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Oh, and it seems I forgot the Shadow Team profiles. Sumimasen, here you go.

Name: Naosoka (no last name)

Age: 14 (negotiable)

Gender: Male

Appearance: fingerless gloves, loose black pants with brown stripes, hakama (is that the right word?) style shirt with same colors as pants, amber eyes, hair is tabby: dark gray with black stripes & cut fairly short & slightly spiky (not Naruto spiky, kinda Gaara spiky), has claws (retractable?) & fangs, forehead guard is tied around waist as a belt (obi?) for his shirt, staff is strapped to back, other weapons are hidden in his clothes, has a locket on a leather string (never opens it, but will occasionally hold it)

Personality: Basically has the personality (& appearance) of a Cheshire cat; cunning, very confusing person to be around, loves riddles, can be brutally honest or extremely vague & secretive, would not get along with Kiba's family (obviously), will eat almost anything, very relaxed person, loves to tease & confuse people (especially the enemy), is a wee bit mischievous & very sneaky,

Description: Could rival Shikamaru in a battle of whit's, could insult you & it would take all day to figure it out (can tell him that dogs bark & by the end of the conversation, he'll have you thinking that they moo), flexibility & grace of a cat & uses it to his advantage in battle, is fused with a (you'll never guess-) feline demon, he likes the enemy to underestimate him, was a wanderer before he moved to the Shadow village, not much is known about his past, sometimes hard to tell where his loyalties are but when his loved ones are threatened he is extremely loyal & gets very protective (this could be contributed to his past)

Strength ((specialty)): intelligence/interrogation, infiltration, stealth & speed

Techniques/Battle Tactics:

His chakra control, flexibility & balance allow for him to pull off some serious contortionist/Spiderman moves (uses long-staff for a lot of them), and his striped clothes make it hard for the enemy to judge the distance of his punches/kicks, etc. (got stripes idea from anime: Ruroni Kenshin). Also likes to provoke enemy into attacking irrationally. Moves as randomly as possible to keep enemy guessing.

Knows many basic jutsu's & several higher level ones, is good with illusion jutsu's

Summoning (you guessed it) felines

If you can think of anything else, go ahead & add it cause I'm drawing a blank

Weapons: himself, dark wooden long-staff engraved with seals that prevent it from breaking, smoke bombs, explosive tags, shuriken…

Name: Suki Adhinari

Age: 13(negotiable)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Standard shinobi outfit(you decide colors), earrings in the shape of lightning, scabbards on back, metal shingaurds/armguards are scorched to darken color, steel toed boots, icy blue eyes, brown hair in a braid,

Personality: a fairly easygoing person, but easily excitable on battlefield, is very loyal to team, a wee bit absent minded but not to the point that it causes problems, known for her sweet tooth, loves spending time with her team & friends, would love to get her hands on the Chidori

Description: Family originally came from lightning country, is bound to (guess) an electrical spirit of some sort (you decide) through her parents, became a ninja because she didn't like being cooped up in the village & because she comes from a family of ninja.

Strength ((specialty)): close combat, electrical techniques, sword style,

Techniques (be creative on how to use them):

Jishaku kouji (magnet decoy)-this technique uses chakra to magnetize several of the users metallic object of choice, the objects(kunai for example), are then thrown to several points on the battlefield, when an enemy throws any metallic weapon (shuriken for example), the magnetized kunai draw the shuriken away from the Suki & to itself, but this means that she can't use long distance weapons as well

Bug zapper (can't find jap. translation) - (more like a bloodline than an actual jutsu) uses a large amount of chakra to force the bodies electrons to get excited, resulting in a huge amount of static discharge, if user is sweating or near water, discharge is even greater (electricity + waterbad; electricity + salt waterreally bad), if enemy comes in contact with user, or comes within aprox. a foot of the user, BIG ZAP! The enemy, when shocked, is momentarily stunned, giving user an opening to strike, if shocked enough times, enemy will become sluggish/extremely tired(can activate this ability same way the Hyuuga activate Byakukan(sp))

Jishaku Jutsu: Buki Hantai (Magnet Jutsu: weapon resistance)- opposite effect of Jishaku kouji, often used before Jishaku kouji (can confuse enemy), instead of attracting weapons, this technique charges users metallic objects to repel enemy weapons, & the objects normally charged are things such as: her sword, armguards & shingaurds, any jewelry, forehead protector, etc.

Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Twin Scimitar blades, anything that conducts electricity

Name: Tsuyayaka Hana (beautiful flower)

Name: 13 (note, I'm working with the assumption that Shinobi mature faster physically because of their training, being more in tune with their chakra and all that. I mean let's face it how else could Itachi graduate when he did, not to mention join ANBU at such a young age)

Gender: Female

Hair: Wooden brown with light green stripes that reaches halfway down her back.

Eyes: Warm earthly brown.

Originally from a small village near the Hidden Village of Grass, Hana has always had a deep love for nature and all its wonders, as her name suggests Hana also holds a special affection for flowers. She arrived in Kagegakure when she was 9 years old and has to this day not told anyone other than the Onikage the circumstances regarding her journey from her birth town to the Shadow. The only thing really known about her is that she's bonded with a Dryad (a nature spirit) that gifted Hana with the ability to manipulate flowers and plants to her will. Hana prefers to fight using long distance attacks and Genjutsu, also due to her strong connection to nature she's an extremely gifted medic nin with knowledge of special herbs and the like far beyond most others.

Although she might come around as a somewhat shy girl that is unaware of her "killer" looks, nothing could be further from the truth. Due to her bond with the Dryad spirit, Hana has no real "morals" concerning her body and her personality clearly reflects that. To put it bluntly Hana uses her looks as a weapon. Either to get what she wants or to distract her opponents in battle. Outside of battle situations and together with her team Hana is capable of acting "almost" like a "normal" Shinobi. She's the balancing factor in the team and can be an extraordinary capable team leader. She does however have a temper even more violate than Sakura's and if Hana had her own "inner Sakura" it would be considered the one in control.

The clothing Hana usually wears is geared towards her chosen style of fighting as well, standard Kunoichi shorts (like Sakura wears only dark forest green) underneath a light green half skirt (think the bottom part of what Ino wears only it has a diagonal cut that goes from her right hip down to slightly below her left knee). The rest of her clothing (in other words waist and up or something? ;)) looks like a three pronged leaf that wraps around her shoulders and neck leaving most of her side bare (its all perfectly decent and is as a matter of fact a specially crafted armour that protects from most low level (d-class) jutsu as well as Shuriken and Senbon thrown with little force)

Jutsu and fighting style:


Shokubutsuton: Barahoippu no Jutsu (Plant Element: Rose Whip technique).

Hana's signature weapon this thorny rose whip is grown from a rose held in her hand after performing the jutsu. The Barahoippu can cut through an astounding amount of things all depending on how much chakra is poured into the whip. Hana can freely channel her chakra through the whip extending or retracting it at will as well as either poisoning her enemy (uses one handed seals to do a poison jutsu and then channel it through the whip) or putting them under a Genjutsu with it (same concept as with the poison). She can also stiffen the whip and make a sword or spear like weapon out of it if close combat is required. (NOTE: Hana is perfectly capable to do jutsus without her whip, said whip is just another way she can do it).

Shokubutsuton: Fuhen Shirin no Tate (Plant Element: Shield of the Everlasting Woods).

While not as effective as Gaara's Shukaku no Tate, the Fuhen Shirin is quite the impressive shielding technique. Drawing upon the energies of the areas plants and trees the Shield of the Everlasting Woods (or Woodland Shield for short) depends heavily on how much energy Hana can draw from her surroundings, the more trees the more power in the shield. Having a slight weakness to Katon techniques the shield is capable t withstand one standard Rasengan (used by the old Naruto) when it is at its full power without breaking. When the shield is summoned it looks like a glowing figure of an ancient oak in full bloom. The more energy in the shield the healthier the tree looks, when weakening either because of an attack or another reason the tree can be seen slowly withering and growing old.

Shokubutsuton: Tanbou Shokushu no Jutsu (Plant Element: Hunting Tentacle technique)

Used mainly as a restraining tool the Hunting Tentacle binds its designated target in place so that Hana can prepare another Jutsu to finish the job, the tentacle is completely under her control and she directs it with her thoughts.

