Shutting his bedroom door shut with her foot, Dawn Marie turned to look at Antonio, her eyes filled with eagerness and lust. "We only have forty five minutes," she mumbled against his lips as she unbuttoned her blouse.

"I know," Antonio mumbled back, moving his lips to her neck. "I'll try to make this quick." He sat down at the edge of his bed, taking off his shoes quickly and undoing his belt buckle.

Dawn Marie ripped her blouse off, leaving her standing in her red push-up bra, and then quickly discarded herself from her jean skirt.

"I need it," she told him as she meeted him at the edge of the bed, pushing him backwards. She straddled his waist, pushing her closed dampness into him. "I need it now." With her still on top of him, he kicked off his boxers and sat up to take a nipple to his mouth.

"Not that." She pulled back so his lips detached. "I need you. Now." She pushed him back down on the bed then lowered herself on him, letting her walls stretch to his length; a gasp escaped her lips when he was fully impaled into her, filling her to as far as her walls would let him.

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she rocked back and forth on him Antonio, feeling the pleasure all through her body. "You make me feel good," Dawn moaned when she brought his hands to her breast. Antonio kneaded her breast gently, trying to keep his concentration on his hips and doing his best to meet her at every beat.

"Just like that," Dawn continued to moan as her walls began to spaz. Antonio quickly flipped her on her back so he was on top and began thrusting as fast as he could.

And then they heard the front door close.

"Tony!" Antonio stopped his actions and quickly exited out of Dawn.

"He isn't supposed to be back for another thirty minutes," Antonio said with panic in his voice.

"God Dawny, quick, hide."

"I'm not hiding. You hide."

"Tony! You in you're room?" The footsteps came closer and closer to the bedroom, deeper and deeper with each step.

Finally, the door knob began to turn.

"Hey, Antonio?" The blonde ran quickly to the door, slamming it in their face.

"Sup Romeo? I'm getting dressed right now."

"Oh. I bought a new game, come check it out man, it's suppose to be pretty sweet."

"I'll be done in a minute..." Antonio gave a worried glance to Dawn Marie, who was still lying on the bed. "Hide somewhere!" He whispered harshly to her.

"Finish me!" She whispered back. "I did not fly all the way from Jersey so he could do a half ass job..."

"Dawny, he's home. I'm not going to finish you off, while your boyfriend is downstairs in the kitchen!"

"But I was so close." She stuck out her bottom lip in a pout with her eyes narrowing at Antonio. "So, so close..." She rolled over on her stomach, her feet in the air and her head in the palms of her hands. "But now...I guess I'll have to resort to my friend, Rabbit."

"Antonio! You coming or what?" Romeo shouted from the kitchen.

"Be down in a minute!" Antonio shouted back. "Dawny, you really need to leave right now," he pleaded the brunette.

"Please Antonio?" She begged, rolling back over to her back and spreading her legs. "Just one more time?" Rolling his eyes, Antonio went back to the bed and lay down on the opposite side of Dawn Marie.

"Do it yourself," he told her, motioning to his erection. With glee, Dawn rolled over on top of him and positioned herself. Starting her pace, she threw her head back in ecstasy, letting Antonio's name escape from her lips.

"All right, Antonio, what the fuck are you..." Romeo stopped dead in his tracks at the sight he saw: his girlfriend on top of his best friend.

"Romeo!" Antonio shouted. "How's it going buddy? Enjoying life? How's that new game?" Dawn Marie bit her bottom lip, a small smirk appearing on her face as she got off of Antonio.

"Hey," she whispered, giving her boyfriend a small wave.

"Dawny?" Romeo asked. "Is this for real?"

"Baby, listen..."

"That's my best friend. You're having sex with my best friend. My best friend! Oh my God...Tony? Out of all the guys you have to choose from, you pick Antonio. Of course you would. Why wouldn't you?" Romeo ran his fingers through his short brown hair, doing his best to choke back tears.

"Hey man, listen..."

"You! You let her do this to you? My girlfriend and you? God damn it Antonio! You're practically my brother, and this happens...I...oh God. I can't believe this..." He paced back and forth as Dawn Marie and Antonio began to dress themselves. "You, and her...Why not...God damn it Antonio...Fifteen fucking years we've been friends, and you do this? How many of my girlfriends have you fucked, huh?"

"He wasn't as good as you, baby. I just wanted to see if he was. It's our first time, really," Dawn lied. Romeo stared at her, his eyes wide and blood shot. "I love you,"' she told him, trying to make him feel better.

"Bull shit," Romeo spat. "Fucking bull shit! Dawn, I gave up so much for you. So fucking much. People warned me about you, Dawn. So many people. Tommy, Nunzio, Bubba, Rob, but I pushed those things aside. I accepted you for who you are. I love you for who you are. And then..." he bowed his head, silently laughing to himself. "And then I find this...Fuck, Dawny. Why?"

"I love you," she repeated quietly. Romeo laughed at her comment, letting the first set of his tears fall down his cheek.

He sighed as he glared at his best friend of so long, seeing how he had regret written all over his face. "I hope you guys make each other happy," Romeo mumbled as he left the room, slamming the door on his way out.

Running down the stairs to his room, he let the tears fall freely, allowing it to blur his vision. Reaching his room, he threw his suitcase on his bed and began tossing anything he thought that would fit.

Upstairs, all Dawn Marie and Antonio could hear was the door slam, and Romeo's car leaving the drive way.