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Hanyou of the Future

Chapter 22: Epilogue

When Kagome and Inuyasha left Shippo's small work shed, they realized they were far behind the others on the surface. Inuyasha sniffed around, hoping to find their scents to follow them in the labyrinth of Sesshoumaru's compound; however, Kagome distracted him as she tugged on his sleeve.

He turned to her, meeting her bright eyes and sultry grin. "So, you were saying something about promising me some alone time later?" She leaned in closer, licking her lips, and Inuyasha felt the heat burst in his lower body. He grinned at her. "Now is later," she cooed at him sweetly.

He grabbed her arm, took another sniff in the air, and started off toward the nearest entrance of the compound. "Let's find that room we stayed in." Kagome nodded, and then she laughed with surprise as he pulled her long.

Finding the room was easy; making excuses for the people they ran into was the difficult part. Kagome expressed her fear at running into her mother on the way to their room, but Inuyasha reassured her quite quickly that her mother was doing worse things. Kagome understood his point; however, he didn't have to add on, "Besides, she's probably rutting with your Hojo friend right now." He was lucky Kagome didn't get sick from that and ruin the whole mood.

Yet, they had done enough fighting. Even destroying Naraku in the past only to fall into more shenanigans in the future earned them the right to have some leisure time. And it took long enough to get to this point; they'd wasted enough time dancing around their feelings for years, as well as getting interrupted by battles and personal baggage.

The room was spotless when they arrived. They remembered leaving it in such a mess before, and it was apparent that one of Sesshoumaru's in-house cleaning minions had tidied up the room back to its original state. Inuyasha supposed it wouldn't have mattered anyway; he could take her anywhere at this point, messy room or not.

Closing and locking the door behind him, Inuyasha turned to face Kagome, leading her back to the edge of the bed. The lights dimmed, with only small slivers of afternoon light peeking through the window shades. Inuyasha lifted his hands up, smoothing them over the material of her shirt, tugging at the bottom as he looked into her eyes.

"We've waited too long," Kagome said, resting her hands on his chest. Automatically, their fingers explored, dutifully peeling away the layers so they could feel skin. Breathing became heavy between them, and Kagome fluttered her eyes as his claws lightly traced over the nipples of her breasts. She leaned back, and softly she fell onto the bed as he climbed over her. His hair created a curtain over her face, and she ran her fingers through it, moaning lightly as his feelings fell below, finding the wet heat between her legs. He pushed a finger inside, delicately, and she cried softly as he drew in and out with an even pace.

"Kagome," he said, becoming impatient, and freeing his fingers from her so he wouldn't hurt her as he began to lose control. The shifted their bodies onto the bed, and he bucked into her, his hardened length teasing and brushing up against the sensitive flesh of her thighs.

"Please..." she begged, snaking her arms around his back and arching her body into his. He growled, and slowly as they moved, he found her, the tip of him desperate to reach inside. Swiftly, her hands fell down, drawing him in - filling her tightly as much as she wanted. He made a noise of ecstasy, and he started to rock, delighting in the soft cries that escaped her as they crested higher upon the wave.

Warm, hot, and slick, and immediately she felt all of him, and he of her, and they came together so frantically, so warm and wanting that the room was spinning, their bodies running far ahead of their minds. Each thrust, each kiss on a breast and soft moan whispered in an ear, it drove them faster - dissolving inhibitions, becoming and transforming into bodies so primal.

Then, Kagome cried loudly, tensing her body as Inuyasha continued to grind hard, reaching and pushing so far inside her she had to remind herself to breathe. A cold wave rushed over her, and she felt it her peak, on the tips of her fingers. Soon, she came down, relaxed and satiated as he still hovered over her. She smiled, giggled, and reached her fingers to his soft ears, rubbing them and tickling them until Inuyasha groaned against her cheek, driving in one final thrust before emptying inside her.

He scooped her into his arms, holding her as they both caught their breaths and balance. They cuddled, and Kagome nuzzled against his nose.

"Remember, we have to be at my shrine in a couple of hours," she said. Inuyasha laughed and kissed a trail over her jaw.

