The One I Love Is You

A/N: Okay. This is the sequel to The Prince's First Love

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Chapter one: How are you?

Kagome looked out into the sky. 'It's so pretty here. Unlike back in the 21st century, it is so clear.' Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around her. "Hey you. How've you been lately?" Sesshomaru asked his love. "Well, so so, I guess. There hasn't been much to do lately, and plus I have to go and visit Sango and Miroku's new child, you know." Kagome smiled. "Yeah. Maybe we should start on getting one to." Sesshomaru stated. Kagome was shocked. "Then you're using me! JERK!" She pushed him away and stuck her tongue out at him. "What's that? Come here you little bitch!" Sesshomaru ran to grab her, but she escaped. "What's the matter, fluff? Having trouble catching a human? Or is it that you're getting old?" Kagome ran for the columns that held the roof together and hid behind it. "Why you! I cannot be insulted by a low-class, ill-mannered, and devious witch!" Sesshomaru sniffed for her. She ran off into the forest to see if he could find her. 'Keh! That bastard thinks he knows it all! Well, let's just see about that!' Kagome thought while laughing.

'Grr! She is pissing me off! How the hell can she do that to me?' Sesshomaru was outraged. 'Let's see if she can run far from here. I won't go and find her.' Sesshomaru pouted. Rin came out to find her father sitting on the rock, and being stubborn not to go and find his mate, who apparently got mad and ran off. "Sesshomaru-sama? Why is Sesshomaru-sama pouting like Rin when Rin get mad?" Rin asked. "Huh?" He turned to her and blushed a bit. "I-I'm not mad. I'm just livid." Sesshomaru turned back to his other position when he was frustrated. "Okay. Rin and Shippo-chan are going to play! We're going out into the forest!" Sesshomaru eyed the young one. "Not without Jaken." Rin grinned happily. "Okay! We go play with Jaken-sama too!" Rin turned to Shippo who just got out into the garden. "Shippo-chan! Let's beat Jaken-sama up!" Rin smiled at the kitsune. "Yeah! I wanna rip his eyes out!" Sesshomaru looked at the human and the young fox. 'There being too violent if I must say…' Sesshomaru shook his head. Kagome looked at him squarely. "And you aren't?" Kagome eyed him. "Who is there to say I'm not?" Sesshomaru glared back at her. "Hah! You're admitting it, aren't you!" Kagome stuck her tongue out at him. "Hmm…Well, that is it then. You win." Kagome was about to run, but she stopped when Sesshomaru wasn't going to freaking chase her like the last time. "Why aren't you chasing me?" Kagome asked, still confused. "Because." Sesshomaru stated. "Because….Why?" Kagome asked. "You still don't know?" Sesshomaru looked at her with gentle eyes. "Know, what?" Kagome inched towards him.

"You're pregnant."

Kagome was shocked. "M-me? Pregnant? NO way! I would know it if-if…" Kagome blushed. "You are. And that's how it is going to be." Kagome was still dazed. "H-how do you know?" Kagome stuttered. "Because, unlike you, I'm full youkai." Sesshomaru could sense things faster than she could. "Plus, since you are miko, the kid's gonna be a full youkai, instead of a dirty half-breed." Sesshomaru looked away from her. He knew it was going to bring back bad memories, and sad ones, but he needed to remind her that his brother wasn't that far from them. They were still family, even though they fought over the same woman and despised each other.

"Hai. I understand that. But, what if I die? And Naraku is going to be unlocked?" Sesshomaru shook his head. "As long as your blood remains on this earth, it won't matter. Your blood needs to be wiped out from this world in order for Naraku to be unleashed. Kikyo did not have any children, therefore could open the barrier. He has another to go. He just needs the present blood of a descendant, if you have one, do you understand?" Sesshomaru asked. Kagome nodded. 'So, Naraku needs my blood, but if I have a descendant, then he needs the blood of that descendant?' Kagome worried. "You don't need to worry. I'll protect you and our children." Sesshomaru gave her a kiss to seal his promise. "Daijoubou, koishii." Kagome returned the kiss. "Arigatou, Sesshou-kun."

A/N: I was writing this sequel listening to "Eternal Snow" from Fullmoon O Sagashite. You have to watch that anime. It is soo sad. I'm gonna write a fanfiction on that now!