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CHP1, I had it start out with Aelita in the computer as if she hasn't been virtualized yet
Problem: Aelita has in fact been virtualized by season two and i gave no explanation as to why she was there in the first place.
Excuse: Um...i guess they were randomly checking things out before the Xana attack?

CHP2, Ulrich and Yumi duel it out on the roof.
Problem: There is no flat roof on Kadic.
My excuse: I watch too much anime and got confused.

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Ulrich stood in a shocked silence as Sissi cried on his shoulder. No, it couldn't be, but how?

Seconds later Jim emerged from the bushes behind them, "What the hell was that scream just now?! Ulrich! Sissy! What are you two doing out here? If I find out you guys were doing anything inappropriate I'll – Holy Crackerjack! What IS that thing?!" Jim took a step back, shocked at the display before him.

"I-It's Odd's dog," Sissi sobbed from her place on Ulrich's shoulder. Crap, thought Ulrich, She recognized the collar.

Jim squinted at the bloody mess, "That was a dog?!" and then, "Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that DellaRobbia was hiding a mutt from me this entire time? Why that little –"

"What's the point Jim," Ulrich said, suddenly feeling angry, "he doesn't have one anymore."

Jim took a second to think, "Uh yeah, I guess I'll let him off the hook then. Look, you kids go back, this isn't something children should see. I'm gonna call the police. And don't say anything to anyone until they get here is that clear?"

Both Ulrich and Sissi nodded. "Good, cuz I don't want you kids spreading any nasty rumors until everything's all cleared up ya hear? Now go."

They left and Jim turned back around to the gruesome sight as he pulled out his cell, keeping his nerves in check. For some reason he had a very bad feeling about this. Once they were out of Jim's hearing, Ulrich turned on Sissi. "Why'd you have to tell him it was Kiwi huh?"

"Well, It was wasn't it?"countered Sissi, still shook up.

"You- You don't know that for sure," Ulrich argued weakly. He knew it was true, deep down inside, but he couldn't quite believe it.


"Just forget it."

At the same time as Ulrich and Sissi were making their way back, the super scanner on Jeremie's laptop went off while he was sitting outside in his gym clothes. Immediately he reached for his cell phone to call up the others as he rushed into the woods.

He punched in Ulrich's number just as he was reaching the sewers. "C'mon Ulrich, pick up" he urged.

"I'm right here," said a voice from behind him. Jeremie jumped and spun around, "Ulrich! What- Sissi?! What are you guys doing here?"

"There's something important you I have to tell everyone," Ulrich side-glared at Sissi, "…in the factory. Where are the others?"

"They're on their way now," said Jeremie, "But that's because of you know what. Sorry, but it will have to wait, first things first, let's go."

Ulrich looked at the still shivering girl beside him, "Sissi, go back and tell your father or someone, I have something I need to do."

Instead of letting go, Sissi clung onto him tighter, "No Ulrich! Don't leave me alone out here!" she cried.

"Sissi this is important! Go back right now!" he yelled, and then took a deep breath, "Please."

To his and Jeremie's surprise, Sissi took a step back then ran away.

"Well, that was easier than expected," Jeremie commented. It was then, however, that he noticed his friend's pale complexion. "Ulrich what happened?"

Ulrich shook his head, "I'll tell you all at the factory. I...think I know what the Xana attack was, and it's not good."

Jeremie stared for a second longer then continued down the ladder into the sewers, "Ok then let's go."

Upon entering the factory, they received a call from Odd and Yumi that they were having trouble escaping from the school, since the police for some reason had shown up and everyone was being herded inside.

"We're trying to make our way into the boiler room right now," Yumi panted.

"Alright, get here as soon as possible." Jeremie hung up; then relayed the news to Ulrich.

"Any word from Aelita?" Ulrich asked as they boarded the elevator.

"Not yet, I only called her a few minutes ago, so it should probably take her a while to get here."

- Was what Jeremie said as the elevator door opened to reveal Aelita sitting at the supercomputer.

"Aelita!" both Ulrich and Jeremie exclaimed at the same time.