Aigyou Yume: (Loving Dream) WARNING: Not my property

They say that a raging inferno is started by the smallest spark, well with this jutsu Hana proves that theory correct. All it takes for this Jutsu to claim its victim is that he (or she for that matter) finds one thing no matter how small about Hana desirable in any way. It can range from a big thing like "wow she's hot" to small things like "hey cute smile" or something even more obscure. When the Jutsu then takes effect this one insignificant little thought is blown into a raging inferno of affection, desire and love. Strong willed individuals can overcome this Jutsu with a little effort (Don't even consider using this on Orochimaru by the way, everyone knows he's gay. Besides he doesn't have emotions other than sick ones) most Kunoichi as well due to the fact that not many of them "swing that way."

A whole slew of other "normal" Genjutsu and medical jutsu as well as the standard Shadow Genin Jutsus (Kage Hada and others) as well as Henge, Kawarimi and Bunshin no Jutsu.

A.N: I'll go ahead and say it: This chapter was hell to write. I had zero fun doing it. You may enjoy reading it, but I didn't enjoy writhing it. So I hope you like it, because it was written just for you.

Chapter 12

Second Exam and the Forest of Death

Naruto and his team approached the door to the exam room only to be confronted by Kakashi. He smiled at them behind his mask; "Good, you all came. Now you can take the exam."

When Sakura was about to ask why, Naruto answered her; "This is like the test to become a genin. You have to take it as a team. If even one of us were to not come, none of us would have been able to go further. Isn't that right sensei?"

The group around him stared at him in shock, that wasn't something Naruto should have known. But they should not have been that surprised; Naruto had been changing ever since the wave mission.

When Kakashi got over it he just nodded; "That's right. If, for example, Sakura hadn't shown up, I would have stopped you and Sasuke from entering the room. If I had told you this before, your teammates would have pressured you into coming, even if it weren't what you wanted. But since you're here none of that matters. Now go! And good luck!" with that he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Naruto sighed and walked thought the door, ignoring his stunned teammates.

Sasuke was frozen, thinking about how close he had come to not being able to complete his dream, and Sakura was thinking about how she had almost done something that would have caused "her" Sasuke-kun to hate her.

They were snapped out of it when Naruto stuck his head out the door; "Hey, are you two coming or do you plan to fail us all before we have even started?" That got their attention and they quickly followed him inside.

When they got inside, the team took some time to survey their surroundings. Well… that was until Sasuke felt a weight on his shoulder.

"Sasuke-kun! You're late. I've been so excited waiting for you." Purred the blond haired kunoichi.

Sakura's eye twitched; "Get away from Sasuke-kun, Ino-bunta!"

In the ensuing fight, Naruto vanished, only to re-appear behind the shadow team. "You all understand what to do, right? The first exam is a paper test. The point is to cheat, but don't reveal any of our techniques to anyone. In the second, survival, exam, keep as many teams as you can away from the sound and grass teams. Understood?" The shadow team nodded. "Good. I'll show up during the preliminaries as your sensei and leave an Alchem Bunshin to fight in my place. Ja." And he disappeared once again.

He re-appeared behind the arguing duo with a sigh. 'Baka onatachi ((women)), always arguing over that teme. I'm surprised that they've made it this far.'

He heard a sigh on the other side of the two kunoichi; "How troublesome."

Naruto maneuvered around the battling duo to see Shikamaru leaning against a wall alongside Choji who was yet again eating from a bag of chips. That reminded Naruto of something. "So you guys made it to? Hey Choji, I have something for you." He began searching through a bag of scrolls while Choji looked at him expectantly while Shikamaru was skeptical.

"Why would you give something to us? Sure we were in the same class, but we weren't technically friends." Questioned the genius.

Naruto smiled when he finally found what he was searching for; "Hm? Oh, it's because you two were the closest things to becoming friends with me in our class, besides Iruka-sensei. Here it is." He hands Choji a bag of chips that had seals covering the insides. "A never ending bag of chips, any flavor you want."

Choji's eyes grew round as plates as he accepted the gift. He immediately began eating from it to see if it was true. After several seconds, the amount of chips in the bag hadn't gone down once, which was saying something seeing as how most bags only lasted that long. Choji had tears coming from his eyes. "Thank you! This is the greatest gift I've ever gotten."

Shikamaru had a question about where he got such a bag, but he was interrupted by a loud voice from behind him.

