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Summary: They had no need for her, she was a failed experiment…but he loved her their first success at DNA mixing…maybe she will rise from the ashes like a phoenix…. S+S T+E M+OC

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The Experiments

He was out. Free… away. Away from the pain, the men, his home…no his prison. He broke down into the snow, and wept. Wept for his clan, his family, his life, his friends, his love, his countr-…His love! 'Oh, Sakura, my beautiful angel…..I broke it….my…..promise…' the chestnut haired man, with wolf ears and tail fell face first into the snow and into unconsince….

Miles away, in a grey building surrounded by electric fences, genetically modified guard dogs, thousands of men in white suits and search lights, a woman with long auburn hair and emerald eyes awoke. She raised a hand to her chest to feel her beating heart, although she could hear it. She shakes her head ' No ' she thinks to herself,' no he couldn't have…..he wouldn't have left with her….Right?'

To calm her mind she untangled herself form the blood red silk sheets and stumbled out of her bed and towards a green glass panel. 'He should be back by now.' She stated cheerfully, but added sorrowfully ' I hope they did not hurt him to bad…this time..'. Hurrying to enter the code to the device beside the green panal that blocked her from her love, her Chinese warrior, her wolf…..Her Syaoran…..

She flung open the curtain behind the panel expecting to see him curled up in the green silk sheets of his bed…. But there was no one there. She ran into the bathroom to check if he had collapsed again on the white tiles, but alas no. Panic entered her mind and she ran through into the bedroom of her love and towards the blue panel. Quickly she typed in the code – 013 5672345. 'Let them be there…Please Kami…don't take them away like everything else…'

She ran through the curtain while thinking somewhere in the slumbering part of her mind 'It's to early to be doing this much running…' while the rational part of her mind was screaming for her to rip this place apart to find him.

They were there tangled and sleeping peacefully in their purple silk sheets. For a minute the part of her mind that had awoken envied them…..

" Tomoyo! Wake up! Syaoran's missing!"

"Wha-?" murmured the half asleep female, then the logic in her brain comprehended the words of the auburn angel.

"He's gone!" the 'angel screamed again waking the black haired male.

"Where's the snowmen?" slurred the dark haired male as he fell back asleep. (AN sweatdrop)

"Syaoran gone?"

"#Snuffle# H-hai #snuffle#" said the emerald eyed girl as she tried , and failed horribly to stop the tears.

"Oh, Sakura come on we'll go look for him how does that sound? I'm sure he's just outside the door to your room like he was last time." The woman named 'Tomoyo' stated as she climbed out of her warm bed.

"Did you check there this time?" she asked the crying girl as she comfeted her.

"#snuffle# N-no…..I didn't check this time….#snuffle#" the angel named 'Sakura' replied.

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