I circled the temple in the night.
"What do you want?" asked the demoness.
I was glad Mara asked. She had allowed me to lead her around unresisting and that worried me.
"Let's go over there." I pointed to a huge tree with a seat under it"
We sat. I kept hold of her hand.
"What do you know about me Mara?" I asked quietly.
"Urd was sent by the Goddess Relief Office to grant your wish. I would guess something went wrong so she brought you here. You can now see auras and cast spells. Did you wish to be a mage? Why did you heal me like that? Everyone is being too nice to me! What do you want?" Mara wailed the last part.
"I want many things, fortunatly I only need a very few. From what I have learned from Urd, you have quite a history with the three sisters and Keiichi." I was fishing for information, faith had become fact, but not my faith.
I got a short retelling of GODDESS IN THE MIRROR from Mara's point of view. I understand now why Keiichi ended up with Belldandy. He was too nice and kind for words. Breakfast in bed for a demon who treated him like dirt. I hope Belldandy is good to him. A nice guy who finished first. I liked that. This paragraph is a jumble. Sorry.
"He hates me!" She sighed, "I hate me too..." it was at the edge of my hearing, it caused me pain.
"Who hates you, I don't hate you" God she was a tormented soul. I could not say I loved her yet, we had just met. Could Mara love me? According to some, demons don't love, thats part of what makes them demons. Damn I needed to learn more!
"Everyone hates me! I'm a failure, worthless, busted"
"Mara, you're wrong! I don't hate you. I healed you. Mara, I admit to being puzzled, confused, hesitant, and coflicted since meeting you but I don't hate you. Belldandy doesn't hate you either." I paused. "I don't spend time and effort on worthless people so therefore you a NOT worthless"
Why am I attracted to the broken ones? Long ago I saw a book titled WOMEN WHO LOVE TOO MUCH, it was about why some women get into and then STAY in abusive/dysfunctional relationships. I have come to the conclusion that I love too much. I cannot change, I am not sure I would like the result. But Mara? With me? I don't know, but , even she deserves a chance at love.
"Why are you here with me?" my demoness asked. "Mara, I did'nt wish to be a mage, I wished for my soulmate." I paused and took a breath.
"That does not answer my question. You wished for a soulmate so why are you with me?" Mara asked again.
Taking both her hands in mine I looked into her eyes and told her "Mara, you are the answer to my wish"
"ME!" she screamed. "I'm a demoness"
"I noticed, but you're a woman too"
I made an impulsive decision. Scooping Mara up off the seat I plopped her on my lap and hugged her."Relax Mara, just let me hold you." then in a wisper I told her "It has been too long between hugs, please hold me too"
Hesitantly she did so.
I'm not going to descibe how it felt. If you want to know then go hug someone.
Sometime later Belldandy found us and invited us to spend the night. I nodded agreement and carried Mara inside.
Authors note I am writing this as fast as I can. The story idea came to me in a flash. My outline took about an hour. Writing the first chapter about a day. The wish-granting scene is easy because it follows a pattern. Even Urd taking George back to the temple in Japan has been done by others. Then it gets hard, the story is really all my own. Oh, and I do not own a regular computer, this is written on a Palm handheld Zire 31. I upload to the net using friends computers.
ps If you have read my other story MORISATO MYSTERY neat. The thing is it is a one-off. MM is done, complete. Others are welcome to write sequels though.