"Well everyone's here. It seems as if all nine of this year's rookies are taking the exam. Wonder how far we'll all get, eh Sasuke." Shouted a boy wearing a dog on his head.

Sasuke snorted; "You seem pretty confident Kiba."

Kiba laughed; "We did a lot of training." He turned to Naruto; "So we won't lose to you."

Naruto ignored him and went to the girl standing behind Kiba. "How ya doin' Hinata?"

Kiba just stared at him; Naruto had ignored him.

Hinata blushed. "O-ok Nar-uto-kun." she whispered.

"That's good." He reached into his pack and pulled something out. And leaned in to whisper in her ear; "Use this during the second exam and you will gain the power to protect those precious to you." He placed a small scroll in her hand, seconds before she passed out. Naruto caught her easily and quickly did a jutsu to set her on her feet again, before moving back with his team, dodging Kiba's fist on the way.

Shino stared at his retreating back as one of his bugs landed on his shoulder. 'So he is hiding something. That much my bugs can tell, but they refuse to tell me what it is. What are you hiding Uzumaki?' Unknown to him, that same question was being asked by most of the elite of Konoha.

"Hey, you guys should be more quiet." Called a gray haired genin. Naruto looked at him and glared inwardly, knowing that he was a traitor. "Sheesh… just out of the academy and screaming like school girls." He sighed; "This isn't a picnic."

Sakura glared at him; "And who do you think you are?" she demanded.

The man grinned. "The name's Kabuto. But instead of me you should be paying attention to them." He pointed behind the group of rookies. When they turned around they were met with almost the whole room glaring at them and a wave of killer intent. "Those guys are from the Hidden Rain and are notorious for their short tempers. Everyone is nervous about the exam, so it would be best to quiet down before you cause a scene."

When everyone turned back to Kabuto, Naruto glared at the Rain team and threw them a scroll before he turned to Kabuto as well.

The Ame-nins glared at his back before looking down at the scroll. Their eyes widened as it bore the mark of the Mizukami. They quickly opened it and read the contents.

Ame Genin,

After the First Exam, or should you pass that, the Second, you are to convey the contents of this scroll to your Kage, and that of every Kage in my lands.

To the Genin, you will not kill any Konoha genin. You may attack them, but should they die… You will also stay away from the Grass and Sound teams. Should you disregard the last order, your deaths will be on your own heads. Other than that, do your best, and look beneath the underneath.

To the kage of the Hidden Villages of the Lands of Water, each and every one of you will sign an alliance with Konoha, as well as attend the Chuunin Exam Finals. You are to aid Konoha in any up coming wars. Should you ignore my words, I will strip your villages of their Suiton Jutsus, as well as my protection.

Thank you for your compliance,

Mizukami, Lord of Water.

Below that was the seal of the Mizukami, a mark that could only be made by the god of water and no other. The Ame team was stunned. The Mizukami had given them direct orders, almost face to face. And not only that, but he had ordered an alliance with Konoha. But then again, who were they to question a god's orders. At least he had given them some advice for the exam. They grinned; this was going to be good.

Kabuto had watched this out of the corner of his eye, but he could not read the scroll. There was some kind of mist floating between him and the page. 'Is Naruto a spy like me? No, I saw the mark of a god on that… but why would he have something like that? I will have to keep an eye on him. Orochimaru may be interested in this.' He chuckled; "Well I can't blame you, you are just clueless Rookies after all. You remind me of my first try."

Sakura looked at him questioningly; "So this is your second time?"

"Nope," Kabuto shook his head; "it's my seventh. Exams are held twice a year, so this is my fourth year."

Sakura was amazed, even though she shouldn't have been. He had failed six times, so he couldn't have been that good, right? That or something was wrong. Sadly, the pink haired kunoichi didn't think that way. "Wow!" she exclaimed; "So you know a lot about this exam."

"That's right. How about I share some info with you rookies." He pulled out a stack of cards; "With these nin-info cards." Seeing their questioning looks he explained; "They are basically just cards that have info burned into them with chakra." He placed one on the floor and touched one finger to it. The card glowed for a second before beginning to spin. It stopped with a puff of smoke revealing a map of the ninja world. "I have four years worth of info in here, and over two hundred cards." He looked up at them and grinned; "And they can't be viewed unless I use my chakra." He pointed down at the map; "This card for example shows the countries participating in this year's exam, and how many genins there are from each village."

