Shuichi beated Yuki. The writer gave the fight to get the other to be quiet up and decided to join the singer in bed. He laid reading andShuichi cuddled and fell asleep on his chest very little after.

And so the time passed, too quiet probably, until the phone rang.

"hmmufsakjjso" mumbled the pink haired male still laying on his lover.


The singer lifted his head up and said sleepily: "Pick. Up. Yuki" and then passed out again. Eiri grunted and looked at the id caller. Fujisaki kun. It wasn´t for him so he decided to ignore it. But the phone kept ringing.

"Yuki pick up!" his lover whined. Peace and quiet never lasted long around him.

"What for? It´s not for me anyways"

The singer lunged to the phone but a fist got on his way and ended with a bump on his head. "Yukiiii"

"Moshi, moshi" The writer spoke in a bored tone

"Hello, Eiri-san. Is Shuichi there?" Nakano- san? The writer glanced at the receiver again. Yes, the call was from Fujisaki´s house. A smirked crossed his face.

"Who is it?" the singer whispered. Eiri glared.

"Hai, the sick baka is here" Yuki spoke amused "How´s Fujisaki kun?"

Hiro cursed, he was sitting on the bed and instead of using his cell he used the other´s house phone.

Suguru had just come out of the shower and looked at him oddly before realizing his lover was calling from his house to Eiri´s, on a Sunday, at 12 in the morning,after going out until who knows what hour, and figuring out what state Shuichi was when he arrived at Yuki´s, they were busted. He walked up to the guitarist and leaned for a kiss.

"You were going to tell Shuichi anyways" He whispered. Hiro nodded.

"He is fine Eiri-san, can I speak to Shu-chan please?"

"Hai, but wait a minute"

Shuichi blinked

"You might want to get this, baka" The blond handed his lover the tube "But don´t say a word until I leave the room" The singer nodded and waited obediently until the writer closed the door behind him.

"Hello?" the singer looked at the id caller. Suguru

The writer began the countdown.


"Hello Shuichi" the singer smiled. It was Hiro.


"What´s up Hiro kun!"

There was a short silence on the other side of the line and a little amused murmur

wait… there was something wrong there…




There he is…

It took Tatsuha a little over 15 minutes to go to the pharmacy get the medicine and return to the building.

All the way there and back rubbing his hands frantically to keep them "warm" and not cold numbed. It would be a shame the keys slipped past his fingers and made him lose more time into getting inside the cozy apartment where he had to take care of a hyperactive sick singer.

As he entered the precious heat he rested against the door for a few moments…

Fuck it's cold outside

When he opened his eyes,one eyebrow started twitching.

Doodled walls, papers on the floor, Couch… Safe, papers and crayons, Ryuichi sitting on the floor between the couch and the coffee table facing the ongoing TV, talking to Kumagoro about "Alice in Wonderland".


The green haired male was trying to be convinced that getting gigantic was one of the possible side effects of eating too much candy, but it didn't seem to work.

The conversation ended when the incomer's keys went into his pocket and both bunny and singer fell asleep on the table…

"Ryuichi?" The teenager said accusingly as he walked up to them. The pop star stirred and mumbled something incoherent. Tatsuha kneeled to remove some strands out of the "sleeping's" eyes but shot up he felt the moisty and heated forehead.

"Fuck Ryuichi! You are boiling!"

The singer made a protesting sound as he was lifted up and lead to the bedroom. His lover laid him on the bed and started running angrily around the appartment.

"Ta-chan what are you doing?"

The teenager stopped and shot him a glare "Well, since you won't listen to me, I'm trying to take care of you!" he snapped as he left the room and tears began to form behind the singers blue orbs.

"But, but, Kumagoro was bored so we took some papers and tried to draw sniff but he escaped and started scribbling the walls so I decided to put on Alice because he loves it, but then I got scared but he wouldn't turn it off and I was feeling tired so I fell asleep and then you came"

Ryu-chan cried at sound speed, changing from serious to exited to pouting to helpless to end with a very sad pout smile on his reddened face.

Yuki and Mika´s brother returned to the room carrying a bowl of ice and water along with the medicine bag and a cloth which were placed on the nightstand before he slumped next to the man curling up cradling a pink bunny with the sheets around his legs and his head between his knees.

Tatsuha took the bunny from the singer's hands shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Bad Kuma-chan. I told you to look after him while I was gone and there you go push him out of bed when he should be resting to get better"

Sakuma Ryuichi lifted his head up and the youngest Uesugi rested their foreheads together. "I'm sorry for that, but you'll never get better if you don't do it"

The singer nodded and cringed when a cold cloth was pressed to his head but then it felt better. Until his lover spoke out

"Now. The medicine"

He panicked. The little brown bottle left the little white and light blue box. The bottle was small but those brownish littlethings ALWAYS carried the most dreaded substances.

Amused by the cringed expression Tatsuha explained that he had SPECIALLY asked for some strawberry syrup so that he would actually drink it.

The singer nodded in agreement thinking his boyfriend was a very smart person but still eyed the spoon suspiciously when it was placed in front of him.

"What? You don't trust me?" he inquired mockingly

"Of course I trust you!" Ryu-chan cheered "THAT´s what I'm not so sure of" and he pointed at the caramel colored liquid as if it was the most fascinating monster ever known. You can never be too sure of those things

"Come on, drink it"

Sakuma crossed his arms and closed his eyes denying with his head.


"Ah ap" He rejected the spoon with a hand and Tatsuha´s eyebrow started twitching again. This would take ALL his patience.

And it did.

After several times of trying the spoon to reach the singer's mouth (now so tightly pursed you couldn't even see his lips) there were several syrup stains on the bed AND the floor.

Did you really think he would stay in one place?

He even tried menacing him by forbidding him from: candy, ice-cream, cartoons, games, sex (as if HE could handle that), drawing, for a week first, weeks then, a month, all those combined even! But for as fast as the singer feared the lack of supplies, his reflexes worked better.

The teen frowned. How bad can some strawberry medicine be! It smells good enough! He made Ryuichi try smelling it

"True" he nodded, it did smell like strawberries, but still, the answer was no.

Tatsuha breathed in very deeply and stuck the spoon in and out of his mouth in a flash twisting his features at the cloying bitter sweet taste and lunged himself on the wide eyed pop star kissing him.

Please open your mouth, please open your mouth, please open your mouth. Ahhhh. He did, and their mouths didn´t part before he swallowed the poison.

As soon as he did the hands that were gripping at his koi´s shoulders recovered their sense and pushed him away in rejection.

"Yack! That tasted AWFUL!" Whined the singer as he took the bawl of ice and started drinking from it.

Tatsuha chuckled trying to investigate what it tasted like before he whipped his mouth with his arm and the back of his hand and took the bowl from the singers hands to do the same.

"I know"

They chuckled.

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