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Shinji touched down just three miles from the small German town of Altensteig. The teen had done his best to avoid detection, knowing that he was near the heart of SEELE's power base.

Hiding his wings with an illusion, Shinji walked the rest of the way into town. It was nighttime and there were very few people on the streets. Placing his hands in his pockets, the teen strolled down the streets. Every now and then, he would pass a pedestrian or two. However, all would ignore him and just pass the boy by.

The town looked a little shabby but still in good condition. Most of the towns and cities in Germany fended for themselves, unless it was an important place. Though it liked to boast its nation's power and wealth, Germany had a very loose internal structure. Politics that affected the major cities had very little effect anywhere else. Though Altensteig was a German town, it governed itself.

As he neared his destination, Shinji became more alert. The compound in front of him was hiding a very deadly secret. Though it was once a monastery, it had recently become a home to a group of religious fanatics. When the Angel war began in Tokyo 03, groups like this began popping up all over the world.

Believing that the Angels were Holy and were here to punish mankind, the group despised NERV and the Evangelions. Most were harmless and were not taken seriously by the UN; however, a few of the groups that had gained NERV's and SEELE's attention were taken out silently.

Shinji walked up to the large wooden door that was one of many entrances to the structure. Knowing he was being watched by the hidden cameras, The Angel knocked very loudly. After a few minutes, the door opened up slightly and a man dressed in a monk's robe appeared in the crack.

"What do you want?" asked the man, gruffly. He was bald and wore an eye patch on his left eye.

"I want to speak to your leader; let me in" demanded Shinji in a commanding tone.

"Why should I do that, kid?" asked the man, clearly annoyed. Shinji refused to answer, instead letting the illusion covering his eyes drop. As the Angel stared at the monk, the monk's eyes widened in fear and recognition.

"Forgive me oh Holy Messenger of God" said the man, opening the door wide to let Shinji inside. As the teen walked through the doorway, the monk was on his knees in adoration as the door shut.

Shinji was lead down a long hallway before coming in to what looked like a reception area. There were three more monks in the room and upon recognizing Shinji, dropped to their knees in reverence.

As the man scrambled to inform the head monk of Shinji's arrival, the Angel looked around the room. Frescos of Biblical scenes marked the walls; Scenes of the Crucifixion and the Book of Revelations was represented the most. Staring at a Fresco depicting Jesus on the Cross, Shinji bowed in respect.

The head monk, a man by the name of Hirich Stroten, hurried into the room and dropped to his knees before the teen. Dressed in similar garments as the rest of his companions, the man had short grey hair with a white beard. He was old but still in his prime.

"Great Messenger of our most Holy God; why have you blessed us with your Holy Presence?" asked the man in awe, still staring at the floor. Shinji grimaced to himself, somewhat wishing that the monk's behavior was an act.

"I have a task for you and your fellow monks" answered Shinji, still keeping the commanding tone.

"What is it that you command of us oh Holy One" asked Stroten.

"You and your monks are to gather up all the hidden weapons you have stockpiled and make your way to Vienna. There, you will be joined by other monks and are directed to wait for further orders by me in six days time" replied Shinji, turning from the man and looking at one of the Frescos.

Looking up and staring at Shinji, the man asked "What will we be doing?"

"There is a man who is a member of a group named SEELE; I trust you have heard of them?" asked Shinji in a monotone voice.

"Yes, Holy One; I know the heretics well. Will you be requiring for us to lay down Holy judgment on them?" asked the Monk angrily. Everyone in his Order had heard of SEELE and despised them for their crimes against Heaven.

"Yes; but you are not to move until I say so. Are we clear?" asked the Angel.

"Yes Holy Messenger; we will make the preparations right away" said Stroten. Shinji extended his Wings and faced the monk who once again looked downwards.

"Do not falter in the commands I have given you. Trust in the Lord our God" stated Shinji, walking out of the room to leave the monastery.

Once he was outside, Shinji moved away from the compound to go home. The monks would follow his orders to the letter and Shinji had complete faith in them.

