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Chapter 2

"Nya, nya! Shippo-chan can't catch Rin-chan!" Rin stuck her tongue out at the fox. "Hrr! Take that! Fox fire!" The angry kitsune blasted a small, blue fire at the human girl. Jaken, as ordered, had to protect the two, so he stood in the way and got hit in the face. 'Sesshomaru-sama does have a heart for these kids, but not for me...' Jaken sniffed. The kids ran farther into the woods, trampling over the fallen Jaken at the same time. "Choto matte yo!" Jaken screamed after the children. None of them cared to look back as they ran deeper into the woods.

"Haha. Rin and Shippo-chan lost Jaken-sama!" Rin chuckled while she laid back on the soft grass. "Ne, Rin-chan? Does Sesshomaru-sama ever try to kill you?" Shippo asked while he sat on the rock near Rin. "Eh? Sesshomaru-sama? Do that to Rin-chan? No way! Sesshomaru-sama loves Rin-chan. He always protects Rin-chan!" Rin smiled at the fox who apparently was stunned to hear that. "Hountou? I thought he just wanted to kill every human. And now he's fallen for Kagome-chan..." Shippo sighed. Rin pushed herself from the grass and leaned against her palms. "Ne, Shippo-chan? Rin and Shippo-chan should go back now. Jaken-sama might get mad." Rin boosted herself up to her feet and trotted down past the lake. "Hai!" Shippo leaped and ran past her.

"Sessho-kun...Why...Why did you fall for me?" Kagome suddenly asked. "Because...Staying near you...well...I couldn't help it. Your scent washes me up into a dream. Your looks arouse me...And...Your personality has me wrapped around you. So that is why I decided to mate you." Kagome was shocked. "Th-that's why you wanted me? You didn't care if I was human?" Sesshomaru didn't use any motions, but instead replied, "Yes. I thought about it a lot. I told myself to keep the demon blood untainted from any human, strong, weak, young, or old. It didn't matter to me. But, when I saw you, you were capable of holding a child with the pure demon blood, and you were appealing." Kagome blushed at all the compliments she took into herself. "A-arigato, Sesshou-kun. I think I've had enough for today..." Kagome stood, blushing, and walked away from him.

Sesshomaru chuckled. 'That'll keep her spirits up.' Sesshomaru stood and walked towards the kitchen. Inside, there were stoves on, demon servents running amok, bowing at their lord, and returning back to work. A small bear, no higher than Sesshomaru's knee, approached the mighty dog. "Ano, Sesshomaru-sama, what would you like for dinner this evening?" The young bear asked. Sesshomaru looked down at his servant and responded, "We'll have something special tonight. What do humans usually eat?" Sesshomaru looked at his master chef. The bear was shocked, but replied, "Cooked unagi. Or they could have something regular like fried fish." The bear bowed looking at his master once again. "We'll have the unagi. (Fresh water eel) Kagome will be pleased with it. Have it ready in 2 hours." Sesshomaru then walked past the young bear. "Hai, Sesshomaru-sama."

Rin, Shippo and Jaken returned, all happy, except for Jaken whom had multiple bruises on his face. Wakana greeted the youngsters, excluding Jaken because Sesshomaru requested it, (How mean!) and returned to her work. Rin and Shippo ran inside to go to the hot tubs first, and Jaken went to the washroom.

Kagome sat on her/Sesshomaru's bed and covered her mouth. 'Oh my lord! He complimented me! What should I do now? How do I compliment him? All I know is that I fell for him...but why!' Kagome kept asking herself these questions. A knock then rapped on the door. "Come in!" The door creaked open and she saw the demon herself. Sesshomaru stood in the doorway and leaned against it. "Had enough time for yourself already?" Kagome looked towards the window. "Uh, I guess. Why?" Sesshomaru was irritated that his woman did not intend to even look at him straight in the eye. He kept it to himself and walked towards her. 'What should I say!' Kagome's heart beat went faster. Sesshomaru, with advanced hearing, could hear her pulse getting higher. "Are you okay?" He stopped in his tracks. "Huh? Yeah. It's just that..." Before she could explain any further, Sesshomaru already held her mouth in his. Kagome blinked twice before returning it. After what seemed like an eternity for her, he let go. "Don't speak any more. It's alright. I understand." Sesshomaru sat down next to her. "We're going to have something special tonight. Please attend." Usually, Kagome would liked it if Wakana or her brother bring her food into the room, instead of feasting out with the demons that would stare at her for countless hours, eating and staring at the same time. Kagome couldn't deny the request, because it would reject and also offend Sesshomaru, so she accepted it. "What are we having though?" Kagome asked. "You'll see." Sesshomaru smiled as he walked away.

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