Summary: Takes place during season two. Xana gradually manages to take control of two members of the Lyko gang very very secretly. And guess what! No one notices... Ha, ha, ha, I'm so original.
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(A/N): yay! my first CL fic! Um, it start's out pretty slow and detailed (hey, it's the intro ok, expect it) and that's why this thing is categorized as suspenseful (gasp! shreik!) because i like to beat around thebush unless i absolutely mustn't. Anyways, more intersting stuff will happen later on, though it's probably nothing new to anything else you've read here. Also, I try to keep as much as a limited bias as I can. Meaning, of course at some parts I'll be focusing on some characters more than others, but I'm not going to just randomly drop characters or ignore them completely because i dont think they're as important as some other ones (ppl do that and it's so annoying. it's like my favorite character doesnt even exist : ( Besides, i like seeing thing from everyone's point of view. It's lenghthly, but it's fun and interesting. Oh yeah, i think chapteres may or may not be longer in the future. who knows.

"Jeremie" came a soft, femine voice, seemingly out of nowhere.

A blonde boy with thick, black glasses looked up from his endless typing at a keyboard that was hooked up to a series of monitors placed inside a single dorm room at Kaidac's boarding school.

He looked into his computer screen and inquired, in a slightly naval voice, "What's wrong Aelita?"

The soft voice, with a touch of concern, again sounded throughout the room, "Jeremie, I feel pulsations, Xana's attacking again!"

If one was looking into the boy's computer screen at that moment one would have scene the head of a pretty girl with pink hair and a creamy complex; a living girl, yet a virtual being.

The young boy referred to as Jeremie, fiddled with the instruments on his desktop.

"Xana has activated a tower from the desert region." He reported. Suddenly the light above his head flickered and went out. His computer too, was shut off.

Thinking quickly, the blonde unplugged his computer from the wall and attempted to restart it. Within minutes he had brought up again the face of that young girl.

Unphased, Jeremie once again resumed their discussion.

"Apparently Xana has shut down the main power source throughout the city," he stated, as if it were an everyday occurrence.

"Is that bad?" questioned the girl.

"Not really Aelita," he confirmed, "it's just as if someone had cut a circuit wire from outside the school. Separate sources of power, such as Lyoko and my laptop shouldn't be affected by it."

"Xana's attacks have been getting weaker lately. I thought that the repeated trips back to the past would have charged him enough to make him stronger than this." Aelita commented.

"Well, if anything, the quality of his attacks have dropped, but the quantity has definitely increased. Maybe he's just experiencing a side effect from receiving a large amount of power within such a limited time?" he suggested.

"And he's using these little attacks to distract us?" the girl added questioningly.

"Speaking of distractions, I had better get the others down to the factory. The cell phones shouldn't have been affected either and hopefully one of them have caught on and is already heading down there." He reached for his cell phone and checked it. To his relief, it was functioning properly.

"Ok, I'll see you soon." And then, without anyone so much as touching the computer, the screen with the girl's face automatically shut off.

Jeremie dialed some numbers on his phone as he picked up his folded laptop and ran out of his room.

At that same time, a tall Japanese girl faced a handsome brunette boy behind the garden shed on school property.

"Yes Ulrich," spoke the oriental, with a slightly sassy voice, " what was is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

The brunette shoved his hands into the pockets of his green cargos (that match very well with the even darker green flannel he was wearing that day) and proceeded to stare at the ground in front of the girl.

The raven-haired beauty tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and spared a glance at the tree where most of her belongings, including her cell phone and school books, lied unattended to.

Ulrich noticed her line of sight and cleared his throat. Her attention was slowly drawn back to him.

"Yumi, I, um…" he started, still unsure of what to say. Great going Ulrich. You said you wanted to talk to her and now you don't even know what to say! She'd probably rather be sitting with 'him' right now, than be talking with you!

Ulrich scowled, why did he always have to get himself stuck in these kinds of situations? It wasn't fair.

Realizing that Yumi was still watching him, waiting expectantly, he pressed himself to say something.

"Listen, um, Yumi."


"Um, how much do you really like William?" Ulrich glanced aside. Even though his voice came out as calm as always, his was really nervous inside, like he usually was around her.

"What do you mean Ulrich? Will is just a friend." Yumi replied nonchalantly.

"Is that all?" Ulrich's heart skipped a beat.

Yumi glanced at the black-haired boy sitting by a tree. "I dunno, why?"

"I mean, that's all he means to you right? Nothing more?" Ulrich hated the way he sounded as though he were pleading to her.

"Is this what you wanted to talk about?" Yumi glared at him, "What would you do if he was more than a friend, huh? Am I not allowed to have other friends than you and Jeremie and Aelita?"

"And Odd," Ulrich added without thinking. He was starting to wonder why that every time he attempted to talk about their 'relationship' with each other, she always managed to take everything the wrong way. "Look Yumi, I was just wondering, I didn't mean anything bad by it."

"Oh yeah, then what are you implying?" she snapped, "Why do you always have to butt into my business. What does it matter to you what I do and who I am friends with? Why do you always have to-

"Because I care about you!" Ulrich suddenly shouted, sick of always hearing her assume what he wanted and what he was trying to do. "Is that really such a bad thing!"

He spun around and walked away, not wanting to get too angry at her, knowing it wasn't completely her fault that he was, as his friends would put it, 'overprotective'.

It was just a simple question! Jeez! How complicated can girls get anyways?

Yumi watched him stalk off, a faint blush was on her cheeks. Did he actually say that he cared for me? That was the closest she had ever heard Ulrich get to saying "I love you", to her face.

Of course they both knew that they loved each other, Yumi was just waiting for him to say out loud to her. Then again, her non cooperation every time he did try to tell her didn't exactly help either.

Just then her friend William came up to her, holding her phone out to her.

"I think someone was trying to call you, but when I answered it they hung up." He told her. The meaning of his words passed through her head like a dead duck falling through the clouds as her brain refused to process the information.

"Keep it," she told her classmate, and slowly walked in the direction of which her other friend had stared at her, dumbfounded.

Did she just say I could keep her cell phone? He pocketed it. Sweet.

"Dammit!" Jeremie cursed at his phone as he was running towards the factory. Ulrich's cell apparently had been turned off sometime during the day and when he had tried reaching Yumi, some weird dude picked up instead.

Although the Xana attacks hadn't been as serious as normal times, it was still his belief to get rid of them as quick and efficiently as possible. Meaning he still panicked if he didn't get help right away. He dialed a third number into his phone.

Please pick up, he pleaded.

A short, blonde-haired boy, otherwise known as Odd, was napping in his bed within the dorm room, until his cell phone ringing startled him out of his sleep. Grumbling, he rolled over onto his stomach and groped the floor beside his bed for the cause of the annoyance. Sheesh, and he was having such a good dream too.

"Hello?" he mumbled into the receiver.

"Odd? What's wrong, you sound like you just woke up."

"I did just wake up Jeremie." He said, stifling a yawn.

He thought he heard a sigh coming from the other boy. "Odd, it's the middle of the day, why, may I ask, were you sleeping?"

"Hey!" he protested, "Anytime is a good time for sleep!"

"Whatever, look-

"Xana attack?" Odd guessed as he got up and attempted to turn the lights on.


"Be right there in a second, Jer, but first, I think my light switch is defective or something, it wont turn on the light!" he exclaimed.

This time Jeremie really did sigh, "Odd. Just go to the factory."

"Aye-aye Einstein." He replied gleefully.

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