The pink-haired girl spun around, but not before closing whatever program it was she was looking at beforehand.

"Ulrich…Jeremie," she greeted sheepishly.

"Aelita, how did you get here so fast?" Jeremie asked.

"I-I thought something was wrong and was already making my way to the factory when you called me, Jeremie." She said, not quite meeting his eyes.

"How did you know Xana was attacking?" Ulrich asked curiously.

"It was just a feeling," She explained. Ulrich narrowed his eyes suspiciously; something didn't seem right with her.

"Anyways," started Aelita as she walked towards the elevator, "we had better go and deactivate the tower quickly."

"Wait," said Ulrich, "I'd rather wait for Odd and Yumi to get here first."

Jeremie sat down on his chair and fastening his earpiece, "Sorry Ulrich, we can't risk it, we'd be better off deactivating the tower immediately. Yumi and Odd can catch up when they get here."

Aelita was already waiting in the elevator, "Are you coming Ulrich?"

Letting out a reluctant sigh Ulrich entered the elevator. As the doors closed he turned towards Aelita, "So, what were doing on the supercomputer?" he asked.

Aelita looked surprised, "Excuse me?"

"Before we came in, you were doing something on the computer."He explained.

Aelita turned away, "Oh that. I was just…checking to see where the activated tower was on Lyoko."

Ulrich was shocked; was it his imagination or was Aelita lying to him?

"Then why did you close the program before Jeremie could get to it?"

The pink A.I. was saved from answering as the doors opened to the scanner room, "Come on Ulrich, we don't want to waste any time."

Ulrich shrugged before announcing to Jeremie that they were ready to be virtualized.

"You guys will be entering the Ice Sector; the activated tower should be straight ahead when you get there, "he informed them, "Are you ready? Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Aelita, Virtualization."

Ulrich and Aelita were virtualized on Lyoko, but they were not where they expected to be. "Jeremie? I thought you said we were supposed to be virtualized in the Ice Sector. Why are we in the desert?"

"What?!" exclaimed Jeremie, "but I was sure I'd- well never mind, I'm virtualizing your vehicles."

A couple seconds later their vehicles were virtualized, but with just one problem, "Jeremie? I don't do surfing remember?" Ulrich said.

"Your Overwheel should be right there," Jeremie protested.

Ulrich shook his head, "That's Odd's Overboard," he stated.

Jeremie's glasses slipped down the bridge of his nose, "Huh? You're right, what is wrong with me today?"

"It's ok, "said Aelita, she winked at Ulrich, "I can ride."

Ulrich swallowed.

A few seconds later:

"Aahh! Aelita, look out for that- "Ulrich shut his eyes as they just barely missed slamming into a desert boulder. When he realized that his body had yet been sent flying through the air he said, "I can tell you learned how to ride from Odd, You're as crazy as he is!"

Aelita just smiled as they entered the way tower.

Back in the real world the elevator doors opened to reveal Odd and Yumi leaning against the walls, panting. Odd saluted Jeremie, "Sir! Here reporting for duty, Sir!"

"Sorry Jeremie," panted Yumi, "William caught us on our way to the boiler room; we got here as fast as we could."

"But not after you told him to take a hike," laughed Odd, "Where's Ulrich? He has to hear this."

Jeremie was less than amused, "Get to the scanner room immediately, Ulrich and Aelita are already on Lyoko and have just encounter a group of tarantulas." He told them as they scurried to fulfill his commands.

"I hope I get it right this time," Jeremie muttered under his breath.

In the Ice Sector on Lyoko Ulrich took the tarantulas as an excuse to abandon the Overboard. Leaping off in midair, he landed on the first tarantula, sword puncturing through the Xana eye on its nose. From above Aelita let loose her energy ball, taking out another one of the monsters, but not before it had the opportunity to devirtualize the Overboard from under her body.

"Aelita!" called Ulrich as she fell to the ground. She landed with a thump and was temporarily stunned while another tarantula came up from behind her. Ulrich was about to rush toward her aid, but was shot in the back by a different monster. The tarantula fired some more, but by reflex Ulrich had spun around and deflected all the attacks with his sword.