Kiba noticed something and decided to point it out; "What about this village, the Hidden Shadow? It's marked on the graph, but I don't see where it is on the map."

Kabuto sighed; "This is their first time attending any exam in any foreign countries. But they are not a new village, it is actually the oldest, or so the legends say. But for some reason, no one can find the village. If it weren't for the sightings of it's shinobi every once in a while, most wouldn't believe it. It is also rumored that some of their ninjas would make the Kyuubi that attacked twelve years ago look like nothing." At that, everyone from Konoha looked at the Kage Team in apprehension. "Not only that, but I heard that the team that they sent is being led by one of the Kage-Sennin." At that, even he shivered. He would most definitely not want to meet up with their leader, who was thankfully not participating. The thing that really scared him was that no one, not even he, knew anything about their leader besides his status. No description, no age, not even a name.

Sasuke studied the map before glancing at Kabuto; "Do you have info on individuals as well?"

Kabuto looked at him and smirked; "What, is there someone you're worried about? Any way, yeah, I do. But it isn't perfect. Just tell me who they are and I see what I can do."

Sasuke grinned evilly; "Gaara of the Sand, and Uzumaki Naruto and Rock Lee of the Leaf."

"Oh, so you know their names and where they're from, that makes it easier. Lets start with Gaara. He's had eight C-Rank missions, and one B-Rank. That's pretty good for a genin. Since he's from a different nation, I don't have as much information on him, but I did find that he returned from all his missions without a scratch." Sasuke began to sweat in anticipation. "Now for Rock Lee. He's a year older than you, and supposedly a taijutsu expert. Besides his taijutsu, nothing else is very impressive. He's had twenty-six D-Rank missions and eleven C-Rank ones." Kabuto then flipped over the last card. "Uzumaki Naruto… what!?" Everyone jumped and stared at him, wanting to know what was so astonishing. Kabuto continued hesitantly; "Uzumaki Naruto, all information on this person has been restricted by word of Shinigami, Hokami, Tsuchikami, and Mizukami. All of his stats are blank, as well as any other information." Kabuto looked over to see Naruto grinning, not at all surprised at what was said.

He and the rest would have asked what that was about, and his Team would have asked what was so special about the Dobe to be noticed by four gods, if the Sound team hadn't chosen that moment to test the rookies.

They had heard that one of the genin's stats had been cleared by some gods, and had decided to see if he was really all that. Then Dosu, ran swiftly and quietly through the crowd, making his way towards the grinning Naruto. Right before he made it there, Zaku hurled a kunai towards the blond to move him into position.

Naruto paid no attention to the incoming projectile as inches before it hit him; an orb of water engulfed the kunai and froze so cold that the metal shattered inside of the ice. He grabbed the orb and looked at it before tossing it back to Zaku. The orb would remain frozen for the next hundred years.

Dosu paid no mind to that and swung his arm at Naruto who merely dodged the blow. The sound waves emitted from the weapon on his arm created a wave in the water surrounding Naruto. Not wanting it's master to be harmed, the water reacted by re-routing the blast back at Dosu.

The sound genin knew something was wrong when the blond was un-affected. Moments later he has on his knees, loosing his breakfast on the ground, while the rest of the rookies were wondering what was going on.

The Oto-nin prepared themselves to attack again, but a loud booming voice stopped everyone in their tracks. "Quiet you worthless maggots!"

A cloud of smoke cleared from the front of the room revealing a group of Chuunin lead by a Jounin dressed in a black trench coat and bandana. It was the head of Konoha's Special Torture and Interrogation Squad. "Thank you for waiting. I am Morino Ibiki, and I will be you examiner for the first part of the Chuunin Exam." He pointed at the Oto-nin. "You. Stop doing as you please, or do you want to be failed before this even starts." The sound ninjas cowered at the malevolent aura the man was emitting. They weren't the only ones; most of the people in the room were terrified of the Jounin. "This will be a good time to let you know that there will be no fighting without one of the examiners permission. And even then, killing is forbidden. Do you got that?" when everyone nodded he smiled. It was not a kind smile, but the kind that gives kids nightmares. "Those that do not comply will be failed immediately. Now, we will start the first test. You will come up here and take one of these tabs, and sit in the corresponding seat. Once everyone is seated, we will hand out the exam."

