This is the first FanFic I have ever posted. I'm a little nervous that I haven't written the characters exactly in character. Please R&R and let me know what you think!

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Ack - update here - forgot the disclaimer - they aren't mine (sigh cuz I wish they were) and when I'm done, I'll give them back... though I really don't want to - good enough:)

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The Sweetest Sin

The summer was drawing to a close, and Cassie was desperate to throw a 'small' pool party before she and her friends had to head back for another year at the books.

After much pleading, Janet relented, and sat amused in the kitchen as her daughter phoned all of her friends, informing them of the planned get-together.

'God, is that the whole school she's calling?' Janet thought to herself. She decided then and there that she'd be enlisting the help of SG1 with this 'little' party.

Getting up from the table to clean up from dinner, she giggled to herself at the image of Teal'c standing poolside with his arms crossed, scaring all the pubescent boys into behaving properly.

Cassie shot her a look from across the kitchen, as if to ask what was so funny.

Janet just shrugged her off, and headed for her room and bed,thoughts of convincing her friends to join in the festivities with a bunch of screaming teenagers, running through her mind.

"Please?" Janet pleaded with Sam.

"Oh alright, Jan," Sam relented (she had planned on going all along, but just loved the look of worry on her friends' face at the thought of chaperoning the party all alone).

"So, when's the big day?" she asked

"August 16th… ummm," Janet asked hesitantly "Would you mind helping me to convince Teal'c, Daniel and the Colonel to help us out?"

"Well, given that you plan on grilling that day, I'm pretty sure the Colonel is a definite, not to mention how much he adores Cass. He will most likely butt his way into the picture,do all the grilling and save you the effort. And Daniel… well any reason to spend time with you..." Sam raised her eyebrows and grinned at Janet, who blushed in return.

"Teal'c, of course, is always eager to experience any new form of Tau'ri 'ritual,' and as he hasn't been to a Cassandra Fraiser party yet, he's in for a doozie." She finished.

Janet started giggling again, and told Sam about the picture running through her head of Teal'c standing guard by the pool. They giggled together and talked about what they would need to buy for the big day, on their way to inform the guys that they had been roped in to helping out.