Aelita scrambled to her feet and judged the distance from the tarantula in front of her, to the tower that was a ways behind it. She glanced back at Ulrich who was caught up defending himself from now two tarantulas. I have to try, she decided as she fired an energy ball at the offending creature. She missed, but it gave her enough time to attempt to run around it.

Too slow! The creature had her pinned to the ground with one of its lengthy legs.

"Aelita, No!" Ulrich cried as the scyphozoan appeared from seemingly nowhere and approached the elf girl.

"Not so fast!" called Yumi suddenly as she sent her fans flying at the squid. One of them missed, but the other successfully sliced through the enemy's tentacles. The scipizoa immediately retreated.

"Haven't seen you in awhile," Yumi commented towards the squid, "and I hope that's the last we'll ever see of you again."

"That's funny," Odd said, taking in their surroundings, "We were virtualized after you guys, but we're already closer to the tower. Are you two slow, or are you slow?"

Sure enough Jeremie was able to virtualize Yumi and Odd right on the dot, or rather, right next to the tower. Ulrich and the others could literally hear Jeremie sigh in relief.

"Neither Odd," Ulrich said, appearing right behind him, "You're just too slow to realize that we've been here the entire time.

Suddenly a laser hit Ulrich in the stomach, devirtualizing him.

"At least my reactions don't suck!" Odd called out, then yelped as another laser suddenly hit him in the head, knocking him off his feet.

Yumi rolled her eyes as she defended Aelita from the remaining three tarantulas with her fans. "Men," she said.

Aelita giggled as Odd rubbed his head, "Speak for yourself," he grumbled.

"Come on Odd, you can at least escort me to the tower." She said.

"Yeah, and hurry it up will you?" said Yumi, deflecting another laser, "I can't hold them off forever you know."

Odd made a bowing motion, "After you Princess."

Back in the factory Ulrich was standing next to Jeremie, watching the computer, specifically at Aelita's arrow. Jeremie followed his gaze; then covered his microphone so that the others couldn't hear.

"You think she's still mad at me?" he whispered.

Ulrich shrugged, "I don't know, but something's up. Do you know what she was looking at before we got here?"

Jeremie shook his head, "Somehow she was able to erase her trail completely. Of course, I could just be missing something again, like when I sent you guys to the desert sector instead. Sorry about that by the way."

Ulrich put a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry about it, I think you're just stressed is all. But whenever you get a chance, try talking to Aelita again, you don't want her running away like she did last time she was upset."

Jeremie nodded, and then resumed his concentration on the screen, where Aelita was entering the tower.

During their conversation, however, something else of interest was happening on Lyoko. On their way to the tower, Odd spotted a lone kankrelat that suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Aelita wait!" he called. She stopped, spotted the creature, then walked right up to it. The kankrelat didn't fire. In fact, it wasn't even looking at her. It was looking at Odd, who was walking towards Aelita.

"Is it Xana? What's he say-"he began to ask, but Aelita quickly put her finger to her lips, reminding Odd that Jeremie could be listening to them.

A yelp and the sound of an explosion caused the two to turn, to find Yumi being devirtualized after destroying another tarantula. The last spider-like creature began to head their way.

"Let's go," she said she sprinted for the tower. It wasn't the tarantula, however, that sent her running. It was that horrible sinking feeling that she knew exactly what that particular kankrelat was, and she wanted to get them away from it as soon as possible.

Odd took one last glance at the strange monster before following after Aelita. But he could feel shivers running up his virtual spine as he felt the creature's gaze never leaving his back.

"Good job you guys," Jeremie congratulated as they finished deactivating the tower and everyone was in the factory again, "Another Xana attack countered before bedtime."

"But not before lunchtime," said Odd, clutching his belly, "Boy am I hungry. There's no way I can attend afternoon classes on an empty stomach."

"I wonder if those policemen are still at the school," said Yumi.