All of the rookies looked at Naruto, expecting some kind of reaction. They only got him looking bored and a shrug; "What, I did some studying before I got here."

"No amount of studying will help you, Naruto," said Sakura.

Minutes later, Naruto found himself seated next to a blushing Hinata. He wasn't surprised, but Hinata was having a hard time not passing out being so close to her crush. "Hey Hinata, lets do our best. And just remember, never give up." He put more emphasis on the last words, making sure she heard him. Not that he needed to, she raptly listened to every word he had ever said.

After the tests had been handed out Ibiki began to explain the rules, the exact same rules that Naruto had heard twice before. So he ignored it up to the point where he felt two pairs of eyes glaring holes in his back. He sighed; 'Do they have no faith in me? No. Guess they don't. Oh well, not like it matters. When I become a Chuunin here the team will be split up, hopefully. Its all I can do not to drown those two.' When given the signal to begin, he turned the test over and scanned the questions before grinning. 'Onimetsuki.' he thought. This time, when he activated the eyes they changed.

His iris became pure gold as the whites became blue. Inside the gold, streaks of red appeared. Each represented an element, Earth was gold, blue was Water, and red was Fire. In the pupil, the three colors merged and formed a white cross. 'Amatsugan' The Heavenly, or Imperial Eye. Basically the same as the Onimetsuki but allowed the user the ability to see everything. Chakra, coils, muscles, veins, nerves, tenketsus, it saw it all. At the highest level, it could even read thoughts and intentions. It was the father of all Dojutsu.

Naruto looked around and immediately noticed the differences. 'Guess it was bound to happen; after all, I got Onimetsuki when I became a Youkai. Why wouldn't it change when I became a Kami.' With that, he began to scan the room and watch what the genin were doing.

Behind him, a certain Hyuuga was staring intently at him. Neji had recognized the purpose of the test right away and had activated his Byakugan. Moments later he noticed a large amount of chakra converging on one person, more specifically their eyes. He wondered what kind of eye technique required that much chakra. It was then that he noticed that it was the dead last of the year. 'Hmpf, loser must have botched a technique. I wonder what he was trying to do though.'

Beside Naruto, another Hyuuga gasped when she saw his eyes. 'Naruto-kun… so beautiful. Hehe, you also have a bloodline, maybe now father will allow me to marry you.' At the thought, her face burned and became to color of a strawberry. Seconds later she fainted.

Sasuke and Sakura glared down at the questions, thinking that they had already failed because of their third teammate. 'Naruto.' They both thought angrily, 'if we fail because of you… You will die.'

Naruto saw all of this with his new eyes. He also saw the answers through the sheet Ibiki was holding. He quickly wrote down the answers before closing his eyes and watching his students.

Naosoka had several chibi cat summons through out the room, most using their chakra to camouflage themselves as they gathered information and relayed it back to their master. Suki was monitoring the magnetic force fields that surrounded the genin and was using that to find the answers. And Hana was communicating with the plant fibers in the paper.

All in all, they were using their specialties to their advantage. He was proud of them, even if he had taught them almost nothing. He knew that his own team would do well, so he decided to watch the others until the final question.

He saw Gaara using his eye of sand to steel answers from some hapless kid, the Hyuuga's were using their Byakugan, and Lee and Tenten were using a set of mirrors to view the papers. 'Interesting, so that's how they did it.' After some time he felt the killing intent of his teammates flare up. He sighed; 'It seems that I may have to "force" my issue once more.' Hinata could see that Naruto already had the answers so she did not attempt to help him any more. Naruto quickly deactivated his Amatsugan after he had seen everything, and waited for Kankurou to leave to use the restroom, signaling the approaching end of the test.

Five minutes later Ibiki slammed his fist on the desk gaining him everyone's attention. "We will now give out the tenth question. But first…" he grinned evilly; "there are some additional rules that go along with it."

Just before he started, Kankurou returned, a proctor following behind. "Was your doll playing beneficial?" asked Ibiki before motioning for the stunned genin to take his seat. "Just sit down. I will now explain. These are the rules of desperation."

