girl and the goddess got up and left.
I suddenly realized Megumi and Skuld had been talking in Japanese AND I HAD UNDERSTOOD THEM! Turning to Mara I asked "How can I understand Japanese"
"Belldandy cast a translation spell on the temple while you were unconscious"
"Do you speak Japanese?" I wanted to know.
"Demons and gods know all mortal languages." was her reply.
That was interesting, what else did they know, turning the question around, what did demons and Gods not know?
"We need to talk." I grabbed Mara by one hand and pulled her after me looking for somewhere with at least an illusion of privacy. Rice paper interior walls made somewhere outside the obvious choice. Holding the hand of a demoness I led her out into the darkness. This universe starts with "Goddess in the mirror" by Bart Kelsey.
Before my story starts "Oh my God" by Brett Handy takes place.
Then my fic "Oh my Mara" continues the tale.
Because of this some of the later OMG stories featuring Brett do not happen.
I have examined the trilogy "Proposal", "Wedding", "Honeymoon" by Sean Gaffney and the duology "Scenes from a life", "Years of Wonder" by Geoff Depew. There are no really big conflicts. I'm making them part of my storyverse.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed dreaming it up.