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Summary: They had no need for her, she was a failed experiment…but he loved her their first success at DNA mixing…maybe she will rise from the ashes like a phoenix…. S+S T+E

The Experiments

When he awoke he was in a damp and rotting room, chain to the wall by two aluminium cuffs at his wrists and ankles. He moved his deep brown ears to locate any source of sound. There, about seven feet away from him he could hear the muffled sounds of two 'doctors'.

"Bob, (AN couldn't think of any good names. Help?) Do you think he is awake yet? I mean he's moving and grunting…"

"Simon, do I look as if I care?" the sound of pieces of a material, probably paper thought Syaoran absent-mindedly, before going back to listen into the conversation.

"Hey! Read these to me as it type."

"Fine. #ahem#

Name: Li Syaoran

Experiment Number: 09747267

Experiment: Lucian (An I think that means werewolf, but I'm not sure can anybody tell me?)

Status: In progress

Animal mixed with: Wolf

Dna mixed: Ears, tail, hearing, sight, instincts, mating cycles, strength, nose (of a wolf)

Hair colour: Brown

Ear Colour: Dark brown

Tail ColourDark brown

Eye Colour: Light brown

And that's it…"

"And save…. Hey did you hear about the old experiment?"

Sakura! If they've hurt her! A deep growl crawled out of the youth's parched mouth.

"Yeah, I mean did you see that girl! And those curves! I could droll over her aaaalllll day!"

"Mmm Hm, I know what you mean I can see why 09747267kept her all to himself. But you know the rules….."

She's MINE! My mate, my angel touch her and I will rip you limb from LIMB! Steamed the wolf chained to the wall.

"Yeah, but if sh wasn't then…,well you know."

"Hai, I just cannot believe Justin got to handle her"

When Syaoran hear this being said about her, HIS precious cherry blossom, he ripped the chains from the wall, despite the pain and complaints from his sore, bruised mussels, bone and wounds, and swung them through the wall the men 'Bob' and 'Simon' were behind.

"Tomoyo…..did you here that?" Sakura questioned thru her tears of pain and loss.

"Hai, I sounded as though it came from the labs…..I thought you were asleep.." replied Tomoyo from the corner of the pink and bronze room.

"No I don't sleep these days… not anymore…not since…. He left…" Sakura said as she climbed out of the blood stained sheets that were once pink.

"Sakura! You shouldn't be moving your wound's aren't fully healed!" exclaimed the black haired woman as she ran to her friend's aid.

"I'll be fine." She stated as she tried to conceal a wince. "I'm just going to see what that was…. you never know" Sakura tried to smile " it could be him…#cough#cough#" a pool of blood appeared below the maidens mouth. Tomoyo wince as her best friend started to cough up her on blood again…but she knew that she was better off staying back, judging by what happened last time.


"Sakura, Sakura were are you? Me and Eriol have got some news ab- SAKURA!" Tomoyo screamed as she walked into the bathroom. Sakura was lying in a pool of her blood on the light grey tiles with her waist long auburn hair spilling around her body and her wings scrunched up and still bleeding through the bandages.

"Tom-…#cough#cough# Tomoyo…#cough#cough# stay back…#cough#cough#"

Tomoyo ran towards her barely conscious friend, only to be thrown back through the open bathroom door and into the bedroom wall.

"Sakura…" She muttered as everything went dark.

End Flashback

Tomoyo still had no idea of how she awoke in her bed and how Sakura's back and wings had been re-bandaged. Sakura, by this point had stopped coughing.

"Are you ok Sakura?" She asked hesitantly

"Yes. Thank you Tomoyo."

"For what"

"I dunno, just… just being there I guess" Sakura managed a weak smile.

"There's no need to thank me Sakkie." Tomoyo said as she turned a light pink.

Syaoran stood in a puddle of the men's blood and collapsed with all the adrenaline out of his blood stream.

"Sakura…Sakura I coming…" Syaoran stood up again a stumbled towards the door at the other side of the observation lab.

"Did you hear that Jack?" Someone muttered outside the door.

"Mike, it's most likely to be Simon tripping over something…." The man named 'Jack' muttered unsurely.