Naruto chose that moment to take a nap and put his head down, completely ignoring everything that went on from that point. Behind him, one of the proctors saw this and decided to wake him up, throwing a pencil so that it would strike him in the back of the head. He was surprised when suddenly the pencil glinted once and flew back at him. The proctor moved his head at the last second as the pencil buried itself in the wall not an inch from his ear. When he looked at the pencil he was shocked to find that it had been encased in ice and had a tip on it sharpened than a winter's gale. He shuddered to think what would have happened had he not moved out of the way. Needless to say he decided to let the boy sleep.

Sakura was about to raise her hand to quit the test, thinking that Naruto would end up failing it, and ruining his dream of becoming Hokage. She may not have liked the boy all that much, but she still cared for him, he was after all always there for her. She tried to move her hand, but a sudden strange feeling wrapped around her wrist. What ever was keeping her from moving was warm and furry, but she could not see it. she tried to move her hand again, but whatever it was had a grip of steel and seemed to not want her to quit.

Sakura glanced up at her teammates only to find Naruto glaring at her out of the corner of his eye as if daring her to try it again. 'Is he the one responsible for this? How? What kind of jutsu must this be?'

She was snapped from her thoughts as Ibiki grinned and announced that everyone left in the room had passed the first exam. He proceeded to explain to them the purpose of the test and show them the scars that he had received from a mission like the one he described. When he finished, Ibiki wished them luck in the next exam.

Seconds later the window at the front of the room shattered at a black ball of cloth hurtled into the room. Two kunai attached to the corners embedded themselves into the ceiling, and the cloth unfurled proudly declaring: "Head of Second Exam, Mitarashi Anko."

"Quiet down brats! This is no time to be celebrating. Follow me!" she yelled, flinging her arm in the air as she appeared in front of the stunned genin.

Ibiki pushed the banner out from in front of him and sighed. "Nice timing."

Naruto picked his head up and mumbled; "Do you have to be so loud, I'm trying to sleep."

Anko glared at him before turning her gaze upon Ibiki; "Eighty-one? You left twenty seven teams!?" she scoffed; "The test was too easy this year. Ibiki, you must have gotten soft."

The interrogation head smirked at the purple haired-kunoichi; "There were a lot of good teams this year."

"Whatever. By the time I'm done with them, there will be less than half left." She smirked evilly and the shadows seemed to collect around her, courtesy of Naruto and a special genjutsu he learned when he became a Kami.

It was very helpful for the Elemental gods to use when the mortals become foolish enough to think that they can defy them. ((Even though the gods only get involved when they absolutely have to, otherwise they let the ningen do as they wish)) Among the pantheon, it was known as the Vengeful Kami Jutsu, a kind of joke, because they could use it at a whim, and it was very effective.

Anko chuckled once; "I'm getting excited." Then with a sudden change in mood; "Everyone meet me at Training Ground 44 in two hours." With that she disappeared in a plume of smoke.

As soon as she was gone, the genin began to file out of the room while the Kage-nin, including Naruto, melted into the shadows. Only Ibiki noticed this though. 'That's strange. Maybe I should report this to Hokage-sama.' He walked forward and began picking up the tests, scanning each as he went by. When he came to Naruto's, his eyes widened slightly. 'He even managed to take his answers from me without me noticing it.' he chuckled lightly; 'He's good. Oh! What's this?' he narrowed his eyes as he traced the chakra lining the paper.

'The grudge long held by those governing two countries will be overcome for the sake of one. She that quenches the flame, and he that removes the mist have come together and forgotten their age-old quarrel. The one who rules the sea has become another, one born in heat. The lord of fire shall teach the one who now controls the rains. And the ground shall join soon after. Water and Earth shall join with Fire. Rain will help the leaves grow.'

Ibiki scanned the paper once more; "What the hell does that mean!?" he sighed and copied the note and teleported into the Hokage's office. "Hokage-sama, I think you should see this."

Sarutobi was slightly surprised at the Jounin's sudden appearance but shrugged it off as he read the message. When he finished it he gave Ibiki a sharp look; "Where did you find this?"

Ibiki sensed that the answer was very important so he told him; "It was found inside one Uzumaki Naruto's test. The message was inscribed in chakra behind his answers. I also happened to notice him using the same teleport technique as the team from the Shadows."