Aelita looked up, "Policemen? Why were the police there?"

Yumi shrugged, "I don't know, they showed up right about when Jeremie called, so Odd and I never found out."

"I know why they were there," Ulrich said suddenly, putting his hands in his pockets and looking at the floor. During the excitement of the battle he forgot the events of earlier that day. No, he didn't just forget, he forced himself to not think about it. It was all coming back to him now and he started to feel sick again.

"Ulrich? Is that what you wanted to talk about earlier?" Jeremie inquired.

Ulrich nodded, then proceeded to recount his story, "Earlier this morning during Jim's free creative period I kinda snuck away into the woods by myself to," -he snuck a glance at Yumi- "just to think for a little bit. Sissi followed me and I got mad and told her to bug off."

Jeremie nodded, that would explain why Ulrich and Sissi were already at the sewers.

"She ran away and then I heard her scream."

"That was Sissi?!" exclaimed Odd and Jeremie. They had both heard the scream as well, though quite more vaguely since they were further away.

"Come to think of it, I did see Jim run off after that high pitched noise. I thought it was just some cats fighting so I didn't think anything of it," admitted Jeremie.

"You were also absorbed in showing that one Amelie girl how to put porn on the internet," teased Odd.

Jeremie blushed and tried not to look at Aelita, "It was not porn Odd, I was teaching her how to recalculate the digital figures of-"

"Guys, this isn't funny." Ulrich said. A darkness in his tone of voice caused Odd and Jeremie to immediately stop their argument.

"So," said Yumi, "What made Sissi scream?"

Nobody noticed Aelita tremble in the background, as if she knew where this story was headed.

Ulrich looked up, making eye contact with everyone, "There was an animal nailed to a tree. It was cut up to the point beyond recognition. The only thing was - , "he looked directly at Odd, "– there was a red collar hanging around it's next."

Odd froze as Ulrich held his gaze, one that told him this was not a joke. Yumi gasped and Jeremie went wide eyed, "That's…impossible," he said. Aelita's tremors grew stronger, in anger and in sadness.

"Ulrich, you're kidding right?" Odd said weakly.

He shook his head.

"Do you know for sure? Are you positive?" asked Yumi anxiously, "I mean, you only said you saw a red collar, it could have belonged to someone else, did you check the tag?"

He shook his head again, "I didn't have time before Jim arrived and sent us away, but I'm pretty sure…"

"But how?! How can you be so sure it was Kiwi?!" Odd cried out, grabbing his friend's shoulders.

"Probability speaking," Jeremie started feebly, "the likelihood of anyone else on campus, or near the woods owning a dog that size with a red collar, coincidentally at the same time of a Xana attack…"

"Jeremie! You're not agreeing with him are you?!" Odd yelled, turning on the child genius.

Yumi reached out and grabbed his arm, "Odd calm down! Jeremie wasn't agreeing with anything, he was just speculating right Jeremie?"

Jeremie nodded regretfully, "That's right, even with the probabilities; it is still a possibility that the animal Ulrich and Sissi saw was not Kiwi."

"You see Odd? There's still hope," Yumi said.

Suddenly Aelita burst out sobbing before rushing out of the room. "Aelita wait!" called Jeremie, and was about to run after her, but Ulrich held him back, "Now's not the time," he whispered.

Odd stared after Aelita's disappearance for a moment before rounding on Jeremie again, "Launch a return to the past right now," he demanded.

"What? Wait but Odd-"

"Do it! It's the only way to know for sure. Kiwi was there with me just yesterday, there's no way he could of- not since then."

"But Odd," Jeremie started again, "that's not going to change anything if it was Kiwi, and it could possibly just make Xana stronger."

"I KNOW that!" screamed Odd as a few tears ran down his cheeks, "Just do it!"

"Go on Jeremie," said Yumi, "it's the only way."

Jeremie glanced at Ulrich; after all, it might mean he would have to see that horrible sight all over again. But Ulrich just nodded.

"Fine," said Jeremie as he typed rapidly on the computer, "Return to the Past Now."

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