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Chapter 2: Close encounters of the third type

Ten minutes later and even though the non stop talking from the singers was muffled by their pocky stuffed mouths, Tatsuha got up from the couch with his eyelids glued together.

He yawned noisily making Shuichi hold his breath for a moment and calling Sakuma-san´s attention.

"You are too noisy Shuichi" Tatsuha said with a yawn, not noticing the two pairs of chibi eyes (one pair terrified and the other curious) staring at him as he walked past the kitchen rubbing his eyes trying to open them up. "I'm taking a bath" He growled out

Shindou sighed relieved, color coming back to his face as he heard the door to the bathroom clicking shut

"You ok no da?"

"Yes, Saku… Ryu-chan, just surprised he didn't say hi" true he thought nodding emphatically inside his head. He was more surprised about Tatsuha not jumping on Ryuichi though.

"Bad Tatsuha no da!" the green haired singer pouted but immediately tapped his index finger to his mouth "Maybe he thought Shu-chan was alone no da!"

Jackpot, he was probably too sleepy to notice. Uesugis wake up about 2 hours after getting up so that's the ONLY way Tatsuha Uesugi won't notice Sakuma Ryuichi in a thousand feet square.

"You are right Ryuichi…" Shuichi tried to mislead the conversation "Anyways there's nothing to worry about"

The NG singer made a puzzled face but shrugged it off immediately to continue opening drawers and eating his snacks. "Shu-chan has so many snacks no da!"

Shuichi ruffled his hair smiling more preoccupied for the person inside the bathroom rather than the one opening packages and making a mess out of the grumpy writer's kitchen.

Tatsuha opened the water letting the steam fill in the bathroom while he took off his navy blue "cool boy" sweat shirt and the white one underneath, pulled down his black cargo pants and sat on the toilette to remove his socks.

Doing that on the stand and sleepy as he was would have ended up in an accident, but he was awake enough to reach out for his pant's pockets and take out a waterproof mp3player and hang it on his neck.

When the player hit his chest he contemplated the shinny Nittle Grasper necklace toying with it a little before he undid the chain and placed it on the sink, took of his boxers and stepped inside the shower. Water easily soaking his black hair and sticking it to his face.

He sighed heavily as he poured some shampoo on his hands and washed his hair to the beat of Predilection

"Can't get enough kitoba yore mo motto

Don't let me down dashiki ni masete hoshii"

"kuchibiru wo togisumase

muimi na rikutsu ni mata muragaru

Orokashisa ni predilection"

His own mind sent shivers down his spine as he washed the bubbles away, he rubbed his arms and rested his head on the cool of the walls for a minute. Even if the room was steamy and warm, when you touched them, the walls were always a little cold

Sometimes I do think I'm an asshole... at least a real pervert, more than when the grown ups play jokes on me for being so fond of him. Why then, I've seen him two or three times in my life only to relieve Tohma of duty for a little while? He's my brother in law for kami´s sake! Think of all the times I could have seen him given they are best friends. Think about this too… I got up 5 minutes ago and I'm already thinking about how to fuck his brains out. I do am a pervert, point taken. And sometimes, I hate myself for it, even if I can't bring myself to pull my fantasies off when he's around.

He sank on the bathtub floor and started caressing the droplets way even though they kept hitting his chest and his abs tickling his nerves.

Thank damn aniki for making the walls so thick; I would be dead if he caught me jacking off in his house. And look alike or not, I wouldn't like Shindou-kun to find me either.

He unconsciously put a hand over his mouth. Even though he wasn't heard, he couldn't trust himself under the spell of Ryuichi´s alluring voice.

"Will you sing tomorrow, na no da?"

"I don't think so Ryu-chan, it's the opening concert and I believe Seguchi-san won't be very happy if we keep making changes that abruptly"

An accomplice glimpse shone on the older male's eyes as he grinned. "You are right, and rumors do get annoying from time to time" he winked before turning back to his child state.

"Maybe some other time. But make sure you tell Tohma about it before you tell me ok?"

"OK no da! Ryu-chan wants to sing with Shu-kun na no da!" Kumagoro answered for his friend before the phone rang and Shuichi jumped from his seat.

Shit! "I'll get that, stay here!" with that he ran to the phone leaving the child like male to his musings

"Hello? Shuichi here"

"Hello brat"

"H-Hi Yuki" His lover could almost hear the nervous sweat drop from the other side

"What happened?" Eiri asked as skeptically as usual, "Is the pervert there?" Shuichi sighed in relieve.

"You knew! Ahhh Yuki! Why didn't you remind me of it? I wouldn't have brought Sak-…" and so the last words trailed off

Tatsuha came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, necklace back in place, unnoticed as he watched Shuichi talking on the phone Probably Eiri he thought not hearing other than Nittle Grasper´s melody on his ears as he headed for the fridge to cease his hungriness and too busy to notice the object of his desire playing with the pink bunny and turning to him when he was heard singing

"Lost my heart nani o sutete

Slow in you nani o kataru?"

