Title: A new life

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Okey, so maybe I don't hate Marissa. But I like Theresa more. This story happens after the whole Oliver and Marissa are history , Theresa has arrived and... You'll see. Yeah, I'm messing with the time line here (and a couple of other things), but this story just had to be written. Bare with me.


Knock, knock

Kerstin opened the door after the third nock. She looked shocked when she saw me.

Can't say that I blame her. Usually I don't come to the house. Usually I go to the poolhouse. But he wasn't there. And I needed to talk to him.

- Oh. Marissa. Hi.

- Hi Mrs Cohen. Is Ryan here?

- He's not in the poolhouse?

She knew that he wasn't. I could see it in her eyes. Just as clearly as I saw that she did know where he was. She just didn't want to tell me.

- No, he isn't. Look, I really need to talk to him. Can you tell me where he is? Please.

I begged. I don't beg. The Cooper's don't beg. My mom had drilled that into my head since I was old enough to talk. But I was desperate. She hesitated and, again, I can't say that I blame her. I hadn't been treating him farely. Hadn't trusted him. And he was like a son to her. And there was the whole Theresa situation.

- He is out with Seth. I don't know when they will be back. You could try his cell.

I had. Twice. And all I had gotten was his voicemail.

Hey, this is Ryan. I can't talk rigth now, but a leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Bye.

I didn't leave a message. I couldn't. A phone message could be deleted. And when he heard my voice he would probably hit the delete button before he had heard the whole message. And I needed to say a few things. I needed him to listen to it. To all of it.

- I guess you could... wait in the poolhouse if you like.

It wasn't easy for her to say that. But she said it and she said it with a wasn't a big smile, but it was there and I took it for what it was. She didn't like me, didn't trust me, but she was a nice woman and she probably saw the desperation shining in my eyes.

I smiled back and nodded.

- Thank you. I think I'll do that.

I turned and walked out the door, heading for the poolhouse.

Theresa is pregnant. Theresa is pregnant with his baby.

I had sat in the poolhouse, on his bed, for almost an hour and that was the thought that kept swirling in my head.

He had slept with her. He had broken up with me so I had no right to feel betrayed. No right to feel like he had cheated on me. But I did. Oh God help me, but I did.

I love him. I love him so much that it hurts. And I had screwed things up with Oliver. Big time. And when I released it, it was to late to fix it. To fix us.

Theresa is pregnant.

I try to hate her. Try to convinse myself that she is the reason we broke up. That she is the reason that he's avoiding me.

But it's not her fault and she is a nice girl. A little rough around the edges maybe, but nice. Street smart, good looking and nice. She trusts him. She loves him. And she is carrying his baby. I can't compete with that.

I was startled when I heard a door open. I had been lost in thoughts and lost track of time. I lifted my head and was prepared to see Ryans hard face, his cold eyes.

But it was Theresa and she looked as shocked as I felt.

- Marissa? What are you doing here?

She hadn't started show yet. Her stomac was flat and you wouldn't know that she carried his child inside of her.

- Could ask you the same thing I muttered.

I had no right to hate her. That didn't mean I had to like her.

- Ryan called and asked me to pick up a few things.

Ryan had called her.

- Oh? Well then, don't let me stop you.

I got of the bed and stood and stared at her, arms crossed.

- Okey ...

She gave me a slightly worried look and went over to where he keeps his clothes and took out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She went to the bathroom and my heart grew cold.

She came out of there and put it all his things in a bag. She looked at me with something that looked like pity in her eyes and I felt like crying.

Clothes. He had asked her to pick up some clothes.

I knew what that meant and it hurt more than I wanted to let her to know. They were sleeping togheter. It had not just been a one-night-stand,it was a relationship. She had picked up his toothbrush and his deodorant to. He planned to spend the night in her hotel room.

Oh. God. It hurt. And I couldn't help but wonder if the Cohens knew about the relationship.

Of course they knew. He couldn't lie to them. And know I understood the look of pity on Kerstin's face.

I started to yell at Theresa. I don't know why. I guess I just lost it. First she just stood there, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. Then she tried to calm me down, putting her hand on my shoulder.

I pushed her away. I must have pushed harder than I thought because the next thing I knew she was on the floor, her eyes shut, hands on the stomac.

- Aaah...

I could see a tear falling from her eye.

The baby. Had I hurt the baby?

Then she fainted.

I stood there frozen, looking at her, not knowing what to do, when I heard Ryan's voice.


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