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Ein and Fia, after saying goodbye to Aria, were returning to Elendia. They camped one night in the forest again, and they were now less than 1 hour away from Elendia.

Of course, both of them weren't in a hurry to get back. But as much as they enjoyed their time alone together, they didn't want to worry Lina, Serene, Cierra and Rose.

Lights could be seen in the distance at the same time the sun started to set down.

"Ein... Can I ask you something?" Fia said.

"Of course. What is it?"

"Well... Can we keep the secret for tonight about us?" Fia asked.

"Huh? What for?" Ein said, obviously puzzled.

"I know they'll ask questions about it on when, how or whatever about it, but I feel like sleeping early tonight."

"I don't see a problem. We'll just keep the surprise for tomorrow."

"Thank you Ein. But about tonight..."

"Don't worry." Ein said, a little smile forming at the thought, "I'll slip in when I'll be sure no one looks my way."

"I'll be waiting..." Fia said, smiling too.

Nothing much was happening in the house. Rose was still writing, Cierra was reading a book about magic and Lina and Serene were sitting at the table, bored out of their minds.

The door suddenly opened, revealing Ein and Fia, finally back.

"Ein! Fia! You're finally back!" Lina shouted, happy to see them. She immediately made her way towards them, and hugged them both as much as she could.

"Whoa, Lina, I'm glad to see you. Did something happen?" Fia asked, not expecting Lina's outburst.

"Lina was bored!"

"I was too. After all, Ein wasn't here to entertain us with his klutziness." Serene said, also coming near them.

"What do you mean by that?" Ein asked, in a mock offended tone.

"Remember last week?"

"Okay okay, I get it already..."

That event was still fresh in everyone's mind. Ein, while descending the stairs, tripped who know how. The bucket he was holding, filled with water, went flying, spilling his content near the table. Sadly, Rose was writing near the table.

Although Rose was more comfortable near water since she was human, she still held some feline instincts. And that instinct told her to flee the water. She immediately climbed on the table, protecting her book at the same time. Cierra, also at the table to read, had been so shocked she fell backward on her chair. Serene tried to catch the chair, but slipped on the water and fell down. Lina was running to see if Ein wasn't hurt, but tripped on Serene and crashed on Ein.

Fia, who wasn't near enough to be part of the commotion, could barely stop herself from laughing at the scene.

Nevertheless, that was something they weren't going to forget anytime soon...

"I hope you didn't do something stupid while you weren't here." Serene asked, with the back of her mind being sure something must have happened.

"Well, you're both looking correct, so I'm sure nothing bad happened, right?" Cierra asked, putting down her book while noting the page she was reading.

"Cierra, since when nothing happens with Ein around?" Rose asked.

"Good point."

"Don't worry Rose, nothing like that happened." Fia said, defending Ein.

"But something happened, right? Tell me tell me tell me!" Lina answered, a bit hyper.

"Can you wait tomorrow? We've just came back and we are a bit weary." Ein said, remembering Fia wanted to go to sleep early.

"But Lina want to know…" She said.

"Just a bit then…" Ein said, giving up.


"And if you don't mind, I'm going to sleep." Fia said, going to her room.

While Fia was leaving the room, the rest of the girls, minus Serene who climbed the stairs too, moved toward Ein to listen. He carefully made sure to avoid the part where Fia had been caught by the demons. Lina was too young for this, and Fia should probably talk about it herself, Ein thought.

Just as Fia was reaching her room, Serene caught up with her.

"Fia, there's something I wanted to ask you if you don't mind." She said.

"Sure. What is it?" Fia was curious.

Unfortunately for her, curiosity kills the cat, like the saying says.

"How Ein is? You know, since he's an angel, he must have some muscles under those clothes, right? And… How It is?" She asked, a devious smile forming on her lips.

Fia, of course, took only a second to turn into a deep shade of red, memories of that time coming back.

"Errr… Excuse me Serene, but what are you talking about?"

Fia masked her voice miserably, giving confirmation to Serene that the event truly happened.

"Come on Fia. I know you know." Serene said.

Fia was in deep thought. How did Serene know? She wasn't even there when it happened. It was only her, Ein and…

Lina was going to get it tomorrow, she promised herself.

"Oh well, you can tell me tomorrow. I'll just let you sleep for now." Serene had all her time, after all. She could wait until morning to hear all the… juicy details. She then went to listen to Ein's tale of the travel.

Fia opened the door to her room and entered, changed into night clothes, and climbed on her bed.

"Now I just have to wait" She told herself.

After a while, Ein said he was going to sleep too, much to Lina's despair, who wanted to know everything now. He climbed the stairs, and the girls found themselves again with nothing to do.

"He's not telling us something…" Rose said when she was sure Ein couldn't hear her.

"Huh? What could he be hiding?" Lina asked, confused.

"Didn't you notice he was… smiling a little too much when he climbed the stairs?"

"Now that you mention it, I find it strange too." Cierra said, now curious as well.

"Should we follow him?" Serene asked, grinning from the prospect of potential blackmail.

"Why not?" Rose said back, grinning back at Serene like she guessed her idea.

"But shouldn't we wait until he tells us? It isn't right to intrude on his privacy." Cierra said, being the only one not entirely happy about the plan.

"Cierra, admit you want to know too." Serene said.

She blushed, but said nothing afterward and just followed them.

They silently climbed the stairs to avoid alarming Ein. Then, they moved toward his room, but where surprised to find no one in the room.

"Where could he be?" Rose whispered, confused.

Serene moved away from the group, having a guess about where Ein was. She carefully opened the door to Fia's room, to avoid waking her up, but was surprised about what she saw. The others, noticing her, moved towards Serene, to end up being as surprised as her.

Fia was sleeping on her bed. Or more accurately, she was sleeping on Ein. Her hair was gracefully extended to their full length, covering her and a good part of Ein. Ein had one of his hands on her hair, and his other one, hidden from the girls, was on her bare back. Fia's head was on his chest, along with one of her hand.

The girls returned as silently as they could to the living room. Rose and Serene were grinning madly, and Cierra had a good idea about what they were going to do.

"You aren't going to embarass them, aren't you?" She asked.

They both looked at each other, before answering at the same time: "No…"

They said it in a manner that was obvious enough to let her know that they were going to take full advantage of it.

"Lina's happy for them. But now I'm tired…" She said, stuffing a yawn.

"Then let just go to sleep too." Cierra said, agreeing to what Lina said.

And they went to sleep, now aware that Ein and Fia were finally together.


Author's notes:

Well, I couldn't think of something else to end it, so sorry if the last part was boring. I hope you liked it, and now I have some things to announce.

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