Disclaimer: Not mine – same old same old.

Rating: Pg-13

Warnings: Slash (that's male on male … stuff). Implications of sexual acts.

Notes: This is my first (and most likely my last) attempt at EverWorld fiction, and I haven't read the books in years so I basically tried to leave as much of the storyline out as I could. And I think that may be the only part I really did well at, so if you're looking for a plot in any way shape or form you may want look elsewhere. This blurb is, in essence, a triple-drabble (or else a really short one-shot) and fitting anything that could even vaguely resemble a plot into a piece of this length is downright impossible.

A Study in Clichés and Contradictions

When Christopher thinks of Jalil he pictures frosty glares and ridged, unbending limbs. He pictures hard, unemotional eyes and clipped, analytical speech. He pictures a brilliant, uninhibited smile he saw once – and only once – that will stay with him for the rest of his life; a smile that lit up Jalil's face and set Christopher's world on fire, even more precious and breathtakingly beautiful because it was meant for him and him alone.

Christopher pictures smooth chocolate skin and a supple, willing body – he pictures angles and curves, a sculpture of strong, delicate flesh for him to map. He pictures passion and fury; he pictures disinterest and sarcasm. He pictures eyes that flash pure fire and eyes that stare blankly at him, closed-off like steel gates.

Christopher pictures a mouth that kisses him and a mouth that mocks him; a mouth that blows him and a mouth that scorns him; a mouth that can bring forth peals of silvery laughter or spew out scientific theories and mathematical equations. He pictures a mouth that moans and screams its pleasure, a mouth that knows his body inside and out, a mouth that whispers love words into his ear late at night.

Jalil is difficult. Jalil is confusing. Jalil can't handle Christopher any more than Christopher can handle him. Jalil is hard and Jalil is soft, Jalil is heaven and Jalil is hell, Jalil is comfort and Jalil is pain. Jalil is spite and Jalil is love.

Jalil is full of contradictions, and Christopher doesn't want him any other way.