"We have plenty of time for more without being late," he said with a confident snicker.

Kagome smiled, still tickling his ears. "You know, you were right."

"Of course I was," he said, and paused confused. "About what?"

She moved at his side and turned over to straddle him. She took him inside, half-soft, but quickly becoming hard again as she began to move. He watched her breasts bounce in his face with a grateful smile.

"You said it gets better," Kagome said, moving her hips again into a steady pace. "And it does."


"Oh, so you decided to arrive," Sesshoumaru said with a yawn. He gave his brother a glare as Aki, Shippo and his team worked in the background. "You're late."

"Feh," Inuyasha said, waving his hand in the air. He walked by his brother with devious smile. "We had more important things to do." Kagome blushed beside him, trying not to meet Sesshoumaru's eyes.

"Hey, that's okay, guys!" Shippo called, waving to them. "We still needed to fine tune some things, so it's better you came a little late. We want to make sure it's perfect." He laughed. "We don't want to make a mistake and send you to a different era, or worse, another planet!"

"This is not a joke, Shippo," Sesshoumaru warned him, and even Kai and Souten weren't laughing. "Is it ready?"

"Yeah, it's ready. It's fully charged and once they stand in the bottom of the well, the Power Booster will rev up, and then the Stabilizer will sync with it." He gave them a thumbs-up. "You guys are good to go!"

"So, do you want to see your friends?" Aki asked.

"Yeah, but how long can we stay?" Kagome asked. "We don't want you waiting for us to come back."

"For the first time, we'll give you a couple hours," Sesshoumaru said. "Then Shippo will train you on the machines so you may use them yourselves."

Kagome turned to Inuyasha and nodded. "We can explain everything to Miroku and Sango within a couple of hours."

"Yeah, and then we'll come back," Inuyasha said, and he took Kagome's hand to lead her to the well, a familiar place that almost felt routine to them. Only, the way of the journey would be different, and so would their purpose.

Inuyasha leaped down to the bottom and caught Kagome when she climbed down. She hugged him, feeling anxiety wash over her body, hoping this would work. She thought of Miroku and Sango, and even Shippo as a child, and she smiled.

"Okay, we're ready!" Inuyasha called.

They heard an odd buzz from Shippo's machine, a weird surge of power surround them, and then Kagome and Inuyasha were showered in artificial blue light. Their stomachs almost turned, and it felt like the universe had snapped.


They both sighed in relief. "We're actually here!" Kagome yelled jubilantly, and like old times, Inuyasha helped her out of the well. Only this time, Kagome didn't have her giant yellow bag.

They walked toward the village and found Shippo, the younger version, racing toward him as Miroku and Sango ran behind. "Kagome! Inuyasha!" Shippo yelled, and Sango waved to them as Miroku laughed.

"You're back! We didn't think we'd ever see you again!" Miroku yelled, and soon they intercepted each other, as their friends caught their breaths. "Shippo noticed your scent when you arrived, and we came as soon as we could."

"Did the jewel let you come back?" Sango asked, but Kagome shook her head.

"The jewel is gone. We made a wish on it and it disappeared." Miroku and Sango looked stunned by the news. "We'll explain everything. We don't have much time until we have to get back."

Sango frowned, but Inuyasha reassured her. "Don't worry, we can come back again."

"That's wonderful," she said. "Won't you come in for tea? It's been a couple months since we've seen you, and a lot has changed here too." Sango's cheeks suddenly warmed with a deep blush. "We have some news for you as well."

As soon as she said it, Inuyasha picked up on her scent (which Kagome still found really creepy by the way). "Miroku, you dog!"

"Sango, are you guys going to have a baby?" Sango nodded, and Kagome drew her into her a happy hug. "Wait, did you guys already have a wedding without us?"

Sango sighed. "I'm sorry, Kagome." She looked to Miroku with a sheepish smile. "We couldn't wait any longer, and we didn't know if you'd ever be back."

Kagome waved it off. "It's okay. We can still celebrate some other time. Now, tell me about this baby." Kagome slid her arm in Sango's as the two women headed back toward the village. Inuyasha wrapped his arm around Miroku's shoulder and grinned.

