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Chapter 1: That good old Pocky

"I don't know if Yuki is home but it's cool when he doesn't have a deadline soon because he is less grouchy and I can have people coming home" Shuichi smiled chuckling at Ryuichi as they approached the door of his apartment.

He pulled the key inside the lock and opened it as he kept babbling about how Yuki always left work for the last minute and so he was always in a bad mood, and Ryu-chan made funny faces mimicking Eiri-san as he always treated him as he had a circus on his face.

"What would you like to drink Sakuma-san?" Said the pink haired singer as they entered the house

The green haired one meditated heavily about his answer while checking on his surroundings and chewing on a pink bunny ear.

"Ryu-chan" Ryuichi stated firmly "Don't call Ryu-chan Sakuma-san, its Ryu-chan na no da!" he sang as he waved Kumagoro in the air and pumped it over his head.

"Ok, Ryu-chan, what would you like to…" Shuichi trailed off when he heard some loud snoring coming from the living room.

The two singers' heads peeked over the wall and saw not Yuki, but a black haired soundly sleeping Yuki spread comfortably over the purple couch. Shuichi blinked twice, and Ryu-chan pulled on his sleeve.

"Hmmm..." The older male looked a little apprehensively in front of them "Shu-chan, do I have to leave now that Yuki is sleeping on the couch?"

"No, Ryu-chan, that's Yuki´s brother, Tatsuha" Shuichi sweat dropped and ruffled his hair nervously "I forgot he was coming… Yuki is going to kill me"

Not paying attention to that part of the sentence Ryuichi Sakuma made a flip flop in the air and landed right next to the sleeping teen

"Uuuuuuuuuh, Tatsuha-san. he took me to the Zoo one time" Ryu chirped while chewing on Kumagoro´s ear

"Can he have tea with us? Can we go to the Zoo again?" A very hyper pair of blue puppy eyes pleaded

"Sorry, Ryu-chan, it's a long ride from Kyoto to here, we might as well let him sleep a bit" even though he will probably rip my head off for not waking him up later.

The childish male was disappointed by the answer but nodded anyways. "Come to the kitchen and we can chat there"

Ryuichi started following the pink fluff when a silver glimpse coming from the lethargic male's neck caught his sight.

And we all know how much Ryuichi Sakuma looovess shinning stuff.

A Nittle Grasper necklace, it was a Nittle Grasper necklace, how come he didn't have one?

"Hmm, Ta-chan likes Nittle Grasper, Shu-chan?"

Loves is more like it, obsessed probably suits it better. But no, that's just you he is obsessed with and not the whole band after all

"Yeah, something like it" the pink haired singer mumbled through gritted teeth "He is going to the concert tomorrow"

"Cool!" Ryuichi screeched

"Shh Ryuichi-san…" hushed the Bad Luck singer, really trying to get half of the potential excitement bomb into the kitchen before the other half woke up and a nuclear collision happened.

"Sorry Shuichi" whispered said part heading his way

"Hmm Sakuma-san" hummed the younger Useagi and both singers stopped in their tracks to look over.

He was sleeping and cuddling over the couch, but just about when some curious one was going back over the sleeping form, a light bulb appeared over Shuichi´s head as the brightest ever popped in his mind.

"Hey Ryu-chan! I got cherry and grape flavored Pocky in the kitchen" whispered as a wide Cheshire cat smile adorned his victorious face.

There's nothing that some good old Pocky can ever fix.