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Full Summary:

If there is anything the underground rock-star; Jude Harrison, has learned it's that relationships are ever changing. And as you live life, new ones spark and old ones flame out. It's just one of those sad realizations that come with growing up. Supposedly, it's what you get out of these broken bonds that make it all worthwhile.

But when you have a sister who'd gladly push you off a cliff in the blink of an eye, and parents, along with both of their own significant others, pulling your family in opposite directions; sometimes the lemons life gives you can be a little too much to stomach.

Now, when life hands you lemons, the general census is that you're supposed to whip up a batch of lemonade. In other words, roll with the punches; try to make life's hardships more bearable, take everything one spoonful at a time…yada yada. Well, Mary Poppins, here's hoping sugar helps everything go down.

Pairing: J&T for life!

Prologue: Prelude to a Broken Home

My parents have always fought.

Not a lot, mind you, but…enough.

Mostly they fought over stupid stuff; who'd take Sadie to cheer practice, which of them would make dinner that night, who'd take the car to the shop.

Sadie and I usually chose to duck for cover, rather than get in the middle, letting them ride out their anger until it passed.

Luckily for us, it always did.

But, I'm not going to lie, I was my dad's biggest fan (said so on the coffee mug I made him in 2nd grade) and he'd always had this way of making me feel special in a way my mother never could. It was the little things that I'd learned to appreciate; like our weekly trips to the record store in search of Elvis' greatest hits or the way he'd sing "Hey Jude" whenever I got sick. Music was our Godsend, our common ground. It gave us our own language, a way to understand each other, which often times left mom and Sadie on the outside of our secret club house. The way my dad went on about music drove my mom crazy, so much so that he'd just stop talking to her about it altogether. And Sadie, well let's just say she'd sooner pull out her own hair before listening to anything made before the year 2000. (she was more Boyz Attack than Beatles).

I felt no shame about my relationship with Dad, except for the way it seemed to increase my mom's frown lines.

Most of my life had been spent stroking Sadie's ego along with the rest of my family so I just figured Dad was my reward for being so supportive. Whether it was another honor roll ceremony or some new debate competition, Sadie reveled in the spot light. And for the most part I was okay with that. Not many could boast that their sister was destined for greatness, right? She had her spotlight and I had my music. If you ask me, I'd gotten the better end of the stick.

We were far from perfect, I know, but we were a family.

That is…until I found the one thing that could change everything…


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