"Are you ok?"

"I think" came the bitter reply

Suguru closed his eyes and tried to hide his face in his arms while his stomach had all the intentions of leaving him. My head is fn $cr#wd


I wish I remembered…

Hiro, startled at the teen's blurt out, now rested on his right elbow and with the hand that was on Fujisaki´s waist traced the way to his shoulder…

"Sorry, it wasn't supposed to come out like that"

… then to his arm to finally reach the spot where his chin was hidden

"What's wrong?"

His keyboard player gave an exasperated sigh as he rolled to rest on his back glancing at him for a moment.


Everything was wrong, the feeling of their naked bodies under covers was soothing, freeing and all at once the realization that they had slept together and were still sharing intimacy after getting drunk clueless about the others feelings was utterly terrifying

"You think too much" Hiro chuckled as a bunch of images from Suguru at work with his synthesizer, keyboard, pointing things at Shuichi or acting exasperated for the singers behavior made it's flashing way through his head.

The younger male had a whole "you are kidding me" face as he assumed a sitting position to get a better view of such carefree person lying next to him.

Bad, BAD idea…

He was now exposing his naked hips and leg

A warm chill painted his cheeks a light crimson as he caught sight of the long haired guitarist trailing his eyes on the bare skin from his waist down to his…


He instantly plunged the sheets his unoccupied hands were toying with around his waist Nice blush and both unconsciously nibbled at their lower lips for an moment.

Hiro cocked an eyebrow and assumed a sitting stand too

"You do think too much"

Without notice, he reached a hand behind Suguru´s head and the other around his waist as he leaned in to claim his lips in a ravaging kiss.


Hiro´s POV

I'm going to have a hell of a headache tomorrow… Where's Shuichi? I wonder… he was just here with Sakuma-san and …

"Oi, Sgru. Do know wre Shuchi wnt to?"


He was almost in front of me but not quite there I guess. Did he understand what I said? I wouldn't have… how much did I drink? 1, 2, 3 beers… oh wait those two are his…

"He left with Tatsuha and Sakuma-san, something about snow bunny men-yawn-" a vodka red bull, a pint of… something

Oh right, he answered me and I'm just staring at the drinks in the table… smooth one.

He has a sober expression, a little bit more serious than usual, maybe sadder because his eyes are… distant. When was it that I started liking him? Mm…6, 7, 8 months? About six months after my split up with Ayaka-chan.

He he, the look on everyone's faces when I told them we had BOTH decided to split up the famous "morning after". I think K actually dropped the gun he was pointing at me for being late…The first time with the woman you love is PRONE to a late arrival, I DESERVED to be late.

If you added JUST a little breast size on his chest he would actually look like a girl… that open shirt would make a very attractive cleaaaaaaa…

Another zip of beer and he is looking at me with an eyebrow raised. "What are you thinking about?" …veage "…You look like K when he's happy" I spitted what I was drinking

So, I look like a maniac (sweat drop)

We couldn't help but to laugh at the picture. After a while my stomach ached and I had to stop laughing or else… I think Suguru was the same because his happy face suddenly turned into a pained expression as he soothed his hands over his abs.

He sighed deeply and announced it was time to go home. "I think so too…" and I paid for the drinks…

I'm going to kill slay MURDER Shuichi and Tatsuha tomorrow…if I feel like leaving bed of course… or have them pay me back… also a good idea, I don't want to deal with a Magnum or a snipper gun…after all you can easily replace a guitarist but not a lead singer and the others boyfriend… that would be too much trouble… anyways..

No one was outside the club…

"They took the car… I'll take a cab" Suguru started walking to the street but stumbled midways and I caught his coat before he fell face to the floor

"That's if you can reach one…And it's too dangerous. You might be recognized I'll take you on my bike"

He was flushed, is not like him to lose control like that. Too proud. What is he now? 18/19? He is still a kid sometimes.

Oh wait…

That means…


Its ok Hiro… don't panic.

Oh, there's that odd look again… "Sorry, Fujisaki-kun" He just shrugged.


