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2 months after destroying Hector's ambitions, peace had quietly took place in Elendia, especially for the heroes. Serene, who didn't have anywhere to go, and Cierra, who liked Elendia, decided to settle there. Ein also decided to stay instead of returning to Asgard.

With a little help from everyone, they remodeled Fia's and Lina's house to accommodate all 5 of them. Well, for the 6 of them. Cierra, while moving books from a shelf, knocked a bottle of magic powder on Rose, who turned human. The former explained to the others that it was a rare powder that could grant one wish. Fortunately, Rose didn't mind being human, since it was her wish, but wondered how dense Ein could be when he just plain said that he didn't know she was a girl.

So far, they were all living peacefully. Cierra often went to Nelde's ruins to search for magic herbs, followed sometimes by Lina, who wanted to find treasures, and Serene, who wanted to kick some demon's butt, like she said. Rose started to write a book about Ragnarok and the adventure they had in Riviera. The others girls were curious about what happened, but she clearly stated that nobody will read her book until it was over.

Fia, followed by Ein who always wanted to come along with her, travelled from time to time to nearby temples to send prayers for the gods. Ein always made sure that nothing wrong was happening nearby while she prayed. Thanks to them, no monsters have
ever been seen near Elendia

Elendia, in the afternoon...

Ein and Fia were in the Grove of Repose, looking at nature. Ein enjoyed looking at it when he had nothing else to do. Fia enjoyed it too, but was also here to make sure Ein was far from the Undine Spring, since the other were bathing at the time, and Ein was sometimes too curious for his own good.

"You know Fia, it would be fun to travel again."

"Really? But where?"

"Well... I don't know. I just thought it would be nice, since we had some fun in our travels."

"True, but I doubt the others will want to go. Cierra found a rare herb not too long ago, Rose is still writing her book, Lina..."

"I know, I know..." interrupted Ein. "But... I wondered if we could travel just between the two of us."

Fia looked up to him in surprise. Was he really suggesting to travel without anyone else? It could be a little dangerous, but she would have some time alone with him. Or maybe he had finally started to notice her? Or he just wanted to travel with her as a close friend? Or...

"So how about it?"

"Well, sure. But we still need a destination. Maybe we could give this trip a purpose too."

"Well then, how about Tethyth? We couldn't explore much because of the water, and there's something I wanted to do here too."

"You mean, about the anger of the gods here?"

"Yeah... we found ghosts last time we travelled here, meaning..."

"That some people couldn't find peace even now..." Fia finished for Ein.

"So how about it?"

Fia pondered for a while. Sure, it would be fun and the lost souls could finally find their peace. But she hoped Ein wouldn't try anything perverted too. Although Serene gave him the beating he deserved for the time he peaked at her and Cierra, she wondered if he had learned his lesson this time.

"Well, sure. Let's warn everyone and start making preparations for the trip, ok?" se answered, smiling.

Ein smiled too and both started planning ahead for the travel.

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