The Hokage nodded; "I see. It seems that we will son be gaining some powerful allies." He looked out the window; "The future is looking bright, so long as Konoha does nothing more to damage the thinning patience of the gods. They may be coming together to help us now, but that can easily change." He sighed, hoping that the villagers wouldn't do anything to hurt the one who was gaining them so many allies. "Ibiki, you may leave, but speak of this to no one." Ibiki nodded and disappeared. Sarutobi turned towards the Hokage Monument; "The future is indeed looking bright."

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The genin soon arrived at the main gate to the forest of death to find a grinning Anko waiting for them. "Welcome to Area 44, also known as the Forest of Death." She paused; "We would have used Area 47, but it doesn't seem to want anybody to enter it rite now." All the genin from Konoha shuddered at the thought of entering the Demon Forest, as it was now called. Naruto looked a tad uncomfortable, but most could see pride on his face, as if he had something to do with the forest. "Never the less, you will soon find out why it's called the Forest of Death." Naruto glared at her and unintentionally released some killer intent; unfortunately for him Anko felt it. Grinning wildly she drew a kunai and hurled it at him. "It seems we have some spirited one's this year."

The metal priced the air, heading straight for Naruto. Slowly the air around him began to glow blue. The light shot out and struck the kunai, which immediately became encased in ice, before disappearing from view. This time it was Naruto's turn to smirk as she appeared beside him. "nice try Anko-chan'" he whispered; "But nothing can get past the Guarding Mist."

Anko's first thought was; 'What the heck was that?' she quickly recovered by saying; "Interesting move brat, but that was nothing compared to what you will face in this forest. Hehehe… cocky kids like you are the first to be killed in there.

From behind them, a certain grass-nin watched, examining them carefully. 'It seems that there are more interesting things here along with the Uchiha. I will have Kabuto watch them all. And if he proves worthy, I may bring him along with Sasuke. Kukukuku.'

Anko grinned at the killing intent she felt behind her; "It seems we have a blood thirsty group this year." She chuckled quietly; "This should be fun. Ok! Now before we start, there is something that I have to pass out." She reached into her jacket and pulled out a stack of papers. "Each of you must sign one of these forms before being allowed to proceed to the second test. They are to make sure that Konoha will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you during the last phases of the exam… and there will be deaths in this part." She passed them out while explaining the second part of the exam.

When she came to Naruto, lines of burnt script began flowing across the waver in her hand. Part of it signed his name at the bottom, while the other held a warning. "The snake is searching for the fan, without the aid of the dark, the leaves will loose a whole clan. The shadow of shadows will aid the shadow of the leaves when they fall, death shall not claim another soul. Be warned, send the masked ones to patrol the trees of death and make sure that all sounds are silenced. I have signed in place of the Whirlpool, for you as well as I know that he shall never give up his quest." (Fire's Scion) Anko re-read the message before immediately sending it to the Hokage.

"Ok then you brats. This is a survival exam. You and your teams will be spending some time in this forest. While inside you must each collect a pair of scrolls. One will be given to you here, the other you must obtain during your stay in the forest. You will be given either a heaven or an earth scroll." She said, holding up the scrolls. "Half will get heaven, and half will get earth. That is your mission for this exam. You have one hundred and twenty hour to complete it. Now for how you will be disqualified. First, is not making it to the tower within the time limit after obtaining both scrolls. Second, is if you loose a teammate or have a teammate killed. And third, if you look inside of either scroll outside of the tower in the center of the forest. The likely hood of even half of you passing is extremely low. The forest is filled with poisonous plants and insects as well as man-eating animals. As time goes on the distance to the goal will become longer and the time to rest, shorter. The area is crawling with enemies, so you wont get much sleep, so not only will some fail by loosing the scrolls, but also some will die from the harshness of the course." She turned away. "That's it. go turn in three forms for your scroll." She began to leave, but stopped to say one last thing. "And one last piece of advice… don't die."

Naruto snickered while the rest of the genin murmured among themselves. 'Just like I remembered. But she was a lot scarier last time.'

'That's because you were just a genin then, and you didn't have that many techniques.'

'Hey Kyuu, when did you wake up?'

'Just now. Be sure to keep an eye on everyone. I think they're beginning to suspect that you are something more than you let on.'

'I know. That's fine, I was planning on revealing myself at some point. Hold on, they're opening the gates."

The gates clicked open, and the second part of the Chuunin exams began.

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