As Shinji flew off, preparations were being made inside the monastery. The large hidden cache of weapons, which ranged from small firearms to rocket launchers, was being removed from there hidden location and loaded onto trucks. The monk's themselves were putting on body armor.

It was like this in the other seven monasteries and retreats throughout Europe where Shinji had visited.

During the months, Shinji had Tomoe channel hidden funds to known religious cults throughout the world. The cults then would use this money to purchase weapons from a very thriving black market. Tomoe never asked why Shinji wanted this done but had her suspicions to why.

Shinji was preparing for the day when the end would come.

Heaven, contrary to what most people thought, was not in the clouds. In fact, Heaven was not located in the same universe as Earth.

If one were to describe heaven, he would compare it to the Earth itself with some major exceptions. One of those was that it was perfect and pure.

There was no pollution, no volcanoes, or any weather formations. Everyday was calm and beautiful with the Throne of God lighting up the sky. No wars or strife of any kind existed in Heaven since the Morningstar's defeat eons before. Everyone who lived in Heaven, whether they be human or Angel, were faithful servants of the Lord.

As it was before the fall of man.

Gabriel was talking to one of the lower ranked Angels when Michael approached him with a grim expression on his face. Gabriel saw this and dismissed his companion, then turning to the Archangel.

"Have you seen Tabris?" asked Michael, still grim.

"No, not since our last meeting" answered Gabriel, curious by the inquiry.

"He is missing and is no longer in Heaven" said Michael.

"Are you sure?" asked Gabriel, surprised at the news.

"Yes; not only that, the rest of his unit is missing as well" replied the Archangel.

"This is not good; where could they have gone?" asked Michael's companion.

"Only our Lord knows and he is not divulging anything. However, if I were to guess, I believe they are on Earth" stated Michael with confidence.

"But what good would that do? Their earthy forms were destroyed and only through higher ranked Hosts like us can they physically interact on Earth" exclaimed Gabriel.

"Yes, but you are forgetting that this is Tabris that we are dealing with. He is very cunning and utterly dedicated to his Commander. I have no doubt that he has found a way to interact physically on Earth again with the other fourteen" said Michael, thoughtful.

"We should have kept a tighter watch over him. He was this way during the war" stated Gabriel with a frown.

"Yes, but that is his nature by our Lord's command. That is also why his Commander chose him to be his second" informed Michael.

"Yes, but I had hoped that the Cherub would bring Tabris under control; there is also another problem" said the other Angel with a frown.

"What is it?" asked his companion.

"The Cherub has recruited dedicated, but misguided, servants on Earth to mount an attack on another SEELE member. The heretics have learned of the boy's nature and are acting accordingly. It seems that we are approaching the end" said Gabriel with a solemn look upon his face.

"Yes it seems so; I have no doubt that Leonardo and the Morningstar will also act as well" said Michael, with an equal expression on his face.

"What should we do?" asked Gabriel.

"As our Lord has commanded and do nothing" answered the Archangel.

"Do you think the Lord will act himself?" asked Gabriel, worried at the thought.

"I do not know; but his wrath will be felt on all involved parties" replied Michael with a grave expression.


Unit 03 lay on the concrete ground of the darkened hanger. It lay there since its sealing months before and was undisturbed since that day.

As it lay motionless, a sudden movement appeared on the body near the chest. The skin began to stretch out as if something was trying to break through.

A human arm appeared followed by another one. The hands then pushed down on the sides of their entrance, lifting the body out of the Eva. As the lone naked being emerged from the behemoth, his wings extended outwards.

Tabris smiled as he breathed in. It felt nice to be physically part of the world instead of spiritually. His plan had worked.

Turning his head and looking over at the mangled form of Eva Unit 03, he watched as a naked female emerge from its skin. Her eyes were trying to adjust to the dark as well as trying to get the feel of them. Ariel's last physical appearance on the planet was different from her current one.

Tabris began to mentally plan his next move. He sensed that the end was approaching and he knew that Shinji would need him soon.

And Tabris planned to be there when it happened.

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