"It's good to see you, pervert," Inuyasha said with cackled. "You would not believe the crap we had to deal with in Kagome's time."

"Well, my friend, let us have that tea, and maybe a little sake with it," he said, his voice out of range of Sango's hearing. "Then, you can tell me everything."


When Inuyasha and Kagome said goodbye to Sango and Miroku back at the well, they knew it wouldn't be permanent this time.

"We'll be back soon," Kagome said, releasing Miroku from a hug. "Promise."

"I expect so," he said with a laugh. "We have a wedding to plan for." He turned to his wife and nodded. "Two weddings actually, a new wedding and a revisited one." He winked at her.

"I can't wait!" Kagome said, and Inuyasha grimaced at her side, trying not to let the sap get to him.

"I'm curious, Kagome," Sango asked her. "If you had to make a choice between staying in this time or your time, do you know what you'd pick?"

Kagome turned to Inuyasha with a small smile. "I think the choice wouldn't be easy, but..." She released a heavy sigh and met her friends' faces. "We would probably stay here with you guys. After what we went through, you're our family now." Inuyasha nodded in agreement at her side.

"But we won't have to do that," Inuyasha said, and he turned to Kagome as they both jumped down the well. Blue light filled the bottom and burst through the top. Miroku, Sango and Shippo looked down, and their friends were gone.

At least for now.

"Well?" Shippo (the teenager) asked them immediately as they climbed out of the well in Kagome's time. "How'd it go?"

"It was fine. It worked just like the old way," Inuyasha said, and Shippo cheered.

"I'm a genius!" he hollered, dancing around them.

"Please contain yourself," Sesshoumaru warned him. "Now you must show them how to use it." He looked at his brother and one eyebrow rose in wonder. "It may be difficult for them to grasp."

"Hey!" Inuyasha yelled angrily. "Why don't you stuff it, asshole?" His brother scoffed, tucking a strand of black hair (since his illusion was back) behind his very human looking ear.

"Guys, guys," Kagome said, trying to keep them calm. "Sesshoumaru's right. It's going to be tricky to learn how to do this, but I think we can manage." She squeezed Inuyasha's hand encouragingly, and they turned to Shippo. "This is important. Without this, we can't see Miroku and Sango. So go ahead and show us how this thing works."

"So, wait, when we learn how to use these machines, then we can travel to my time through the well whenever we want to, just the two of us?" Inuyasha asked as he and Kagome awaited more instruction from Shippo.

"Of course! I know, I know, it's totally jumping the shark, but trust me on this. This latent time rift connected to your well is more stable than ever thanks to my Stabilizer. You don't need to worry," he said with a grin, though they really didn't understand that beginning part.

Kagome and Inuyasha looked down at the well again, and their faces lit up with excitement at the possibility of seeing Miroku and Sango and Kagome's family whenever they wanted. It was finally becoming a reality to them.

"Wait, I have one more important question before we learn these machines," Kagome said, and Shippo watched her with a sly grin. It was still so unusual seeing him so grown up. "If we go back and forth through time too much, won't we damage some universal law of the space time continuum or something?"

"Hrmm," he said, rubbing the fuzzy ginger goatee on his chin as he pondered her question. "You know, you're probably right. I mean, you've done a lot of traveling through time already; though, time is obviously not as screwed up as it should be, but with more time traveling, you could potentially endanger the timeline even more." He frowned, and suddenly, Inuyasha and Kagome felt their hope immediately deflating. Maybe they couldn't see Miroku and Sango that much after all. "Ah! Who cares, right? Just go for it! What the hell," he said, and unexpectedly, Shippo's team cheered with encouragement.

Then Shippo added. "I may be completely wrong though!"

Everyone laughed, and oddly enough, you'd think that statement would worry people. But no one was worried; everything was okay. The bad guy was defeated, the Shikon no Tama had disappeared, and Kagome and Inuyasha were getting the chance to share both their homes in time and space.

Nothing could possibly go wrong after all that, right?


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