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Chapter 3: It´s the end

"Come on Shuichi! We-are-late!" pointed Tatsuha, waiting impatiently at the open door where he had been standing for the last 2 or 3 minutes since the singer said he would pick up a coat

Or a whole new set of clothes

Shuichi came out of the room not with the crimson pants, black sleeveless shirt he had on but a purple red… mini dress? With a black short underneath and black boots. Tatsuha sweat dropped.


"Nothing! Now come on!" Tats hurried

"I don't know what you are so stressed about, we've got easy access. Remember?" The singer grinned widely and taking a VIP pose for the teen

"Right…" Tatsuha griped, "I still want to get there before they start"

Shuichi just stuck his tongue out on him and walked out the door as Tatsuha eyed him thoughtfully confused: I don't care if he has a dick, his is still very girly…

Tatsuha POV

Easy access and preferred seats indeed may I add

Well, more than seats´ it was stand right below the stage´ but still utterly good. I don't think I would have stayed in a seat anyway.

I must look really funny. I feel funny. I would draw myself with big teary and glistening eyes, hearts all over my head, hands clapped together tightly against my cheek and right about to squeal in happiness. Too much anime I guess…

When Sakuma-san reached the catwalk built in the middle of the stage he waved a hand at Shuichi and bowed his head at me.

He bowed! At me! I would die happy if I didn't have the backstage passes

When they finished performing "Sleepless Beauty" Sakuma-san announced the last song


One of their ballads. Not totally slow, but its mid-tempo melody makes you drift off to Wonderland

Regular POV

"Hey, Tatsuha" Shuichi waved his hand in front of the teen's face. "The song's almost done, we should get going"

"Uhm?" The youngest Uesugi focused his eyes on the hand waving in front of him and followed the arm attached to it, directing to its owner, watching him expectantly

"Let's go backstage" The singer took the other's arm and led them in, either the teen wanted it or not.

And so in less than 30 seconds they were just in time to see the band crossing the stage doors.

Nittle Grasper´s singer aimed to jump and glomp his dear friend but right before he landed, Shuichi moved aside, and only got to kiss the floor. Which made him sad and sat whining and sniffing

"Shuichi…why did you move na no da?"

Yuki´s lover ran a hand trough the back of his head nervously

"You are… Uhmm…Dripping with sweat Sakuma san" He gave a sheepish smile

"You idiot!" Noriko came from the side with two towels on her hands and one she threw at the bewildered singer "Clean up! We have an interview in a minute"

Ryuichi got up and saluted military style


The keyboardist looked at him half annoyed and turned around heading for her dressing room to get into some fresh clothes

"…mom" He whispered making a face behind her

Turning around, left hand in same hip and right hand pointing at Ryuichi she scolded back: "I've heard that!"

"Yes, yes, Nori-chan!"

She shrugged it off and disappeared through the door leaving his band mate toweling himself.

"So, how was it?" The green haired singer asked casually

"Great, as usual" Ryuichi smiled knowing that would probably always be the answer he'd get from his colleague then tried with the other guest

"Did you like it, Tatsuha kun?" he asked more tentatively

"I could have burst from joy!" Tatsuha´s eyes went wide at the sentence, and the joyous fist he'd lifted in victory.

Grinning sheepishly at his lack of cool Tats tried to continue a bit more smoothly "There were loads of energy coming from stage, Sakuma-san"

"I was feeding from the audience" Ryuichi winked friendly at a rosy cheeked Tatsuha

"You stupid brat!" Eiri screamed from down the hall calling everyone's look. His eyes went from staring angrily at his dumb struck lover, to gaze at his brother, to send a really ugly glare to Sakuma-san and then back to his brother.

"Yu…Yuki… What… are you doing here?" Shuichi, caught off guard, stumbled with the words and gulped at the fierce look the writer was giving them.

"You! Bastard" The blonde fixed his eyes on his brunette mirror, "took my keys along with that coat and I can't get into the frigin apartment"

Tatsuha grinned goofily at his brother after searching his pockets and hanging the keys above his head. His brother eyed him irritated before grazing the keys and burying his fist in the black haired skull.

Shu and Ryuichi winced when the younger Uesugi screamed and the green haired singer went to pick an ice pack from a mini fridge close by when Eiri stomped towards his lover and grabbed his hand heading for the exit.

"But Yuki…" The pink haired singer whined but the writer stated

"No buts, we ARE leaving"

Meanwhile, and half attending to the lovers exchange, Sakuma had turned to the floor placing the ice on the teenager's cramping head.

"Ou, ou, ou, ou!" Tatsuha complained with little tears in the corner of his eyes, but once the sharp feeling from the cold passed, he sighed and gave his thanks to the Grasper's singer.

"Where were you while I was singing the last song Tatsuha?"

"The same spot as in the beginning?" The teen blinked then side glanced at his brother "But by the very end Shuichi dragged me here"

Ryuichi chuckled "I thought you were visiting relatives in Mars Na no da! You seemed to be…" his eyes flicked wickedly "…beyond Earth"

Tatsuha laughed as he stood up handing the ice back when his brother growled

"You either come with us or take the long way home" Yuki sent daggers in their direction before turning his back on them "you pick"

The black haired teen sighed and shook his head

"Just sailing I guess" he looked over his shoulder and back to Ryuichi "My relatives are from Mars though…if you were wondering" He shrugged "Nice seeing you, Ryuichi-san" Tatsuha bowed and turned on his brother's way

"Yes…" the singer sighed

"Ryuichi, we are up!" Noriko waved from the other end before walking into another corridor

"Coming!" The singer glanced both ways a couple of times before yelling the teen's name. "Hmmm, Tatsuha?"

The young Uesugi spun around to meet a hand caressing its way behind his head and a pair of soft lips requesting his, accompanied by a still slightly sweated body that clung to his coat in a short and requesting kiss.

Ryu-chan broke the contact biting his lower lip and looking up expectantly. His hand traced the same way backwards and down to the teen's chest.

"Ryuichi!" Screamed Noriko for the last time and grinned as Tatsuha smiled foolishly trying to place a foot behind the other without loosing his ground or trail of the retreating voices of his brother and his lover.

"Yes!" Ryuichi bowed again, also walking back before snapping into full throttle "Nice seeing you Tatsu-chan!"

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