He opened the fridge door and started searching inside

Just complex OMAE dake no

KOKORO mune ni hoshikute"

He hummed along "Lost Complex" as he reached for the milk and the singer got up curious from his seat dragging Kumagoro with him

"sabitsuita yume o"

"Mind chilling voice..."whispered Tatsuha as he took the carton and eyed the fridge for anything more interesting "Mind blowing, gorgeous singer" he continued, so sure he was alone as he stood straight again sipping his milk.

"Who's gorgeous?"

That's when he noticed a very familiar set of dark blue orbs staring at him amusedly and almost cockily. His own eyes narrowed impossibly before he fell on his knees coughing trying to cover his mouth

He choked. The pleased smile was replaced instantly with a worried look and a serious voice on he singer's side. As he shut the fridge door he collapsed to the teen's side patting his back trying to make him spit what he'd drank


A sudden silence was heard on the line as the pink singer panicked Tatsuha couldn't have gone that far… "Sorry Yuki, got to go" he hung up the phone and ran over to the kitchen only to find Ryuichi on the floor behind a half naked Tatsuha holding him around the chest and pressing his hands on the teen's plexus and convulsing together…And here I thought it would be the other way around…

When he got back to reality, Ryuichi was sprawled against the fridge door moving one hand soothingly over his in-law's hip as he stared at him and breathed deeply. The younger Uesugi was tearing and flushed red against the tile, hands folding his torso, panting heavily and a bunch of milk was spilled over the floor.

"Fuck Tatsuha, are you ok?" he ran over to them and tried to pick him up but he was rejected as the teen got up himself and turned around bowing to the older singer.

"Thank you and sorry Sakuma-san" he said not really looking at anyone before excusing himself and leaving to change clothes.

The two singers cleaned some of the kitchen in silence before Shuichi asked the other what happened.

"Well… I know he choked, but what happened?" slightly curious at how much time it was taking the older male to turn into his child like self

"I scared him" He laughed, though it didn't really get to his eyes "I meant to surprise him when I heard him sing but I didn't notice what he was doing so when he saw me he chocked" Ryuichi smiled sweetly at his junior

"His face was funny though no da!" this time the giggle was real and Shindou smiled too

"I would have paid to see his face" Shuichi laughed and Sakuma too

"I heard that Shuichi" Tatsuha rested on the kitchen's doorframe sniffing into the air with his arms crossed against as he glared at the younger singer with an eyebrow raised.

"Good afternoon Sakuma-san" his mood lighter as he bowed before walking closer to where the singers were.

"Ryuichi na no da!" The green haired male waved Kumagoro in front of him making its paws point at him accusingly "Sakuma-san sounds old no da!"

"Ok Ryuichi" His face softened and smiled as he shook the bunny's paw "Hello to you too Kumagoro-san"

The bunny stared at him "Kuma-chan!" screamed the singer from behind "Kumagoro is smart no da but he is too young to be called san´" he added cheerfully before the bunny turned to scold him (you could tell the bunny was angry by the looks of singer mainly, the black of his eyes makes his expression intimidatingly unreadable)

"Sorry Kuma-chan!" The singer apologized and put his free hand over the bunny's ears so that he wouldn't hear what he would whisper "Kuma-chan likes to be called –san because it feeds his ego na no da!"

The three males laughed at the statement. Tatsuha started boiling water for tea and asked the other two if they wanted but they said no because they had already had some. And the proof of it was sprayed over the table: pocky boxes, cookie bags, and bread and biscuits leftovers, candy papers.

"Aniki is going to kill you" he smiled wickedly as Shuichi snapped out cleaning the table like a maniac, smoke and shinny sparks wherever he walked.

"I'm home!"

The grunt was heard from the front door and the two singers were startled. Tatsuha shrugged it off taking a bag of cookies from the Shindou´s hand but he found nothing inside

"You left nothing for me!"

Yuki walked in the kitchen and 2 chibis attached to him one begging for love and the other for food. "Get off me you two!"

Shuichi was flung into the cabinets and Tatsuha kicked to the stove. On to the child singer, he watched the scene as normal, less child like, more serious. Eiri Uesugi didn't like him.

Freed of the two annoying roommates, the writer took his cigarettes from his pockets and lighted one staring at the oldest of them "There's a car waiting for you" he stated nonchalantly as Sakuma-san got off from the counter and walked towards him, bunny in hand.

"Thanks Shuichi na no da!" He patted the pink fluffy head and waved at the brunette "Bye-bye Ta-chan! See you tomorrow"

And Tatsuha swore he saw an evil glint in the singer's eyes as he walked through the door frame…

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