Title: Forbidden

Rating: T (may rise later on)

Summary: Rory Hayden has lived in England since she was a year old. Tristan DuGrey was born and raised in Hartford. As they both grew up they were taught to hate each other. That is until Rory moves back to Hartford... TRORY

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Chapter One:

Tristan DuGrey pulled his brand new black Lamborghini into the Chilton student parking lot. After parking his car in front of the school he casually got out of the car. Leaning up against the car he pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes ,as he watched his fellow Chilton students scramble around campus at the start of a new year. This place hasn't changed a bit he thought.

"Hey Trissy" someone said from behind him. Tristan recognized the voice immediately, it belonged to the school slut and his ex girlfriend Summer Randle (A/N I forget her last name)

Without even turning around he asked "Summer what the hell do you want?"


"In your dreams" muttered Tristan as he started to turn around.

"Every night" Summer purred stepping closer to Tristan so they were almost touching, only an inch or two apart.

"Summer we broke up two years ago get over it" Tristan replied stepping back a bit but was stopped by his car. Damn car he thought ,now I can't run away.

"Trissy don't be like that" she yelled as she moved closer to him running her hands up and down his arms. Pulling his head down to hers she kissed him with all the passion she had.

Pulling away quickly he screamed "Summer get a LIFE!"

Before Summer could reply an angry voice coming from behind Tristan yelled "hey tramp get your paws off my boyfriend!"

Tristan turned around quickly. Blue eyes met blue eyes.

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