"Yeah that would make sense…"


"Come on we're supposed to be in lab 8 to check on the Angel Experiment. I'm sure Simon and Bob can handle the Lucian Experiment." Said Will in a reassuring tone to Jack.

Angel Experiment? That's Sakura! So if I manage to find lab 8 then I find her!


"Tomoyo you should go before They get here…." Sakura commanded as she sat back down on her bed.


"Now!" Tomoyo scampered back into her bedroom, as five burly men in black suit came in through a white panel.

"Now little lady we don't want any trouble…. this time now do we lads?" Asked the tall man in the middle of the group as the boys around him chuckled cruelly.

"Then you picked a bad time didn't you." Sakura said as she flipped over their heads and out the door.

The commander (A/n the guy in the middle) spoke into a small, black walky-talky

"Angel's on her way. Over"

"Rodger. We'll get her commander. Over and out"

Sakura ran down the hallway with great difficulty as of her 'improved' wings.

Stupid bastards! They actually think they have a right to do this to peo-

She hit the ground with five tranquilizer darts in her back.



"Hello." Said a bald man with black beady eyes. What happened? How did I get here? What was I doing? SYAORAN! Oh my god! Syaoran he left me and I was looking for him and They found out he was gone and then…then there is nothing…

Sakura began to struggle in the bound chair she was in.

"Now, now" The man scolded slightly "You'll do yourself some damage if you keep doin that and we wouldn't want that now would we, Justin?"

"No we wouldn't Bob. Hello precious." A tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes, which with mischief, smiled at her. Sakura spat into his clean-cut face. The man lifted his arm and wiped the spit away and chuckled lightly.

"Now, now precious we can't be having that now can we?" He walked over to a control panel and picked up a white clipboard and hit a blue button. Sakura felt electricity flow through her system. #Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!# She screamed at the top of her lungs. Five minutes later, Justin took his had off the button and started to leaf through her file (the white one that he pick up).

"Mmmmmm" He mused to himself "Well" He said as he snapped the file shut. "It seems here that because of 09747267's disappearance that you're case will be reopened, precious." He smiled evilly at her then Bob put a drug into her system and everything went dark.

End Flashback

Sakura awoke again and was stared back at by the same blue eyes that cause her so much physical pain.

"Hello precious." Justin said with fake joy. "Unfortunately today I have to work on a different project today. So I'll see you tomorrow precious." He stated as he sauntered out of the room. Sakura turn her eyes to the other men in the room, one of them was short and fat, with graying hair, deep blue eyes and a pair of thick glasses on his fat nose. While the other one had a deep tan, black dreadlocks and brown eyes, of course both of them were wearing standard white scrubs.

"We'll be you 'doctors' today Miss…. Kinomoto" The dark haired one said as he briefly looked up from the white folder.

"I'm Jack, he's Will. Now down to business." Said the graying one in the corner at the computer. Sakura opened her mouth to say something scathing, but noticed her mouth was gagged, again.

"Right Jack, lets type this up then begin the next stages."

"By type this up you mean 'you type, I read' don't you?"

"Yep. So lets begin

Name: Kinomoto Sakura

Experiment Number: 01258429

Experiment: Angel

Status: Re-opened and in progress

Animal mixed with: Kestrel (a type of hunting bird)

Dna mixed: Wings, hearing, sight, instincts, strength, vocals

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Ear Colour: Green

Wing Colour: Light brown speckled with gold(I don't know what colour kestrel's wings are nut I think there mostly brown but I don't think Sakura would suit brown wings, so deal with it)

Reason for re-opening project: As project 09747267 escaped custody, and received more funding from government allowed Experiment Angel to be re-open after ten years of it being closed

Okay that's it need me to re-peat anything?"

"Nope I've got it. So now on with the initialization of vocals."

"It says here that they want her to have the singing capacity of a bird and all languages installed into the brain."

"They want her to sing like a bird?"

"No they want the vocals to be prefect for singing."

Syaoran listened to all of this from his position on the floor. Sakura, I sorry I couldn't get here in time and when I did They were here I will get you out…My Angel

And the world faded into darkness again.

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