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Sam kept an eye out the kitchen window as she cut up the fruits for the dessert salad. (Why was it that she was always ending up cutting up things… after all should could cook… at least some of the time). She was trying to keep an eye on the kids in the yard, as Daniel was still kind of out of it and was of no help at all,but her gaze kept wandering to the kids in the field behind Janet's house -and especially to the big kid trying to keep up with the teenage football stars (which, by the way, he wasn't doing too badly).

Suddenly a different sound to the ones she had been hearing all afternoon caught her attention. Someone had turned on Janet's housewide stereo system so that a satellite radio station was playing soft (if you could call it soft, more like pop-slow-dance style) music into the yard.

'Crap,' she thought to herself 'I don't want anything inappropriate starting up with the kids – I hope the music and change of atmosphere isn't an indicator of things to come.'

As Sam was (finally) putting the finishing touches on the fruit salad, she noticed the last of the swimmers had gotten out of the pool and were now helping Cassie to light and launch her floating candles into the pool.

Cassie then ran up to the house and plugged in the fairy lights. Even though it wasn't totally dark yet, the glow of the yard was almost surreal.

Sam brought whipped cream and paper bowls out onto the deck, along with plastic spoons, and went back inside to grab the salad as the strains of a new song caught her ear.

Can you imagine us making love
The way it would feel the first time that we touch
Can you think of it, the way I dream of it

She sucked in a sharp breath as her thoughts wandered helplessly to her C.O. 'No Sam!' she berated herself exasperatedly, 'It's just a stupid song! He is still your C.O. Focus!'

I want you to see it like I'm seeing it
It's a picture of perfection
The vision of you and me

As she grabbed the dessert, she looked out the window, across to the field and noticed that only a few of the boys were still out there. The rest had come back, and some were now dancing with their girlfriends in the grass beside the pool, or just relaxing and chatting in small groups.

Sam couldn't find Jack. She wondered where he had gone.

She stepped out onto the deck and found him following her with his eyes from his seat on the other side of the table.

She flushed as though he could hear her thoughts, and cursed herself silently for it. She gently placed the bowl on the table and sat down opposite her C.O.

She was trying desperately to avoid his piercing gaze as the song continued tormenting her thoughts in the background.

Your lips upon my lips
(can you just picture this)
Your fingertips on my fingertips
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
That would be the sweetest sin

Sam shuddered at the thoughts now rampaging unchecked through her mind, and tried desperately to shut them out. He was just so damn close.

Jack noticed Sam's reaction to the song that was now playing through the speakers. He was pleased because he guessed thoughts similar to his own were running through her brain, given her posture and body language as she sat near him.

"Carter," he started softly, "you ok?"

It was like he had snapped her out of a dream. Her eyes were clouded over when she looked up at him and stammered just as softly "Yeah." She looked around, almost confused and continued, "Ummm… I must have left my soda inside." She got up from the table and hurried back towards the safety of the kitchen, calling over her shoulder as she went, "I'll be back in a minute."

'Get a grip on yourself Sam! It can't happen. Regs, Regs, REGS!' She started chanting in her head as she tried to calm herself. It was almost working too, until she heard someone come into the room behind her and gently close the screen door behind them.

All night I lie awake
'cause it's too much to take
Dreamin' about the love that we could make
All day I think of schemes to get you next to me
(at this she blushed)
I want you so bad that I can barely breathe
It's a sign of my obsession
That I can't stop thinking 'bout

Suddenly his arms were around her from behind and he was whispering in her ear "Dance with me Carter?" To which she turned and obliged, ignoring the voice in her head that was now screaming REGS.

She threaded her right hand fingers through his left, and encircled her left arm around his shoulder, as he drew her closer to him with his right arm. She let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding as they started to sway gently.

Your lips upon my lips
(can you just picture this)
Your fingertips on my fingertips
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
You are the sweetest sin

Their eyes locked, and they stared intensely at one another, each unable and unwilling to break the contact, both seeing their desires mirrored in the eyes of the other.

Your lips upon my lips
(can you envision this)
Temptation I could never resist
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
That would be the sweetest sin

His right hand traced gentle circles on her lower back, and she shifted, releasing his fingers, placing both of her arms around his neck and linking her fingers in the hair at the base of his head.

He shivered involuntarily at the contact, and placed his other hand on her back, pulling her almost as close as was humanly possible. And still they stared, unable to break that contact.

Cassie and Daniel stood on the deck looking in through the kitchen window in the increasing darkness, mesmerized by the couple slowly dancing in the kitchen, who were oblivious to the world around them.

It would feel so good to be so bad
You don't know how bad I want that
I would do anything to feel your love

Janet and Teal'c, who had just returned from the SGC, stood as transfixed as Cassie and Daniel in the doorway from the kitchen to the front hall, watching their friends express so much with so little.

Your lips upon my lips
(can you just picture this)
Your fingertips on my fingertips
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
That would be the sweetest sin

The couple didn't even notice that they had stopped dancing. They just stood, entranced, in the kitchen – also unaware of their small audience.

Your lips upon my lips

Jack's hand came up and softly caressed Sam's cheek.

Your fingertips on my fingertips

Sam's hand found Jack's and gently clasped it to her face as she tilted her head into his soft touch.

Your skin upon my skin

Jack leaned in ever so slightly and Sam's breath caught in her throat. Her heart was pounding so hard she was sure he could hear it. She placed her other hand on his chest where she could feel his heart matching her heart's pace through his shirt.

Would be the sweetest sin

He brushed a chaste, and yet somehow very passionate kiss across her left cheek, and pulled her into a hug, whispering "One day, Sam. One day."

She dropped her forehead onto his chest and returned the hug, closing her eyes and relishing the moment.

Jack did the same as Janet and Teal'c snuck outside with grins on their faces to pull Daniel and Cassie out of their reverie and leave the couple alone.

The end

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