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Shinji stood on the cliff over looking the ocean as the sun began to set. Dressed in his normal attire of his school clothes, he contemplated the events that transpired earlier in the day.

Shinji stood in the living room of the apartment as Misato continued to yell at him about his sync ratio. Both Auska and Kaji stood off to the side and watched the whole exchange saying nothing. It had been three weeks since Kaoru's death and Shinji began to become more and more depressed. He ate less, hid in his room, and refused to talk to anyone.

"Damn it Shinji, this is got to stop!" yelled Misato. "Your sync ratio has dropped another eight points; you're nearly at thirty percent, almost below combat efficiency." Shinji continued to gaze downwards in an attempt to tune out Misato's barrage but failed as her voice and anger rose. "You will not tune me out this time, Shinji, we will talk about this, and I am not leaving till we do." Misato then folded her arms across her chest and stood silently waiting for an answer from the teenager.

"You're not leaving till we do?" Asked Shinji looking up at her "Since when has that stopped you!" Yelled Shinji angrily "Since when has that stopped everyone from leaving me!" Shinji was enraged now and there was nothing to quell it. "Mother left, Father abandoned me, Touji and Kenuske have left the city, now that you have Kaji you never hang around anymore, Auska either insults or ignores me, and Reiā€¦" remembering the painful truth, Shinji held back tears "My Rei left me, died for me and only to be replaced by a no longer replaceable doll. A doll that just ignores me and pays attention only to Father." Shinji then looked downwards again, lowering his voice "I cared for her, did you know that. I really did. In the end, though, I couldn't save her and now I am alone." Shinji began to cry now, not caring how it looked. "I'm thru now. I'm thru with NERV. I'm through with you. I'm through with Father. I am through with Auska. I am just through with everything and everyone."

There was silence for a few minutes, save that of Shinji's crying. Auska then spoke up with a look of disgust on her face "Then just leave, all you do is run away." Misato turned and glared at her and replied "It's not that simple anymore, NERV will not just let Shinji go, he is the only one that can pilot Unit 01 and he is the only capable pilot we got until you get your sync ratio back up" Auska muttered a German curse at this statement and glared at Shinji.

Shinji then looked up and said "No I am leaving. I am leaving right now and no one can stop me." Shinji then reached to the back of his body and took out the gun he stole from NERV and pointed it at everyone. Misato, Auska, and Kaji backed up as Shinji made his way towards the door.

He never stopped running after that. Somehow he managed to evade and lose the Section 2 agents that had tried to fallow him as he ran from the apartment. By the time he did stop running, he was at the cliffs.

"What do I do now?" Shinji asked out loud. He knew he couldn't go back and he didn't have anywhere else to go. He didn't have any money or food to survive on his own. That's when he decided that suicide might be the answer he was seeking. Looking at the gun still in his hands and the drop ahead of him, Shinji contemplated which choice would bring less pain.

"I'd go with the gun, less painful and quicker" said a voice that brought Shinji out of his thoughts. Looking up, Shinji saw two men standing in front of him. Both men were white skinned, had blonde hair, and were dressed in different fashions. The first man was dressed in a simple white robe which made his presence stand out. The second man was dressed in more casual clothes but was plain black. However, it wasn't the manner of clothing that caught Shinji's attention. It was the fact that both men had pure black eyes, had white wings, and were hovering in the air in front of him.

"Sorry to disturb you, but my colleague and I have a mutually beneficial proposition for you" said the man dressed in black.

"Who are you and what do you want with me" asked Shinji with a trace of fear in his voice.

"Where are my manners? My name is Morningstar and this is my companion Leonardo. We're Angels" said the man in black, gesturing to himself and the person next to him. Shinji's eyes widened at this and raised the gun in their direction.

"Not those pathetic excuse for Angels you are used to dealing with, but real ones" growled Leonardo as he glared at Shinji. Shinji then lowered the gun and gulped.

"Now, now Leonardo, don't be rude. Our friend here has been under the false impression of our likeness for sometime now. How is he to know what a real Angel looks like?" said Morningstar glancing at his companion. Leonardo looked away from Shinji but kept the glare on his face.

"Um, what do you want with me?" asked Shinji with a trace of fear in his voice.

"Well you see Shinji, My colleague and I are in a bit of a bind. You see we need your help to resolve a certain situation."

"What do you need me to do?" asked Shinji not sure why a couple of Angels would need HIS help.

"This is a rather bad spot to talk about this. How about we move this conversation to a more 'proper' location" answered Morningstar with his hand extended.

Shinji couldn't decide what to do. He just wanted the pain to end. Looking at the gun, he wondered if shooting himself would be less painful than jumping. Morningstar's voice broke through his thinking. "Jumping or using the gun, you will end up with me. But, if you take my hand right now, I can give you something you desperately want"

Shinji looked up at Morningstar and asked "You could take away my pain?"

"That and a whole lot more my friend. Just come with us and hear what we have to offer" said Morningstar. Shinji, making a choice, dropped the gun and took the Angel's hand. All of a sudden, there was a bright light which encompassed the trio. After the light died down, the spot which was once vacant was now empty.

The gun still lay where it was dropped and was eventually found by Section 2 agents who were attracted by the light. With a brief investigation of the scene, it was concluded that Shinji had committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.

Even though the body was never found.

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