Now Suguru was on top of Hiro and kissing him back, smoothly. "Hmmmn…?" The guitarist broke the kiss smiling and raised an eyebrow at his bandmate´s incoherent question.


The keyboardist sat on him and a soft moan escaped his lips as he heaved a sigh feeling the boy so close to his mid side

"I like you" Hiro whispered to Suguru´s ear. Fujisaki tensed.

The guitarist chuckled "I told you yesterday… Over 6 months already" The boy kept staring and caressing the back of the others head. "You were just too drunk to remember" Hiro stuck his tongue out mocking him.

His presence started to sink in the teen's mind and he started liking the feeling of it. The heat HE irradiated was different. Hiro kept mocking…

"How about you? " the tone softened as "You wouldn't let me go last night" left his mouth and then placed a kiss on the tense neck of Suguru "there must be something…"

"I…I…" He started stuttering and playing with whatever was on his hands at the moment.

"You look so cute when you fidget" The brunet wrapped his arms around the smaller male like holding a baby.

As the heat spread through his face, he rested his head on Fujisaki´s shoulder-blade and blew air on it. Then he started nipping at the base of the neck "For how long…" trailed the kissing to the end of his shoulder, "…have you liked me?"

The keyboardist wrapped his legs around Nakano´s waist and gave him more access to explore his collar bone "…About two years…" Hiro stopped "…I started to find you… attractive…"

The older male placed a big draping kiss below his Adan´s apple pulling him closer "How long…?" and rubbed their hips together enough to make the others grip tighten

"A little" the kissing continued and Suguru had to bite his lip to stay focus "…over a year" he sighed heavily before the teaser laid him on the bed and pressed his whole body against him. The air grew hotter and whatever time it was got forgotten.


Suguru had fallen asleep on the ride but Hiro didn't notice until they reached the kid's apartment.

He took of his helmet and tried to get up, but there was a weight holding him back.

It was a sweet sight, even with his head covered Fujisaki-kun was resting his head peacefully on his back. He loosened the sleeping one's grip seizing him from under the shoulders to get him up.

"You awake?"


Guess that works…Already off the bike, Suguru found support on the guitarist's leather jacket as his chin was pulled up to release him from his helmet Not that he notices anyway…

"I'm going to unlock this thing ok?"

"Hmm" said the genius drunken musician as he nodded faintly in response.

Hiro raised his chin up to unfasten the lock, pulled the helmet of his head and placed it on the motorcycle. When he turned around Suguru braced him and bolted their lips together.

The failed attempt of words from Nakano to Fujisaki left a small gap between their locked mouths and produced an inciting vibration the other took advantage of, deepening the kiss.

The guitarist didn´t mind and followed the younger´s actions pulling him closer and kneading his sides as the teen wrapped his hands behind his long locks of hair at the base of his neck.

Roaming around their hands as the intoxicating smell of heated alcohol mixed with tobacco and dried bittersweet perfume penetrated their nostrils, he broke the kiss in a hollow sound as he realized they were STILL outside the building.

His partner soon realized the environment had suddenly become chilly and didn´t hesitate in picking up the lost contact…A little softer this time, leading his companion indoors, easily finding the elevator and quickly arriving to his apartment.

Slightly pressed to the door, without breaking the kiss, Suguru tapped his pockets to find the keys that were inside his suit coat. When he turned to open the door Hiroshi draped his arms tightly around his frame making it clear his lower body demanded more than just phony contact at the time being. The keyboardist left a needy groan out. Also, kissing his neckline, as if necessary to explain it, Hiro hushed the words out.


Fujisaki immediately pushed the door open and switched places with the older male when it was closed asking him regaining a little of the consciousness alcohol had numbed, intense blue orbs staring up at brown ones.

"Since when?"

Regarding seriousness too, maybe more than the other´s, Hiro stated unsmiling brushing his nose and lips to Suguru´s cheek down to below his ear

"Since you picked up habits…"

Fujisaki blushed a little but the statement was enough to reassume their way to the bedroom

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