Harry potter and the unexpected allie


Though the forest ran a figure huddled under a cloak to protect her and her daughter from the rain and her husband, as they rain to the meeting point to meet dumbledore a curse was sent and the cloaked women fell to the floor.

"That stupid women trying to 'protect' my daughter and trying to give her to dumbledore my worst enemy" said an angry voldemort

"Come on help me find my daughter" he ordered his companion. They searched but couldn't find the bundle hidden under a visibility cloak in the arms of dumbledore, "shush now belle your safe and no one will hurt you ever again" dumbledore whispered to the baby girl with chocolate brown hair and light blue eyes. As tom (voldemort) left dumbledore apperated to the same orphanage her father grew up in and knocked 3 times on the door and waited. After a while a young women round about 29 opened the door "oh is this the poor abanded orphan you told me about" she said

"yes she is one in November the 20 th this year and her name is belle hasn't got a second one" dumbledore answered "ill be back to take her to my boarding school in 10 years" he added pass the sleeping child to the women a walked away without another word.