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"Go back to bed"

Yuki Eiri was quietly reading a book in his very much comfortable couch when a sniffing Shuichi appeared next to him wrapped up in a cough wrinkled blue blanket.

He had obviously left again cough the bed he had been lying into for the past cough10 minutes Yuki checked on his watch That's a record. cough …For the fifth time in the last half hour.


"No, I don't want to" whined the pink fluff as he cough played uncomfortably with his foot toes hoping his koi cough wouldn't notice he wasn't cough wearing anything warm on his feet and scold him for that too

"Winter time is not the best cough time of the year to go out, cough get drunk after a concert, don't even CHANGE clothes and make SNOWMANS until 3 or 4 am and THEN cough INSIST on calling ME to pick you up while I'm WORKING so that I can bring you home cough because you are too smashed to even call a cab and getting me stucked to take care of you cough ESPECIALLY if you are not going to do what you are told!"

Eiri was really losing his patience, of course writing was left for another time in the future, and the appealing idea of a reading had long been gone cough since it was practically impossible to turn pages without being interrupted.

Though he could still try.

"You are sick. If you don't rest you wont get any better AND cough you are more of a pain in the ass than usual. Go to bed. NOW!"

"But Yuuuuukiiiiiii" cough

No, he couldn't.

"No Yuki. Bed. NOW"

"Bed's boring… cough You took away my music and everything cough that makes bed fun" Shu-chan half whined half mumbled to the writer as he pulled the blanket closer and scooped next to him looking to the floor with an eyebrow raised.

Yuki sweat dropped.


"Are you planning to get me sick too? BED. NOW!" the writer shook him off but, used to it, the singer ´s grip tightened making Eiri´s arm look like a ceiling fan.


Up to the other Useagi brother…

"Ta-chan, cough play with me and Kuma-chan cough " a 30 and something year old singer asked softly azure blue puppy eyes to his half sleeping lover who actually looked like he had been run over by a truck but… who noticed? A pillow was blocking the sight

Barely removing the pillow from his head he looks so sexy with his hair messed up

"Nee, Ryuichi you need rest and me too my head is pounding like crazy and you are not helping – Tatsuha winced- you and Shuichi played too much last night and now you got a flew"

"But Ta-chan cough I'm bored" Ryuichi said in serious but not aggravating manner as he snugged closer to Tatsuha hugging the pink bunny by his mouth

Tatsuha just smiled sweetly. That sure cured the headache then moved over the singer and gave him a peek on the mouth "I can make it fun for you"

That was very seductive. coughRyuichi grinned and closed the bunny gap between them (yeah, poor Kumagorogot trapped between them overit´s ownerschest) in a deep kiss.

"Now I'm going to get all your viruses" pointed out the younger male causing the older one to try tickle him cough with no much success as he was cough pinned to the bed with a straddling grip cough that make his jerking hips quite unable to cough move up for contact.

The brunette Useagi kissed him lovingly in a cough "not now" kind of way as he got up from bed and turned before the other cough tried to follow.

"You stay there. You are only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom if you need anything, I'll go get it for you. Now I'm going to get you some medicine, stay there."

Ryuichi pouted and tried to complain but his voice was dry and his throat was sore. Tatsuha saw him wince awwwwwwww poor thing and stated kindly.

"I'll get you a tea. Please stay in bed?" now it was his turn to use the puppy eyes

The singer plopped himself back in bed how cute and hugged his bunny friend as he covered himself up to the nose. So cute

"Hai, be back –yawn- soon!" and so he fell asleep

Somewhere else in Tokyo…

Hiroshi Nakano started waking up to some extent of light coming from who knows were that wanted him to interrupt his gorgeous dreams.

He felt his senses coming back to himand along with itcame the memory of his very sick burning stomach and throbbing head.

He also feltcosy and his senses cleared better. Half himself was resting over a slim naked body... naked.

Someone got lucky last night

His left arm was under a right one and left leg tangled between the others legs, his head nuzzling a pearly white neck and his right arm was bended over a head he could still not see, but the sudden feeling of a flat chest, greenish blue hair and his knee rubbing on "something", gave him a pretty good idea of who it was.

Finally Hiro chuckled inwardly and snugged closer trying not to wake Suguru up. The nightly events were coming pretty slowly, though he could remember he was REALLY DRUNK and surprised the younger boy had kept up with him. That means he'll be sick too and throbbing in two places…

Fujisaki stirred under his arm and a soft moan came from his throat. He was waking up. The guitarist relaxed trying not to give the other the feeling of being watched. Suguru breathed deeply He's up and placed a hand over Hiro´s as he turned his face to see him.

Nakano pressed on his bandmate´s chest and ran his hand around his companion's waist making him turn to fully face him. The older male smiled pleasantly and the other sighed, humming and closing his eyes. He is so warm

"Are you ok?"

Have I told you how fluffy am I?

Well, a LOT.

More fluff on the next chapter… Ryuichi REALLY doesn't want to take his medicine and our lovebirds remember the previous events…

Will they try again?